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Owners' Poll - 3G Millennium Pro

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by brashboy, Oct 23, 2007.


Experiences with 3G MillPro?

  1. No problems of any kind

    34 vote(s)
  2. Problems: battery, FTF, FTE - fixed

    2 vote(s)
  3. Problems: battery, FTF, FTE - not fixed yet

    6 vote(s)
  4. Problem: recoil spring - fixed

    1 vote(s)
  5. Problem: recoil spring - not fixed yet

    3 vote(s)
  6. Sold the gun in frustration

    9 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. brashboy

    brashboy Well-Known Member

    Really, THR members should be able to report a problem with their Millennium Pros without being labeled as bashers. Folks, too many buyers of these guns are having problems. Yes, they are marvelous when they work. When they work.

    So let's cut through the smoke, shall we? Let's see how many MillPro owners have had problems, which ones, and whether they have been satisfactorily resolved.

    This poll ONLY relates to the new 3rd Generation MillPros, please. The earlier guns are not indicative of the 3G guns.

    I forgot to add that the Poll is is multiple choice.
  2. Dallas Jack

    Dallas Jack Well-Known Member

    I have two 3rd gen Mil-Pros. A PT-140 and a PT-145. No issues with either.
    Dallas Jack
  3. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member


    Had problems going into battery. Customer Service issues too. I had the PT 145, 3rd Gen pistol in Stainless Steel.
  4. sel366

    sel366 Active Member

    I have the PT145 and the PT140. I have had no issues with either one. I routinely carry these as my primary ccw. I have to have full confidence with my carry weapon before I would trust my loved ones or my life with it, these fit the bill perfectly. They are perfect for ccw with their lightweight and size and caliber options. They get my vote for reliable and trustworthy.
  5. stephpd

    stephpd Well-Known Member

    3g Milpro

    I've got a Pt-111 and a Pt-145. Over 1000 rounds through each. Never a problem with either one. Carry the Pt-145 everyday as ccw.:)
  6. gbelleh

    gbelleh Well-Known Member

    I just recently got a new PT140 and it has been 100% with any ammo fired. About 400 rounds through it so far.
  7. Taurus92 in KyleTX

    Taurus92 in KyleTX Well-Known Member

    I've owned my 3G PT-111 for almost a year, and haven't gotten to the range with it nearly enough. (I wouldn't even consider it truly "broken in".)

    I voted on battery and FTF - fixed.

    The FTFs, I could almost credit to the ammo, as I typically use WWB or Monarch brass (from Academy). But, again, I don't think I have sufficient count for true statistical data.

    The [unloaded] battery issue I had wasn't had during firing, but after reassembly, following a cleaning session. To this day, I'm not entirely sure what the root cause was, but it locked up on me pretty good about .25-.5in out of battery. With a little tough love, I finally got it unstuck, and disassembled it, and reassembled it, taking care when inserting the takedown pin (my suspect for the issue). Seems to work okay now.

    I just need to get it out to the range more, but since purchasing a new Sig 229, that's diverted my focus. :D
  8. 03Shadowbob

    03Shadowbob Well-Known Member

    recoil spring problem
    Customer Service problem
    Sold off gun.
    No more problem.
  9. sparkyguy

    sparkyguy member

    PT145 SS..zero problems of any kind after 600+ rnds fired in 2 months time.
  10. Smokewagon45

    Smokewagon45 Well-Known Member

    Zero problems with stainless PT145, 1200 rounds plus.
  11. Adam5

    Adam5 Well-Known Member

    My Stainless slide PT111 is only a few months old and only sits at about 500 rounds, but has been 100% flawless.
  12. rcellis

    rcellis Well-Known Member

    No problems with any of them.
  13. VegasGuy

    VegasGuy Member

    brashboy said about this poll:
    My question is this: How should owners of multiple Mil Pros report their experiences? As an individual with one vote, or on a per pistol basis?
  14. XDKingslayer

    XDKingslayer member

    I've voted for "Sold in Frustration". I haven't sold it yet, but that is the plan.

    I haven't had any of the problems listed except for FTF on the last range outing but that is due to a bad magazine.

    My issues with extreme inaccuracy (can't get minute of pie plate at 15 yards) with my PT-138 is well documented here and it is a problem with this particular pistol not the entire MillPro family. I wouldn't even say it's a problem with the PT-138 family. Again it's just this particular gun.

    The only other problems I've had with it is the front site coming loose on the first outing. That was fixed with some LocTite. And the rear site was installed backwards from the factory. How you do that with the two dots on the site I don't know...but it shows Taurus lack of attention to detail.

    My inaccuracy problems have not been resolved because I haven't sent it in to Taurus. I also have no plans on doing so. I'll sell it with full disclosure of how inaccurate it is (like they'll believe me anyways because everyone is a great shot so it must just be me right?), and buy something else like a nice Bersa .380. It will take a fraction of the time and less of the headache than most people have documented having with Taurus' support.

    Would I buy another Taurus?

    Sure I plan on a PT-1911 once the rail models are in stock locally.

    Would I buy another MillPro?

    I might buy a 9mm for plinking, but it would never be something I'd rely on or put my life on.
  15. XDKingslayer

    XDKingslayer member

    There is a groove under the barrel that the takedown pin goes through. You had it on the other side of the groove towards the breechface.
  16. Papaster

    Papaster Well-Known Member

    I voted FTF/FTE/Battery. I believe some of the problems were from limp-wristing, as I clearly saw in the hands of my brother-in-law. All FTE/FTF's were in the first 200 rounds (the pistol's listed break-in period as stated in the owner's manual), and the pistol functions flawlessly now, without any service, and only routine cleanings. Mine's the 3G PT145SS.
  17. ecureed

    ecureed Well-Known Member

    Although I did sell mine to my Dad, I never had one issue with my PT111 Pro. No malf's in 800 rounds that I personally put through it. My dad has put another 200 through it and no issues yet.

    The only reason I sold it was that I did not shoot accurately with it and I had to have a CZ P-01. Had been lusting for a P-01 for quite some time.

    FWIW, my Dad is very accurate with the gun so obviously that was my problem not the Taurus.
  18. varoadking

    varoadking Well-Known Member

    Good thing...might have been pretty boring otherwise... :D
  19. Storm

    Storm Well-Known Member

    Exactly. The barrel must be pulled all the way to the front for the pin to be inserted properly. For the longest time I had a terrible time with my PT111 getting that pin back in. Then one day I got really desparate and actually looked in the owners manual, and my problem was solved.

    My PT111 has never missed a beat and is very accurate for that type of gun.

    I'm not quite sure why you lumped second generation guns in with first generation guns limiting the poll to third generation guns. Once the second generation Pro guns came out the problems of the first generation guns were solved. Other than the trigger I see little difference between second and third generation.
  20. mpmarty

    mpmarty Well-Known Member

    Huge Difference

    Between 2nd and 3rd gen MilPros, at least in the PT145 there is. The entire recoil spring assembly and the barrel lug system it impinges on are redesigned and much better. The trigger system is totally different and better, the sights are no longer three dot but are Heini figure eights, much worse and a definite step backwards in evolution. Replaced the stupid Heini sights with some Fire Sights and now all is great.

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