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Owning a Firearm's Business from you home

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Desert Scorpion, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Desert Scorpion

    Desert Scorpion Well-Known Member

    I am currently in the process of starting my own Firearms business, I have applied for the FFL and have my Business Liscense, and name registered with Illinois. I have 3 investors that are going into this with me but they are just throwing money not really helping with the actual work. As of right now the business will be ran from my apartment, I am in the process of making my web site but it is taking time.

    So I would like to know some people's opinions on the topic of selling right from your own home, using the internet as a means of advertisment and sale. Particularly I am looking for people with simular situations that live in Illinois. Is there any laws prohibiting the sale of firearms from your own place. All my firearms are being sold to Liscensed dealers, Law Enforcement and FFL holders, I will not be conducting personal sales of any kind. So is it legal to sell to dealers from my apartment in Illinois. Or are there laws against doing so.
  2. ieszu

    ieszu Well-Known Member

    The ATF will not give you an FFL out of an apartment, you must have a commercial store front. People who do it out of their homes usually have to get permission from the Town for a usage variance....

    A room in an office building or a small storefront would have no problems.
  3. gunmn74

    gunmn74 Well-Known Member

    Here in Kansas 1/2 the people I know have an FFL. A friend of mine runs
    his gun business out of his single wide trailer house. Anouther friend sells
    out of his garage and does CHL training classes there on the weekends.

    Illinois and upstate NewYork might be different but It is a FEDRAL firearms
    license so I dont know how.:confused:
  4. Flintlock Tom

    Flintlock Tom Well-Known Member

    Local zoning ordnances would probably not allow what you're planning.
    Research, research, research.
  5. gunmn74

    gunmn74 Well-Known Member

    If it is and internet business I dont see what the problem is.
    They are not forcing eveyone with an Ebay store to rent an
    office space.

    Mabey I have just lived in free states all my life.
  6. AirplaneDoc

    AirplaneDoc Well-Known Member

    I recently had a transfer done by a FFL who works from his home (in Central Illinois). We talked about the whole process etc. He told me he had no trouble getting his FFL, inspections etc.
  7. Gator

    Gator Well-Known Member

    Sorry, that is incorrect. As long as local zoning laws (and your landlord) permit it you are OK. I used to do the same thing out of my old apartment; the landlord just expected his guns at cost. :)
  8. NorthCounty

    NorthCounty Active Member

    I recently just got my FFL here in central IL and I had to have a letter from my landlord that stated his knowledge and approval. I had to provide this to the ATF and my county zoning commission.

    The county zoning was the hardest part of the process. I'm zoned Agricultural and I'm not allowed to have any type of retail space in my home.
  9. gym

    gym member

    We need a legal expert here, I also have been under the premis that you needed a store front with proper variences. It would be strange if this could be regulated by the state, bieng that it is a Federal license. That is what the law was in FL, several years ago when I looked into it.Unless they changed the law.
  10. NorthCounty

    NorthCounty Active Member

    The ATF visited my home and gave the stamp of approval. The agent told me that they really don't care if you have a storefront or not as long as you plan to have a legitimate business. The state and county didn't really care that I was opening a gun shop. They just didn't want me having retail space in my home.
  11. NorthCounty

    NorthCounty Active Member

    Oh, and the ATF will not issue a license until you prove that you comply with all state and local laws. Your local ATF office should be aware of all of the ordinances that apply. They will inform you when they do their interview with you.
  12. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member

    ATF goes by local zoning ordnance laws. If the local community allows for a commercial enterprise, they will grant the license.
  13. divemedic

    divemedic Well-Known Member

    Also remember that having an FFL in your home means that the FFL can do a warrantless search of your home at will, and will call it a "compliance inspection"
  14. gym

    gym member

    Anyone in South Fl interested in some type of gun business? I would think there could be a decent amount of money to be made while also bieng able to be in a position to purchase estate sales.
  15. NorthCounty

    NorthCounty Active Member

    This is true. At this point in time it doesn't really concern me though.
  16. Shweboner

    Shweboner Well-Known Member

    I have an FFL and do transfers out of my home. The ATF will be able to give you better info...

    But what my agent told me was that if you are in a residential area you must seek permission from the prpoerty owner, for example, since I owned my house there was no issue, you must have the approval from your property management company ask your manager if they allow businesses to be run from your apt., then get it in writing... and that should satisfy the ATF.
  17. koginam

    koginam Well-Known Member

    I can't believe you are starting a business and you didn't have the answers to these questions before you even started filing for your FFL, while you may get some good advise from this forum its not the place to ask about federal requirements, thats the job of the ATF. I will give you some very good advise, get some business classes before you go any farther on this venture, you are doing yourself and your investors a big disservice.
    For one thing you will have a very hard time getting Liability Insurance working from an apartment or home, and insurance is a must in this business. You will also find it hard to get the major suppliers and distributors to sell to you without a store front. You will also find it hard to get a merchant account from VISA, and MASTER CARD for a business ran from an apartment, at least with a decent rate, and if you are doing Internet business you will need a merchant account.
    After you have determined the market, merchandise you will carry, what business model you will use then proceed.
    I have been in the business for over 30 years and made a very comfortable living, I have bought out many small shops that were started by people that were as unprepared as you seem to be.
    I am not trying to be mean to you, I hope you will make it but I hope you will be prepared to run a business that has some very stiff penalties for minor mistakes.
    Yes the Internet is a must as well as a very good website.
  18. waterhouse

    waterhouse Well-Known Member

    Are you manufacturing guns?

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