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opinions on the taurus 1911

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by pimprocket, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. pimprocket

    pimprocket Member

    does anyone have any experience with these? they do a good job of talking them up in the ads, and i am wondering about them in relation to springfield 1911.
  2. gwnorth

    gwnorth Well-Known Member

    I have a stainless PT1911, bought used (LNIB) but unfired last year. It now has about 3500 rounds through it and has been flawless. No problems nor issues with it at all, with FMJ or JHP.

    I have been really pleased with it and consider it to have been a great purchase. The fit and finish are quite good on mine and it is accurate and reliable - what more is there to say?

    check out the Taurus forum at http://forum.m1911.org/

    Also just look down the page of this forum and there is already a thread about PT1911 opinions/experience.
  3. rduckwor

    rduckwor Well-Known Member

    No comparison to the SA 1911. Taurus has had significant Q/C issues with these guns. If you get a good one, it's great. If not, well you can guess. SA has customer service. Taurus has an 800 number that gets you pretty much nothing.

    Hope YMMV if you buy one.

  4. test drive

    test drive Well-Known Member

    i have both and my pt1911 is one of the good ones. it realy is a great pistol. but i would get rid of it before my springfield.
  5. 45tex

    45tex Member

    For the first 200 rounds my PT 1911 was great. Then the next day while cleaning I noticed the screw holding down the fake Novak rear sight had fallen out. Called Taurus, they say we'll send a new one. I also ordered a magazine. Next I see the front sight is missing its hold down screw. Called back. Gonna send the front one too. They say its same as rear. I pointed out on their own site it appears smaller and has a different part number. Result, still waiting for anything to arrive. Called back and was told there is no record of the first order and they will resend the second. Still waiting.
    Should point out that the 3-dot Novak sights are made by Taurus under license. Novak told me bluntly I could not order ANY parts from them. Especially not the screws as they are metric.
    Keep this in mind if you buy a Taurus.
  6. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    use the search function, it has been covered alot, even in the last few days. you wouldn't have to look long to find a thread on em, also look at the 1911 forums out there.

    they have good reviews, and lots of good things to say about them.
  7. Olympus

    Olympus Well-Known Member

    Do a search for the Taurus 1911 on here and you'll find a lot chewing the fat on this gun.
  8. Jed Carter

    Jed Carter Well-Known Member

    I cannot comment on any Taurus handgun, but can on the Springfield 1911's. Buy a Springfield, and enjoy a quality firearm for life. I have nothing bad to report about any of their handguns I own, all look and function as well as much more expensive 1911's I have shot. In particular I really love my Longslide 1911 with the 6" barrel. I cannot see spending more and cannot reasonably expect to spend less for this type of quality. Let us know what you buy, and post a picture or three.
  9. Texastbird

    Texastbird Well-Known Member

    I have to step up in defense of the PT1911. Mine has been really great and is very accurate for me. It will handle all sorts of ammo and reloads that I have concocted without a hiccup. Thay said, mine did have the set screw on the sights slightly loose and all I had to do was tighten them up securely, no problem since. Its a nice pistol for the money that shoots well. If you want bragging rights go ahead with a Kimber or something.
  10. tbtrout

    tbtrout Well-Known Member

    Taurus can be a crap shoot with quality. There are some that are great and some that suck. I got a pt99 from a friend that shoots fantastic, but after dealing with their customer service department there is no way in hell I would buy another one. If it is to be your primary weapon I would go Springfield.
  11. Old Navy

    Old Navy Well-Known Member

    If it's a taurus I won't own it. One was enough.
  12. JR47

    JR47 Well-Known Member

    The question WAS about the PT1911, not something that you bought twenty years ago, used, and had problems with.

    Virtually every new product introduced has had some bugs to be worked out, even in purportedly "better" brands. Sig has had slide problems, S&W problems launching barrels in X-frames and K-frames. Kimber seems to be using it's owners as Beta testers.

    Many of these problems seem batch oriented. For everyone. Then again, Taurus seems to attract the "my friend's", or "my sister's ex-boyfriend's, mother's dog-handler had an acquaintance who said........". :confused:
  13. DaBull

    DaBull Well-Known Member

    My PT1911 works fine...very accurate. I haven't had to use Taurus customer service.
  14. tradja

    tradja Well-Known Member

    My PT1911, purchased NIB Dec '06 for $449 OTD, has functioned 100%.

    Do a search (highly recommended:rolleyes:) here and elsewhere and you'll find dozens of this same thread: Taurus bashers that may or may not have ever owned or fired a Taurus, and PT1911 owners that almost universally enjoy them.

    There are at least two other good budget 1911's out there: the RIA Tactical and the SA GI. I chose a PT1911 in 2006 because I wanted a well-regarded affordable 1911 with a factory ambi safety.

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