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Paul Blart: Mall Cop Coming to a Theatre Near You

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Don Gordon, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. Don Gordon

    Don Gordon Active Member

  2. ScottsGT

    ScottsGT Well-Known Member

    A must see movie! Should have called it "Mall Ninja" though.
  3. Kind of Blued

    Kind of Blued Well-Known Member

    It's funny cause he's fat and he falls down a lot.
  4. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

  5. John828

    John828 Well-Known Member

    Gecko45 must be chompin on the bit to see the movie from his lil jail cell.

    Many tacticool tidbits available and a few tips too in the movie. Call it the "Mall Ninjas Guide to the Universe."
  6. John828

    John828 Well-Known Member

    Let me guess...in the movie he duct tapes some trauma plates to his behind and accepts some 338 Lapua's to his rearend because the last time I went to a movie (2002) that's the way I felt...otherwise enjoy.
  7. JImbothefiveth

    JImbothefiveth Well-Known Member

    Gecko's not the one in prison.
  8. John828

    John828 Well-Known Member

    Who's in prison then?
  9. KenInColo

    KenInColo Member

    Looks like it's the grown-up version of Home Alone.
  10. Rob G

    Rob G Well-Known Member

    Gunkid's in prison. Gecko45 has his own forum thing going on somewhere. This movie looks like it might just be funny enough for me to go see it.
  11. John828

    John828 Well-Known Member

    Oh, I see. My mistake. I still think you're better off taping trauma plates to your behind and taking some 338 Lapua rounds than you are going to see a movie. Just my opinion of movies though. To each, his own.
  12. velojym

    velojym Well-Known Member

    Argh. I saw the ad on TV and rushed over here to post it. Too late.

    Gecko's gonna love it!
  13. hardhit777

    hardhit777 Well-Known Member

  14. Jeff White

    Jeff White Moderator Staff Member

    And this one isn't any more on topic then the other one.
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