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opinion on best AR scopes

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ProCharger, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. ProCharger

    ProCharger Well-Known Member

    Just bought one and would like to have a scope with a few questions to add. Are there scopes out there for the AR that have compensators for bullet drop at different distances much like the open sights adjust for meters? When you take a scope off the rail and put it back on do they generally loose center? What scope do you prefer and why.

  2. Navy joe

    Navy joe Well-Known Member

    Yes, I believe that is an option with Trijicon scopes in several models as well as Elcans. Or you could just mount a standard Mil-dot on it, Horus, Sheperd or whatever freaky reticle that floats your boat. Have to define best for what purpose.

    Personally I have had a carry handle mounted compact ACOG in 2x with a red crosshair reticle for about 5 years. It is dirt simple, small, able to survive me, and allows use of my real sights as well. This suits my needs for an AR as it increases hit speed and probability out to 300 some yards which is about what you're going to effectively do with the thing. I need to sit down and do the math on what MOA the legs of the crosshair represent, then I'll have a pretty neat range estimation and drop compensator right there. When I have taken it off and replaced it on the same gun it was right on.

    If you can stand the cost you can't loose with anything Trijicon makes.
  3. Harry Tuttle

    Harry Tuttle Well-Known Member

    for the A2 with the carry handle the Colt 4x is very good
    but its pretty much a chin weld with the glass that high above the bore

    for a flattop theres alot of manufacturers to look at

    heres a great overview:
  4. KW

    KW Well-Known Member

    If you check out AR15.com's optics forum there are a bunch of excellent stickied threads talking about the best optics choices. Trijicon ACOG (with BAC reticle), Aimpoint, and EOtech are the favored choices.
  5. stellarpod

    stellarpod Well-Known Member

    Check this out.

    C-more scope for AR

    Might be just what you're looking for and it's offered by one of our compadres here at THR.

  6. ProCharger

    ProCharger Well-Known Member

    thank you...posted and asked for pic....got an email back saying pics are on the way in about 5 minutes (1:30 a.m. central time) so I am quite impressed. I did a search on him at the trading post and he has a couple of A++'s to go with his name. seems reputable.....I am very interested in seeing this scope. Thanks again for the link.

  7. dbshabo

    dbshabo Well-Known Member

    If you have a flat top AR and want a traditional tube scope, I recommend the one piece scope mount by Armalite. I have one on a 20" flat top AR and I must remove it to tranport the gun to the range in it's case. The return to zero has been dead on for me. I believe you can get this mount in 1" or 30mm size. It's very well built and the tightening knobs are large and knurled for easy hand installation and removal. I haven't noticed mine coming loose from firing the gun as of yet.

  8. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    Check out the Optics forum at AR15.com. There is enough information there to keep you reading for awhile and it is good info. Among other things, they have pictures through the various scopes that are most helpful.

    This will depend more on your mount than the scope; but there are scope mounts available that will give you excellent return to zero qualities so that the scope is still on target after being removed and replaced. I use an ARMS #19S mount (which is specific to a certain brand of scope) and it has always returned to zero for me.
  9. ProCharger

    ProCharger Well-Known Member

    I need to add that this well be mounted on a flattop and I do not want to remove the front sight. Will a flattop scope mounting flush with the receiver require front sight removal?
  10. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    If you plan on using a magnified optic of greater than about 3x, you will not need to remove the front sight since it will be inside the focal length of the scope.

    If you plan on using a lower magnification scope, the front sight tower will be visible to some degree; but shouldn't stop you from using the scope effectively.

    If you plan on using an unmagnified red dot, the front sight tower will of course be visible; but will not stop you from using the red dot effectively.
  11. KW

    KW Well-Known Member

    If you want to have a backup iron sight setup in case your optic is damaged etc. having the front site is pretty handy. You can get flip up front sights, but I'd keep the stock one unless you try your optic and find the front sight is really bothering you.
  12. ProCharger

    ProCharger Well-Known Member

    BTW Bartholomew I did look at the thread on ar15.com along with a ton of other threads, but the thread that caught my attention there was the scope view's where the pictures were taken.....only problem being I cant afford a single one of those scopes :( I guess I should say I would like to keep it around 250$ if I can.

  13. Absolut

    Absolut Well-Known Member

    best magnified optic for the AR is the ACOG/compact ACOG by far......non-magnified or reflex are the EOTech and Aimpoint
  14. Snipe315

    Snipe315 Active Member

    Sorry Absolut but you are wrong.

    The best optic for an AR rifle depends on the rifle configuration and the intended use.

    An ACOG might be great for a rifle configured for CQB with a 16" barrel but if the rifle has a 20" barrel and is meant for patrol or perimeter work something like a 3.5X10 M3 Leupold would be far better.
  15. ProCharger

    ProCharger Well-Known Member

    define CQB and also......MOA.....I see MOA all the time. I am relatively new to message boards when it comes to shooting compared to automobile message boards. That has puzzled me from day 1. The ACOG's look very very nice but man they are damn pricey. The scope themselves with mounts would run me more than the rifle cost me. If I could find a used one with 4x magnification for 500ish I might consider it, but I cant afford 800$ for one new.

