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Parts for an Ohaus Powder Measure

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Swamp Yankee, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. Swamp Yankee

    Swamp Yankee New Member

    I have a feeling I'm out of luck but if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

    I have used an old Ohaus Du-O-Measure for years. I really like it, holds almost twice as much powder as my Uniflow and throws a more consistant charge. Anyway I was cleaning it this morning, did a butter fingers and broke the plastic hopper.
    Does anyone know if parts are still available for Ohaus equipment? Can get a new one or is this a Superglue and hope situation?
    Thanks in advance for the responses.
    Take Care
  2. tawakoni

    tawakoni New Member

    Swamp, I've had a Lyman-Ohaus M5 scale for 40 years and it's the best scale I've ever used for reloading. Last year a friend gave me an Ohaus 10-10 scale which is very similar to the M5. The 10-10 was just like new but there was no owner's manual. Because it IS different than my old reliable M5, I felt I needed the manual so late one night I did an Internet search on 'Ohaus', found their website, and sent an email to their customer service department. Early the next morning, there was a reply in my mailbox. The customer service rep who responded gave me his direct phone number, their 800 number, and the direct number for another rep. He also included the owner's manual in the email so I could print it and told me to call if I ever needed anything. I don't remember the web address but it's very easy to find. Based on my experience with them, I'm sure they will help you.


  3. cheygriz

    cheygriz New Member

    Ohaus is still around, still makes the best scales in the world, and still has good customer service. Do a web search and E-mail them.
  4. Swamp Yankee

    Swamp Yankee New Member

    Thanks for the input.

    I did e-mail Ohaus this morning. They replied back in 1/2 hour. (Now that's good service)
    The bad news, the DU-O-Measure was discontinued over 15 years ago, parts are not available. The good news, looks like the Superglue is going to work quite nicely. Provided I decide not to practice dribbling again.

    Take Care

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