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Opinions?? H&K P2000 vs Sig SP2022 vs XD9 ???

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by splhurts, Oct 15, 2006.


What would you trust your life with?????

Poll closed Nov 14, 2006.
  1. Sig SP2022 9mm

  2. H&K P2000 9mm

  3. Springfield XD9 9mm

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. splhurts

    splhurts New Member

    The great debate in handguns, Which is better??? I have held all three and feel comfortable with all of them, but dont have a rental place anywhere neer that I may shoot the three. I have medium to small hands and will be taking Nebraska's ccw classes as soon as they are available! For lifespan & lowered recoil I will purchase the 9mm varient of one of these fine pistols. What is your opinion of what I should choose? Please stick to these pistols as I have them locally available! Thanks for your time and efforts! :confused:
  2. cslinger

    cslinger New Member

    None are bad but I am a SIG guy at heart.

  3. Whirlwind06

    Whirlwind06 New Member

    only own the XD and it has been problem free so far.
  4. 10-Ring

    10-Ring New Member

    HK kinda guy that really likes the P2000 ;)
  5. Black Majik

    Black Majik New Member


    +1 10-Ring.

    IMO the P2K takes the cake against the other two options.
  6. splhurts

    splhurts New Member

    One other thought......

    Whatever I chose, it has to be friendly to the wife, does that change anyones opinion? PS thanks for all the great thoughts!!!
  7. hnk45acp

    hnk45acp New Member

    P2000 has adjustable backstraps so it should fit you & your wife. It's also ambi- friendly if you or yours is a southpaw.
    HK all the way!
  8. hexidismal

    hexidismal New Member

    Well.. I didn't vote. Why ? Because the question was not "which of these pistols do you like best". If it was, I'd pick the HK based on feel and quality, and the XD because of price.

    The question was "which would trust your life to ?". It's not my intention to start the old(est?) THR war in this thread .. you know which war I mean. Me personally though.. I don't trust my life to a 9mm.
  9. SAG0282

    SAG0282 New Member

    I've had my SIG Pro almost 3 years......it's been flawless. I can't say enough good things about it.......the other two though would serve just as well. I just prefer the SIG.
  10. lunde

    lunde New Member

    As much as I like the Sig Pro, I shoot the P2000 better. And, if I were to choose based on something that I were to have my wife use as well, I'd choose the P2000. The P2000 is an extremely well-executed design. It is also at a higher price point than the other two, to the point that you can nearly buy the other two -- both of them -- for the same price.
  11. splhurts

    splhurts New Member


    Why do you shoot the H&K better? Is it Better fit, ergonomics, etc....????:confused:

    Why seems to be the question now. Why do you prefer what you do. Is it how it fits you, or design, or ????? Please elaborate on your answers.... Thanks for all of the input!!!!!!!!
  12. EdLaver

    EdLaver New Member

    The Sig 2022 gets my vote, it is an awesome firearm. I am thinking about buying one myself, I had a chance to fire one a few weeks ago and it was flawless. Dead on accurate and the factory night sights are bright for quick target acquisition. Mags are fairly reasonable too. I have seen them for as low as $12 for 2009 and 2022 mags. They are both interchangeable. For the price performance...its the way to go. Check out the prices on gunbroker.com, I saw them as low as $359. Even at shows they are at the $400 range.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2006
  13. Flopsy

    Flopsy New Member

    My girlfriend and I rented the XD-9 subcompact over the weekend and the thing was SWEET. She had no trouble handling it or racking the slide, and my accuracy was good with it.
  14. pablo45

    pablo45 New Member

    Owned all three. Hk take's the cake and Sig right after. I would through in glock 19 before xd but that's your choice.
  15. ctt

    ctt New Member

    I currently own the HK P2000 and have owned the SigPro 2009.

    I've never owned an XD, but I've handle many. IMHO, there's no comparison between it and the HK, the HK just feels much more solid and higher quality in the hand.

    The sigpro is also a step below in terms of quality compared to the HK. The 2009 is an earlier model prior to the 2022, the 2 are very similar w/ only rail changes.

    Of course, the P2000 is also the most expensive of th bunch, and the above statements do not consider price differences.

    Personally, I think the SigPro 2022 is a great deal, I've seen them nib for $400, which is below the XD.
  16. splhurts

    splhurts New Member

    Jamming / stovetoping ?????

    Has anyone had any problems with the reliability of any of these pistols? The feedback by the way has been great! Keep it coming!!!!!
  17. Autolycus

    Autolycus Active Member

    I would trust my life to all 3. They all are reputable firearms.

