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Ordered my stripped lower today!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by tehweej, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. tehweej

    tehweej Well-Known Member

    I have been hankerin' for an AR for quite a while, and took the opportunity to get a $75 stripped lower from Fulton Armory. It been hard to save up money to get a CMMG bargain bin rifle, so build piece by piece it is :) and I get exactly what I want :)

    Next on the list, LPK. Thinking Stag, have heard good things about DPMS too. Then a stock, haven't decided what I want yet. Anyways, just had to share!
  2. 68wj

    68wj Well-Known Member

    OH, now you've done it! Down the path to insanity :)
  3. Quentin

    Quentin Well-Known Member

    Great price!
  4. Centaur 1

    Centaur 1 Well-Known Member

    Awesome, my son just built one also. He bought a barely used cmmg 9mm upper/barrel assembly from a guy on ar15.com. It shoots my cast bullets great and we can shoot for $50 per 1000 rounds.

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