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Pay more local

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by bratch, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. bratch

    bratch Well-Known Member

    How much more are you willing to pay to buy your firearms at a local brick and mortar?
  2. EghtySx

    EghtySx Well-Known Member

    I have a hard time finding guns cheaper anywhere online than right here in Texas.
  3. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    I bought a Colt WWI replica for $999 when there were reports of sales in the $880 to $950 range. You see, I was there, the gun was there and the money was there...so what the heck.

    I like handling the gun I'm buying because they aren't all made the same and if that costs more, well so be it.

    John...I was once a poor child...and if I don't wise up I could be again... :)
  4. logical

    logical Well-Known Member

    About 10% higher bottom line to bottom line.

    For example, a $400 gun on the net will cost me another $45 in shipping and transfer fees....probably no tax, so $445.

    add 10% and we're at $489.50

    To get that after tax it would have to be priced at $462 locally. That assumes we're talking about a local shop that I'd like to see stay in business. It also assumes he has it in stock. If he has to order it and has zero carrying/inventory costs then less...maybe 5%.
  5. Greg L

    Greg L Well-Known Member

    As Logical (fittingly enough :D ) mentioned, bottom line to bottom line is the only way to compare prices. 10-20% (depending on the price of the item) but never more than $50 or so (the upper end of that being for an expensive weapon). I understand overhead, people always coming in asking for donations for this or that sportsman's raffle (& not even buying a brick of .22 while asking :rolleyes: ), wanting to make a decent profit, etc - however that doesn't mean that I want to pay for all that myself.

    In general, unless the transfer fee is $10 or thereabouts, the transfer fee for doing a few minutes of paperwork should be plenty of money for the time that I've taken up (I do all the background work for them tracking the weapon down. I usually walk in with a stamped envelope containing a letter & check & ask them to drop a copy of their FFL in there & stick it in the mail. I also have a copy of the letter for them so that they know what is coming & from whom. Total effort on their part approaches zero, dig a copy out of the file cabinet, sign it, stick it in the envelope, put the envelope in the pile of outgoing mail). If they have to track down the weapon, find a price, have you confirm the price, ship it in, etc then you should be paying more for all the time that they've put into it.

    I don't mind paying a few dollars more to support local businesses (many of which are owned by friends), just don't drive a nicer truck than me :D .
  6. GEM

    GEM Well-Known Member

    To be concrete, I might spend $10 to 20 more than gun show prices if the store had a nice attitude. One thing that would attract me is lay-away. Sometimes I can't afford the gun right now and would pay a touch extra for a 3 month period.

    I won't spend $499 for a gun that the show has for $449.
  7. TechBrute

    TechBrute Well-Known Member

    This hasn't been as issue for me, as the "normal" stuff that shops carry is close enough in price to online that it doesn't matter. However, if you are buying a $3000 piece, that's $225 in tax alone. That pays a lot of transfer fees.
  8. Werewolf

    Werewolf Well-Known Member

    I've never found a weapon online that had a lower price than OAS here in OK City. Add in shipping costs and transfer fee and buying online is a no-go for me.

    Besides, the thought of buying online (especially from the auction sites) has always seemed more than a bit risky to me.
  9. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    There are very few new guns that appeal to me much. I occasionally find a worthy used gun locally, but the selection is much better on the internet.
  10. The Grand Inquisitor

    The Grand Inquisitor Well-Known Member

    I have bought almost all of my rifles from one shop, and most everything that I get, I get it from that one shop. Most of the time I have to spend a little bit more, but I don't mind because I not only like and respect the guy I deal with, but he's honest and know's me well enough that he'll help me find something I'm looking for or will give me a good deal on whatever I'm buying.

    That said, my generous streak only extends so far - I could buying all of my ammo from him, which is reasonable - or I could go to a gun show and pay much less from someone just because they don't want to lug 20,000 rounds worth of ammo back home. For example he is reasonable with 250 rounds of Australian surplus .308 at $42, but I'd rather pay $30 for the same stuff at a gun show.

