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Opinions sought on potential Spike's AR

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Black Butte, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Black Butte

    Black Butte Well-Known Member

  2. Z-Michigan

    Z-Michigan Well-Known Member

    Very good option and the most "bang for the buck" you will find right now.

    I don't have a complete AR from them but I do have a complete midlength upper identical to the upper of that rifle, and it seems like a quality piece. I only have about 20 rounds through it but have had zero problems. Although fit and finish can be deceptive (as some companies with perfect specs have mediocre finish, and some companies with poor specs have excellent finish) I will note that the Spike's upper has near perfect fit and finish.

    Depending how much you want to spend and how you intend to use it, some companies like BCM and DD might be worth a look, but they will cost more and don't deliver much unless you are going to use the gun extremely hard.
  3. Sebastian the Ibis

    Sebastian the Ibis Well-Known Member

    I was browsing for a new AR for over a year, and picked up a spikes mid-length in January. $825 out the door including tax and a magpul rear sight is very hard to beat for all the features they offer.

    For me, I went with spikes because they are the only top tier AR manufacturer at that price point, and they are the only one that does not void the warranty for firing steel case ammo.
  4. RockyMtnTactical

    RockyMtnTactical Well-Known Member

    Spikes makes a very good gun for the money.
  5. Joe in fla

    Joe in fla Well-Known Member

    Spikes is located in Apopka Florida just outside of Orlando. They sell a LOT of ARs in this area. Probably well over half the ARs at any local gun show have Spikes' receivers. No body else even comes close to selling an AR for the same kind of money. Helped a buddy of mine buy one last week for $825 brand new, out the door, with all the goodies.
  6. john5036

    john5036 Well-Known Member

    I got to manually inspect one last week. My buddy had received his carbine-length a few months ago and finally brought it over. I had read good reviews on the ST carbine/ML, and really wanted to see one for myself. Spike's also has a YouTube channel where they put their firearms through some neat scenarios.

    Spike's Tactical is going to be my first AR. The other companies, while they can sell entry-level ARs at that price point, Spike's LIFETIME warranty goes a long way in giving it that edge that gives me peace of mind to do business with them... that, and the Pmag :)
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2011
  7. Birddog1911

    Birddog1911 Well-Known Member

    Spikes is good to go; buy without fear!
  8. bri

    bri Well-Known Member

    I willfully admit that I'm an AR newb but my Spikes Middy has been flawless through 1200 rounds so far. So, in my very limited experience, I'd say Spikes is good to go.
  9. hogshead

    hogshead Well-Known Member

    Hate to disagree had bad luck with Spike tactical. Never could get it to run traded to my bro in law he ended up buying a whole new bolt??? Says it works fine now ,but that gun soured me on Spikes. Maybe just a dud?
  10. C-grunt

    C-grunt Well-Known Member

    Id buy a Spikes. Now that they have shown that they properly test their components Id put them on the "Good to Go" list. That being said you can get a basic BCM for about the same price.

    FMJMIKE Well-Known Member

    I like mine.............:D
  12. M&PVolk

    M&PVolk Well-Known Member

    Was it a complete Spikes rifle? If so, it is worth noting that the Spikes st-t2 buffer is almost as heavy as the h3. This could cause feeding issues with lighter loads. If the bolt was swapped for an ar-15 unit, the lighter weight of the bolt might have helped correct the issue. A swap to a lighter buffer would have the same effect.

    Did you ever contact Spikes about the issue? If so, what was their response?
  13. blackops

    blackops Well-Known Member

    I just bought the 16" mid-length LE with spikes 9" quad rail. I get it tomorrow and it WILL be be posted after I get a picture of the groupings it shoots.
  14. steve5885

    steve5885 New Member

    Spikes Opinion

    I have been in the firearms business for many years and worked in Vietnam, and Iraq as a small arms repairman for two different US companies. I served in the army from 70 - 73, 15 months in Vietnam and the remainder in Thailand. To those who are considering purchasing a Spikes rifle, be aware of several factors that may influence your purchase. Outside of the central FL area, Spikes is kinda nonexistent. Spikes in no way could ever be a supplier to the US military and this is not because of numbers needed for production. Their quality is not that of a Bushmaster, DPMS, DelTon, Colt, RRA, and a few others. Their magazine sidewalls are thin and will not hold up in constant abuse or combat conditions. I doubt idf Spikes actually makes some of their own product. It is most likely outsourced and brought in and assembled. Their building is not that big and they seem to know how to market their product to the Generation X'rs out there with stamping spiders, skulls, and other things to make people say, 'whoa dude, this is cool'. Even their M16 bolts have the spider stamped on them and when asked if any can be purchased without it, a young female voice on the other end politely says no.
    Bottom line is that yes, a Spikes will do the job and the price reflects it but thats not necessarily the case always. Spikes are not generally thought of as a high line rifle and have been lumped in with the likes of Century, Delaware Machinery, R Guns, and Noveske. Everyone is in the AR game now and all I can say is, just look at what the military uses and what passes the tests. Outside of Florida, especially the central area, Spikes is just not around. My local dealer will not accept them in trade because of the slow re-sale. However, if the red spiders turn you on and you like to plink a few rounds here and there.................by all means. Spikes can be the answer. It is an OK rife but not a battle rifle. For a little homework and maybe the same money, one can find a better alternative that can be passed down to a son or nephew in years to come.
  15. minutemen1776

