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Pay it Forward in Reloading

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by blarby, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. m3mh0g

    m3mh0g New Member

    Frankenstein ill take the 223 cases if available. Pm inbound
  2. Comrade Mike

    Comrade Mike New Member

    I've got 10 .357 cases I'm never going to use. Off brand stuff, but a couple star line cases in there too. I sort by head stamp and I know I'm never going to find enough of these to fill a box so who ever wants them can have them.
  3. Carmmond

    Carmmond New Member

    "Small primer 45 brass for Carmmond shipped."

    Thanks so much bds!

    Just got home and they were on the table waiting for me.... thanks again bds.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2013
  4. blarby

    blarby Active Member

  5. Speedster00

    Speedster00 New Member

    I Have 12 pieces of 50 AE pistol brass and 18 pieces of 25-06 riffle brass I figure someone could use if any one wants it.
  6. Kuyong_Chuin

    Kuyong_Chuin New Member

    I could use the 357 cases Mike and Photosaurus if you still have those 40's I could use them. I had a gallon bag full of 303 British cases that I was going to offer up on here but a guy I met at the gun store was looking for cases for his 303 so I gave them to him.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2013
  7. Kuyong_Chuin

    Kuyong_Chuin New Member

    40s taken care of thanks to Walkalong. Again thank you Walkalong.
  8. Match10

    Match10 New Member

    Speedster00: I'd really love to get that 25-06 brass.
  9. Speedster00

    Speedster00 New Member

    They're yours Match. Shoot me your address.
  10. Match10

    Match10 New Member

    Thank you, Speedster. Got them!
  11. Kuyong_Chuin

    Kuyong_Chuin New Member

    Thanks Comrade Mike got the 357 cases. Will be loading them up soon.
  12. larryh1108

    larryh1108 Active Member

    I have about 200 .25-20 WCF SP bullets that need a good home. 60gr, .257 dia.
    I'm looking for some .25ACP bullets if anyone has some to spare.
    Post or PM me if interested.
  13. Speedster00

    Speedster00 New Member

    I have some 9mm and 40SW brass I would like to trade for some 45 ACP brass if anyone wants to do a swap.
  14. poor man

    poor man New Member

    looking for 30-30 brass

    im in need of some 30-30 brass, i had some and my brother got a 30-30 so i loaded some of mine for him but now im short :(

    i have some range brass to sort through to put out there i just have to sort and clean it,,

  15. griff383

    griff383 Member

    PM sent to poor man for the 30-30 brass
  16. ArtP

    ArtP New Member

    I saw someone offering shotgun hulls. My son and I shoot a fair amount of clay pigeons but we throw the hulls away.

    Are these worth shipping to a SG reloader? Say in lots of 100-200?
  17. blarby

    blarby Active Member

    They can be- depending on the brand and the individuals need.

    Nitro hulls are pricey- and useful. Winny red/universal hulls= not so much.
  18. grubbylabs

    grubbylabs New Member

    I am going to be casting some next week, 45 cal 230 ish grains and some 9mill 357 stuff 130ish grains. I will be casting some RNFP's and some HP's.

    If you are in "NEED" of these, as in you cant find any and have a lonely gun let me know.
  19. Danrutenberg

    Danrutenberg New Member

    I have been searching for 308 and 45 acp projectiles and 9mm brass for months!! I'm scared to pay for onced fired brass at full price because I don't know if its actually once fired or 10x fired. And 308 and 45acp projectiles I keep missing every time I get the back in stock email it's gone by the time I log on. I would trade someone I have around 200+ once fired by myself from a browning bolt gun 30-06 brass mostly win/federal/rem rp head stamps . Anybody willing to trade for 308/45acp projectiles or 9mm brass? I want to go and shoot before it gets cold here

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  20. ole farmerbuck

    ole farmerbuck New Member

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