  16. Harry Tuttle

    Harry Tuttle Well-Known Member

    Close Quarters Battle
    room clearing, house cleaning

    Minute of angle
    ~1 inch at 100 yards

    a 1 MOA gun puts all the rounds in a half dollar at 100 yards

    to stop a man, a softball sized group is close enough

    with optics you get what you pay for

    the ACOGs and Aimpoints and other high speed low drag toys are run by the pros
    My Aimpoint and its Swan mounts are 1/2 the cost of my rifle

    www.SWFA.com has reasonable pricing
  17. cheygriz

    cheygriz Well-Known Member

    ACOG/Compact ACOG! Nothing else even comes close, IMNSHO!

    I use the compact ACOG on my Bushy Dissapator and wouldn't trade it for anything made.
  18. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    Well, I'll warn you in advance that optics is an area where you often get what you pay for. Having said that, Colt used to sell a 4x scope that mounted in the carry handle and had bullet drop markings for 5.56mm. You could probably find one of those or one of the several knock-offs made somewhere else and imported here for that price. I've seen them as low as $49.

    Grab a CDNN Investments catalog or check out SWFA and take a look at those offerings. CDNN in particular has lots of scopes designed for the AR15 at less than $100; but these are not quality pieces of glass by any stretch of the imagination. However, they may serve your needs quite well.

    Harry Tuttle already explained CQB and MOA. I'd just elaborate that the one MOA that = ~1" @ 100yds, will = ~2" @ 200yds etc. Think of it as a cone. It is usually used to describe what a rifle is capable of with the right shooter, ammo etc.

    The ACOGs are expensive pieces of gear. It took me about two years from the time I had decided I want one until the point I could afford one (and even then "afford" was a very debateable term). For a long time, I tried the budget route with guns and I have boxes full of crap that I have barely used and will never use again as a result. One day, I bit the bullet and bought a top of the line, high-grade holster. Not only did iI finally find a holster to work really well for me; but I realized I had spent about $50 more than the "too expensive" holster buying utter junk.

    Since that time, I have made a conscious decision to just buy the high-end gear. It isn't cheap and I often buy a lot more capability than I ever need to use on a day-day basis; but it has reduced my gear frustrations substantially. For that alone, I consider it a worthwhile investment. I've also found that it is easier (in my household anyway) to buy one insanely expensive but good piece of gear than it is to repeatedly buy the same piece of gear at a less expensive price. One high priced scope doesn't seem to bug her half as much as me buying three or four cheap scopes for the same rifle within a few months. :)
  19. ProCharger

    ProCharger Well-Known Member

    Bartholomew you have been more than a big help so far with me on the new AR stuff, explaining things in great detail even more so than I would expect anyone to do. I would be posting this stuff on ar15.com but I have a problem with my email as not being a valid address for them to register me. I too am biting the bullet. I have 2 milk jugs full of change that I have always wanted to spend on something that i WANTED just I have never got around to it. I would assume there is 600$ or so in there. I believe I am gonna put that towards an ACOG compact with rail grabber mounts here really shortly....possibly Sunday if I dont find any at the gun show here this weekend. I have checked out swfa's web site a few times now and my only question would be on their compacts....they do not include mounts...correct? Is 799.00 about the bottom line that I will be looking at for a compact wherever I look?

    I will start posting this stuff on ar15.com soon as I can get registered instead of using all THR's bandwidth on ar-15 related material lol. Thanks.

  20. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    Brett, glad I could be of assistance. ARs are one of the few areas that I have played around in consistently enough to have some knowledge. However, there are a lot of different opinions on any firearm-related matter so always take them with a grain-of-salt.

    Before you buy the compact ACOG, I'd stop and consider what you want to do with the optic and what you want out of it. Are you looking to shoot groups at the range? Plink tin cans from 0-200yds? Hunt? Defensive use? Several of these with differing priority? What is the maximum and minimum range you have in mind? The ACOGs are definitely top-notch optics; but it is a lot of money to pay if all you want to do is punch paper. Once you have a good idea of what you want out of the sight, it will be easier to figure out where your budget is.

    For example, I just caught a thread where somebody had just worn out the hog population of east Texas with a Tasco Propoint (a sight that would fit into your $250 budget). Now the Tasco isn't going to survive the same kind of abuse that an ACOG will, it doesn't offer magnification and it isn't built to the same demanding standards; but that particular unit has held up to quite a bit of rough field use that most range guns will never see.

    If you decide you want to go the compact ACOG route, you will need a mount for it (assuming you don't want to mount it in the detachable carry handle).

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