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P-01 vs PCR

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Selfdfenz, Jul 11, 2003.


Is the CZ P-01 really that much of an improvment over the PCR.

  1. Hands down, the P-01 is the winner due to the many refinements.

    11 vote(s)
  2. The PCR is the better choice, trimmer and very "workable" as is.

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  1. Selfdfenz

    Selfdfenz Well-Known Member

    Poll P-01 vs PCR

    Given that the CZ P-01s have been out a while now and we now have had time to compare the PCR to the P-01, which is the better unit all things considered ?

    Is the P-01 really so much better than the PCR and worth paying more to get?

  2. cslinger

    cslinger Well-Known Member

    Ok so I said P01. Why? Because I own one.:D

    Actually I think either is just fine. The P01 makes a better duty/ccw while the PCR shines as a ccw. It really seems to be a six on one side half dozen on the other kind of issue.

    The P01 is uglier in a cool evil kind of way. They both work, the both conceal well, they are both accurate, they both have decent triggers, they both are priced aggressively, basically it comes down to marketing and or the need/perceived need for a flashlight guide rail.

    Either or it would really make no difference to me. I just sort of like the P01's appearence better.

    You may want to put an option for either or they both are just fine.
  3. Marko Kloos

    Marko Kloos Moderator Emeritus

    I prefer the PCR, because I like the Novak-style sights and the loaded chamber indicator, both of which the P-01 does not have. Also, the dust shield on the PCR is more graceful to me than the light rail on the P-01.
  4. cslinger

    cslinger Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah the P01 got approved by NATO.....ooooooooo. That has to be worth a couple of buck.:D

    It's all about marketing. How can we make owners of the CZ compact, PCR, etc. want a new gun. How can we take our 1975 design and make the world think we are releasing the latest greatest brand spanking new sidearm.

    This is not a dig on CZ as I think they make spectacular stuff. I just don't see how any of the 75 series is greatly better then any other. It really just comes down to a whole lot of variety for the same gun.
  5. 12 Volt Man

    12 Volt Man Well-Known Member

    First off I need to state that I own a P-01 and will probably own a PCR as well at some point.

    It all depends on what you want. I really like the sights on the PCR. I rate the PCR as a slightly better carry gun. I rate the P-01 as a slightly better all around gun. This is only if you think you will ever have a use for the rail. I plan on getting an M6 Tac light at some point so I can play with the laser.

    I will be carrying my P-01 soon in my custom P-01 holster made by Eric of HBE Leatherworks. He is using mine as a mold, so if you are thinking about getting one, do it while he has mine. You can't go wrong with one of his rigs. :D Actually he makes great rigs for your PCR's too.

    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    12 Volt thanks alot.
    Great, great thread.....first off Ill say I have both....but the PO1 is 12 Volts.
    Let me back up and let you guys in on a couple of key points regarding the "actual PO1"

    CZUB...as much as I love them, marketed the hell out of it and some (most) of it never happened. Improved metallurgy, etc etc....
    According to Mike at CZUSA and other CZUB aware sources..the guns are made from the same metals exactly. :what:

    What the PO1 is, IS a different version of the PCR....the "next step" so to speak. The requirements of the Czech police have been known by CZUB for a long time....or the PCR (Policia Czech Republic) would not have been produced. The testing done on the PO1 was on PCR's at first and is part of the 3 years of exhaustive testing......LOL

    The guns are the same except the frame dimensions at the muzzle end, a loaded chamber indicator, sights and slide serration differences. Thats it.
    According to CZUB the PO1 is the first CZ to be have fully interchangeable parts. Machining tolerances were tightened up to accomplish this another difference or start of a change...most or all CZ's are made this way now.

    Earlier it was stated the PCR is the better carry and the PO1 the better side arm. Thats my take on it exactly. The light rail has little advantage in a CCW situation.."Is that an M6 in your pants or are you just glad to see me?"
    In a home defense gun Yes...it has advantages. The PCR is slimmer, lighter and thus, conceals easier. The PO1's added muzzle weight may help with faster followup shots. Flip a coin or your M6 light...see how it lands. :D

    Both are great guns....the choice is as easy as what the guns intended purpose is....and if you can get one with Hi Caps...LOL

    Shoot well
  7. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    I am now using a PCR as my carry piece along with a GREAT holster from Reic (PCRCCW) and is is the BEST carry piece I have ever had. I use it with factory high caps (don't ask, use the search feature!) I agree that the light rail has no advantage for a CCW piece and in fact the advantage goes to the PCR becuause it is slimmer at the muzzle. I DO wish the PCR was available with night sights...I'll have to change that soon. I really hate so called "luminous paint." I can see my Luminox watch at night, why not my gun?
  8. CZF

    CZF Well-Known Member

    I can't really vote for one or the other. Both guns have merits.

    As for the issue of the P-01 being less concealable than the PCR.
    With a proper holster (H.B.E.) the P-01 looks like a holstered

    Regarding sights. Most favor those of the PCR. However, put
    NITES on a P-01 and you have better sights than the Stock
    PCR sights.

    Some regard the P-01 as an "Improved PCR". Like the CZ83 and other
    models, there really is nothing to improve on the PCR.

    Both the P-01 and PCR are rock-solid examples of CZUB workmanship.
    For personal reasons i look at the P-01 as my "baby" and remain
    somewhat biased about it.

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  9. Selfdfenz

    Selfdfenz Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the replies.
    I've been wondering if the CZ peps that actually own these guns had a preference.

    I have the PCR. What a great firearm!
    I had also heard the PCR was a pretty heavily tested firearm but not that it was part of the equation that I had thought was the P 01 testing project.

    As far as parts interchangability I had always figured it was at a pretty high level to begin with given that so many can setup a Kadet w/o having to go to a gunsmith.

    I've shot my PCR and mil 75 B a lot (the PCR is more accuarte- there I said it). I don't believe I'll ever be able to ware'em out. They still look and shoot like new.


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