    minutemen1776 Well-Known Member

    Not sure where all of the above is coming from. :confused:

    This is quite a category to be lumped with. Don't think I've ever seen Noveske mentioned in the same breath as Century and R Guns. :confused:X2

    Anyway, based on what I've read and know (and I own a Spike's and am not a Gen-Xer) I've thought that Spike's was/is a respected manufacturer.
  16. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Join Date: Today + Posts: 1 + long rambling tale = likely a troll.

    Any bets as to how they will compare if I mic my Spike's tactical magwell and my Colt 6940 magwell?

    If we get enough interest I'll dig the 6940 out of the back of the safe and make the measurements against one of my Spike's lowers. Somehow I just don't see the mag sidewalls as being a high stress area, in fact the only broken AR lowers I've ever seen were broken between the rear takedown pin and where the buffer tube screws in or from a primitive Pete breaking off one of the ears installing the trigger guard roll-pin.

    Ain't much of a gun if steel cased ammo breaks it!
  17. boricua9mm

    boricua9mm Well-Known Member

    I don't think Spikes is out there trying to be a contracted Military supplier at all. Maybe you should specify and back it up with some evidence and data.

    Riiight. As if those top shelf Cerberus brands and Del-Ton kit guns are war machines! :rolleyes: Let's face it, the only exception in the brands in your list is Colt.

    Complete hogwash. Again, would love to see this drivel backed up by evidence, to include photos, micrometer measurements and data.

    With very few exceptions, most companies classified by the ATF as manufacturers are "only" doing final machining, finishing and assembly of outsourced components.

    Based on what I just mentioned, the size of their building doesn't matter much at all. Who cares what the logo is? Do you think the Del-Ton, Bushmaster, DPMS and RRA logos are artistic, creative reflections of America's might and military prowess? Hell, most of those logos are downright cheesy and played out. The reason for laser engraving logos on critical components is to ensure the traceability and pedigree of the product during sales and in the event of a problem. Otherwise they'd be having people mailing in mystery bolts from the gunshow that failed because "The man with the big table told me it was a Spikes!" Daniel Defense and BCM are doing the same thing, but I'm guessing this isn't about common sense, it's about disdain for the spider logo.

    Every manufacturer has some manufacturing and assembly errors that manage to make their way out to the end user. Every. Single. One. Like someone else mentioned, if you've lumped Noveske in with century, it calls into doubt the knowledge base that you're drawing from. As for using what the Military uses, well, as far as your concerned the only AR carbine worth owning is a Colt. They aren't using Bushmasters, DPMS, Del-Ton or RRA rifles in combat, that's for sure.

    I've got a local dealer that recommends people pay $1k and wait 6 months for a basic RRA rifle rather than pay $950 for a Colt 6920; all because he prefers the "fit and finish" of the RRA. That doesn't make the RRA a better rifle than the Colt. Heck, a lot of FFLs are morons who know less about the guns they're selling than their customers do.

    Again, I'd love to see some better reasoning or evidence that a Spikes can only be trusted as a plinker, but based on how they've gone out of their way to incorporate the finer points of the M4 TDP, I don't think we'll see much evidence of them sucking across the board.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2011
  18. kwelz

    kwelz Well-Known Member

    Not a big fan of spikes myself. Their newer guns seem to follow fairly close to the TDP but there have been some discrepancies that I don't feel like going into here.

    My biggest beef with them however is the owner and his attitude. Not to mention the Election day Price gouging them practices when Obama got elected.
  19. Z-Michigan

    Z-Michigan Well-Known Member

    Obvious troll is obvious.

    This is like comparing an automaker to the group of Geely, ???, Daihatsu, and Ferrari.

    Someone got soggy Cheerios or maybe got fired from the company and is lashing out.

    FMJMIKE Well-Known Member

    Noveske and Century are of equal quality ???? LOL............You just blew all your credibility there !!!! I have a Spikes and am 51 years old. The Spider didn't get me to buy it. All the good reviews did !

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