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Optics on the handguard?

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Dr.Rob, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Has anyone here mounted optics on a freefloat CAR hanguard? Are they stable enough?

    Just curious as I'm happy with my A2 sights on the carry handle, just wondering if anyone else has mounted a red dot or other long eye relief scope FOREWARD of the carry handle to co-witness their irons.
  2. Sunray

    Sunray Well-Known Member

    "Scout" style scopes are mounted onto the barrel or a rail. AR forestocks are too thin.
  3. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    I'm talking about replacing my front handguard with a free float tube with mounting rails built in.
  4. KW

    KW Well-Known Member

    A decent free float tube or rail will be just fine. Hell, most of the US military is mounting their PEQ-2s and 15s that they use for aiming with nightvision on non free floating RAS systems and that seems to work out for them.

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