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Pawn Shop Find

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Maxinquaye, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Maxinquaye

    Maxinquaye Well-Known Member

    Took a trip down to Jacksonville (NC) to buy some lumber the other day and was surprised by the number of pawnshops down there. Picked up this nice little Taurus for $200. The finish is kind of corroded, and someone painted the sights a messy, godawful yellow and carved away one of the grips, but for that price I'm not complaining. Although dirty, it looks practically unfired! I loved me those cheap toys :D

    So, anyone know how to clean the titanium finish? I've read that abrasives are a no-no, but there appears to be some kinda crud, like whatever the titanium version of rust is. I'm already trying to hunt up some new grips...

  2. Trebor

    Trebor Well-Known Member

    This was a gun meant to be carried. The grips were carved out so they wouldn't catch on a speedloader. The sights were painted so they'd be quicker to pick up.

    Personally, I'd leave the gun as-is. Once you know it's reliable, it should be a nice carry gun.

    BTW, if you do want it fixed up some, call Tauraus. They may still cover this under warranty.
  3. Maxinquaye

    Maxinquaye Well-Known Member

    Yup, I know it was a carry gun and that's why it is how it is. Still I prefer to have new grips...don't carry speedloaders. My normal carry is a P32...I may keep this one around for occasions when I can slip it in a pocket, but other then that it's just gonna be a shooter. Either way, I like to keep my guns in the best condition that I can. Just because it's a carry piece doesn't mean I don't have to take care of it!
  4. RUT

    RUT Well-Known Member

    >>Took a trip down to Jacksonville (NC) to buy some lumber<<

    Ah yes, reminds me of the good old days at Swamp LeGoon!! :)
  5. popeye

    popeye Well-Known Member

    Taurus website has downloadable manuals. They might provide info on care for special finishes.
  6. BryanP

    BryanP Well-Known Member

    You can download their revolver manual here:


    The relevant section would seem to be:

  7. Maxinquaye

    Maxinquaye Well-Known Member

    hehe...just came back from the range where I put a couple boxes of rounds thru the new Taurus. Man, does that thing have a sweeeeeeeeet trigger job!! WOOHOO, did I get a deal! Don't really care about the finish or anything else for that matter; this thing is a SHOOTER :D :D :D
  8. Calhoun

    Calhoun Well-Known Member

    If the frame is titanium you bight be able to buff out the scratches with something like a Scotch-Brite pad. I know tons of people who do that with titanium framed bicycles. Seems to work just fine. You might want to try it out on a small spot first to see if it will work.

    Nice weapon, by the way. GREAT deal.

  9. Yooper

    Yooper Well-Known Member

    Some people have all the luck... Well done Max!
  10. Master Blaster

    Master Blaster Well-Known Member

    Try some flitz metal polish using an old t-shirt or cotton cloth.

    Its good for taking light rust off of blueing, and cleaning nickle so it might work.
  11. 22luvr

    22luvr Well-Known Member

    You gotta deal!

    I owned a Smith 340SC Scandium for awhile and it also had a titanium cylinder. Over time the cylinder got sooty, esecially up near the forcing cone. I simply left it alone, not wanting to disturb the special coating on the cylinder. Likewise, I would NOT want to attempt to rub, scrub, or use any abrasives or harsh chemicals on the titanium cylinder. Just leave it alone.

    I also owned 2 Taurus revolvers (M85 and 605) and loved them both. You can buy an assortment of aftermarket replacement grips for your revolver and enhance its looks and shootability.

    I toted my Taurus in an Uncle Mike's size 3 soft, flexible fabric pocket holster which held it in place and disguised the revolver outline.

    Mighty fine.....small size, very light, and smooooth trigger, right price.....enjoy!
  12. Coltdriver

    Coltdriver Well-Known Member

    I would say one of the single most dangerous things I ever do is cruise the pawn shops with a couple hundred dollars in my pocket!

    Nice find!

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