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Organizing your pistol magazines.... What do you use?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by wacki, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. wacki

    wacki Well-Known Member

    I keep my pistols in a pelican "briefcase". The pistols are in holsters and the magazines, ear muffs, glasses, etc are just thrown in there. I'm considering a knife roll (buy / make my own) to organize the magazines. What do you use? What do you recommend?

    Right now I've got
    • 7 glock mags
    • 5 sig mags
    • 4 Walther P99 mags...
    • etc

    just kind of thrown into the Pelican case.
  2. wacki

    wacki Well-Known Member

  3. A mahogany finished wooden tool box that has two felt lined drawers in the bottom, and a swing open lid on the top storage area. I have it filled. They were on sale at Lowe's several years ago. I got my wife the same box for her jewelry.
  4. Chuck R.

    Chuck R. Well-Known Member

    For the pistols I shoot/train a lot with, the majority of those mags are kept in mag holders in my range bag.

    For others and spares, I use plastic “tackle boxes” that Wal-Mart sells. You can customize the compartments to some extent, they’re cheap, see through, they stack on top of each other, and they’re cheap (figured cheap was worth repeating). For rifles; FAL and AR in my case, I use wine boxes (20 FAL mags to 1 box). For other mags I use a plastic tool box.

  5. Esoxchaser

    Esoxchaser Well-Known Member

    I use various sized Maxpedition pouches. They will hold an amazing number of mags, and I but them color coded by the caliber and firearms the mags fit.
  6. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    I generally store magazines in a zip-loc freezer bag, enough mags to hold 50 to 100 rounds depending on the size of the magazine, loaded and ready to go in my range bag.

    Mags for guns that aren't range favorites get stored in plastic storage bins that stack nicely and hold 8 to 12 magazines depending on the size. I write on the ends with a paint pen so I can quickly pull what I want from the stack when I need them.

    Rifle mags, I just stack on the shelves of an old book case.
  7. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    I make my own mag pouches. I use felt, as it protects the finish pretty well. I make them as long as needed depending on how many mags I have for a particular gun. I roll them up and stack them on a shelf when not in use. Roll it or lay flat in my range bag. Keeps everything close, tidy and neat at the range. Works great.
  8. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    I have a bunch of magazines. A lot of them look alike. So to make it mistake proof I use a label maker and label the bottom of most of the magazines.

  9. tomrkba

    tomrkba Well-Known Member

    A box.

    You don't have enough magazines.
  10. BCRider

    BCRider Well-Known Member

    I've got a couple of Crown Royal bags. Each holds the magazines for one gun or gun type in the case of my two CZ's which share magazines.

    I also sewed up a couple of draw string bags for the ones which don't have enough magazines to fill up a CR bag.

    The rolls with the separate pouches look nice. But I use my guns in matches and drop the mags on the ground. Because of that I can't get too worried about them rubbin' and bumpin' in the communal bag a little.
  11. Sheepdog1968

    Sheepdog1968 Well-Known Member

    I like this. What I've done is jus use the gallon size ziplock bags.
  12. CapnMac

    CapnMac Well-Known Member

    Having learned slowly and the hard way, what i do is that I have two range bags; one for long arms and the other for handguns. Pretty much, most all the extra magazines go in pockets in the appropriate range bag.

    This--mostly--prevents getting all the way to the range and not having a necessary magazine (or only the one to use).

    This is handy, too, for when the mags get cleaned separately--they can be pitched in the range bags (or put away properly) after cleaning.
  13. mdauben

    mdauben Well-Known Member

    For home storage I have a stack of plastic boxes, one for each gun. They will hold 6-12 mags each, depending on the gun. I mark the end with the gun and store them on shelves in my ammo cabinet.
  14. TimboKhan

    TimboKhan Moderator

    [​IMG]I use this Cabelas bag I found for about 15 bucks. Enough room for spare mags, two pistols and an up Lula loader. I carry ammo and ears in a different bag.
  15. powder

    powder member

    CEDs and the TUFF organizers
  16. Tired Retired

    Tired Retired New Member

  17. Grunt

    Grunt Well-Known Member

    .50 caliber ammo cans. I get all kinds of free ammo cans from work and they do a good job of keeping my mags (and I got a ton of the things) sorted out.
  18. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    For mags I use frequently they stay in an inside pocket of my range bag. The rest get stored in plastic shoe box size containers.
  19. rgwalt

    rgwalt Well-Known Member

  20. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel member

    I use ziplock bags+black marker. Simple. Economical. I sort mag bags into larger boxes by caliber.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2013

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