    Personally I like the HK P2000 the most simply because it is the most lefty friendly of the three guns. I also belive it is a little more concealable than the Sig and the XD.

    It seems to be a smoother all over when compared to the XD. I havent held one of the newer XDs with the improved finish so I cannot be to critical but I believe they went with the same style finish as Glock did. This is supposed to be the best finish in the industry and I believe it. The other problem with the XD for me was the ergonomics felt a little bit off for me. I felt the gun just wasnt right in my hand. I liked the grip safety a lot though. I think it is a nice touch and made ME feel better about the gun. I have heard of a few problems concerning light primer strikes but I believe that this has been remidied and is not an issue any more. I think the XD is a good gun and definately worth the money. However it didnt feel right to me and the Glock felt a little better as well as had no issues with finish. The avilability of aftermarket parts and servicing was an issue for me as well. I think that the warranty is great as well. I also expect to purchase one in the future for the hell of it. For me it was basically ergonomics were not that great.

    The Sig is a great gun and it is an excellent deal from what I heard. The gun has adjustable backstraps which is a real bonus for some people. I like the looks of the gun but I did not get one simply because I felt the controls on the gun were strange. Sigs are very ergonomic and feel great however I felt the decocker and slide release were in a strange position for me as a lefty. I believe the Sig 2022 is an excellent buy with factory night sights and it comes with 2 high capacity mags. Around here they are $500 or so. If I decide to get a Sig I will go classic as I have no all steel guns and I like the looks a little more. But the Sig polymers would make a great carry gun in my opinion.

    I went with the P2000 simply because it felt right in my hands. I also enjoy the lefty friendly controls on the gun which really helped to sell me on it. The ergonomics are great and I love the looks of this gun. The gun seems better built than the other guns in my opinion. I also enjoy having a P2000sk to back it up. Both of these guns allow me to use 12 round magazines which I like. (I have the .40 S&W version). The gun is a very smooth gun and it just feels very good in my hands. Ergonomics, adjusable backstraps, and the looks were perfect for me. I use the backstrap that came stock for both guns myself. The finish seems good but I expect it will wear as most people have said. A lifetime warantee comes with all HKs. The customer service is reputed to have gotten much better since HK hired someone else to do it. I got a good deal and paid $700 for my P2000 shipped. I then had to pay transfer fees. You could find them in this price if you look around online. Mine came with 3 12-round magazines and night sights as well. The only downside is the high price of magazines.

    I would also look at Glocks if I was in your shoes. Some people dislike the grip but others seem to love it. The finish is good and the pistol just works. They are very easy to customize to your liking and have a good reputation for reliability. Parts are very easy to come by as well. They are also in the same price as some of the guns you mentioned.

    The HK USP and HK USPc are also some guns you might like. They have good ergos for some people. They also are lefty friendly and you can customize the trigger style to your liking very easily. I like them a lot.

    And finally I would suggest taking a loot at Walther. The P99 is supposed to be an excellent weapon and may also fit the bill. The ergonomics are excellent and the grip is very adjustable. The finish is reputed to be good and the company is overall supposed to put out top notch quality at a good price. They dont seem to be as popular on some gun forums as others but I think they are a Sleeper gun myself.

    Good luck and I hope you take my advice with a grain of salt.
  18. 10-Ring

    10-Ring New Member

    One thing that I've noticed that HK has is consistency. If you pick up an HK brand new off a shelf & compare it to one months or even years old, they feel the same...fit, finish, trigger...exactly the same, which is why I love my HK's. There's no getting use to anything regardless of caliber or size, they are just very consistent so all I have to worry about is getting rounds on target.
  19. splhurts

    splhurts New Member


    I thank everyone for all of the input, and I have made a decition. After being able to shoot the sig, hk, & xd, the choice was the HK! I chose the 9mm for cost of rounds and lifespan of the gun, also the fit to my hand was much better! Now I read on HK's website they have released the P30! I dont know if it was released to the states yet, but with the refinements they talk about, I might be trading my just purchased P2000 in for a P30! Again thanks for all of the input, and I will so look forward to reading the thoughts on the new P30 if anyone has any! Thanks again!;)
  20. Autolycus

    Autolycus Active Member

    The P30 will be out next year I believe. The ATF is giving HK a hard time over it is what I am hearing over on HKPro. I would hold on to the P2000 and get a P2000sk for a BUG. You can share the mags and some holsters as well.

    Its gorgeous gun isnt it? You just need to post pictures.

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