    I'm planning on getting one of the F2000's when they come out next year, and I could get one online for about $1700 or so, but I am OK ordering one through him and paying around $1800. When it all comes down I could probably only save $20 going through impact guns and a FFL, but when you find someone you like dealing with, it is important, in my opinion, to show them your support with what you buy.
  11. Evil_Ed

    Evil_Ed Well-Known Member

    No more than $50.00 difference. Prime example, I was willing to buy a Marlin 1894 Cowboy from a local shop to support my local shop but being a smart shopper I shopped around and checked prices before ordering anything. I ended up ordering from Walmart because they had the Cowboy COMPETITION model for $100.00 less than the regular Cowboy model the local shop quoted me, according to my previous research the competition is usually $100.00 more than the regular cowboy model so in effect I got the gun for roughly $200.00 less than it would have retailed for in the local store (assuming they had the standard 100 difference between the 2 models). I can not ignore that kind of price difference (especially since I have seen what the distributer price the dealer pays is and know what kind of profit marging they were trying to milk me for).
  12. faustulus

    faustulus Well-Known Member

    I'll usually buy it where ever it is the cheapest.
    of course I love the idea of a global econmy.
  13. Evil_Ed

    Evil_Ed Well-Known Member

    Update on local versus Wal-mart/mail order.

    I bought a Mauser from our own Bear Gulch because I haven't found one for that good a price ever (BTW, he's a great guy to do business with and I posted so in the appropriate feedback forum here). It's an awesome gun and in excellent condition. I did have my local shop handle the transfer for me though, so they got $25 pure profit out of me.

    Of course when I went in to pick up some new ear protection the other day they had a very nice Ruger 10/22 (older model with all metal parts and a walnut stock) for a very reasonable price so I bought it right then and there. I'll post a range report when I get to pick it up (since they just bought it they have to keep possession for 1 month to get a clean bill of health in the PD's "stolen" database).

    On the Marlin, the drawback to ordering from Wal-Mart when it is a rarely purchased high-end gun like the Marlin 1894CBC is that their distributor was out of them and had to back order them to Marlin who then puts it on a list for manufacturing. I ordered the gun on January 10th...supposedly I will have it in a few more days... It might have been worth the extra 200 from the local shop IF they could have gotten it faster.
  14. White Horseradish

    White Horseradish Well-Known Member

    Local shops mostly have new guns. I can't afford new guns. Much as I'd like to support them, I just don't have the money...
  15. trickyasafox

    trickyasafox Well-Known Member

    New York *upstate* is a pain in the butt about online pistol transfers and such anyway, so usually its cheaper for me to anti up for the dealer. not that i mind, the only 2 dealers around are buddies of my dad from way back, so i dont mind giving them the business. components to reload and ammo however, i cannot afford to give them the business. 6 bucks a box of wolf in 223 is just waaaay outta my price range, let alone when i want to shoot something a little more accurate. So for ammo i try to go to dicks, and do my best not to go to walmart. but i do use walmart to make dicks price match on things like scopes mounts etc.
  16. No_Brakes23

    No_Brakes23 Well-Known Member

    Lots of folks/companies seem to be reluctant to ship to Cali, and if I buying a new firearm, I prefer to actually handle the merchandise.

    WalMart doesn't stock firearms in most SoCal stores, so buying local is the about only option. Good intentions or selfish motivation matter not as my bucks are going to the local guy or Turner's, (The "Big" chain.)
  17. RyanM

    RyanM Well-Known Member

    Depends on the customer service. The better it is, the more of a mark-up I'm willing to pay.
  18. DR

    DR Well-Known Member

    Shipping and transfer fees usually add up to around $50. I'm willing to pay a little extra to get to inspect a firearm before purchase. I also want to keep the local guy in business. So, I'm willing to go somewhere between $50-100 more locally. If it were some generic wally-world type shop, they could compete strictly on a dollar basis; I would have no loyalty to them as I know they would have none to me.
    Oddly enough, the local shop's prices are such that they're just about equal with a good price from an out of state supplier plus shipping and transfer fee. Whenever I do the math I end up saving maybe $10 going elsewhere. So I only buy out of state when I get a great deal.
  19. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Depends on the deal I get.

    Case in point, I just purchased a Savage 12FLV in 22-250 for $450 shipped online. Add another $15 for transfer fees and that comes up to $465. The local gunshop couldn't go below $540 for the rifle. So I made out.

    On the other hand. I purchased a 24/7 for $365 local and after taxes it was around $400. Now, I could of gotten the same pistol online for $335 + $20 shipping and $15 for transfer fees. Total cost would of been $370. I elected to support the local shop on that one.

    The key is to shop around for deals online and compare them to what you can get local. I have a great FFL dealer that doesnt charge me an arm and a leg for transfer fees so that helps out alot!
  20. PaulBk

    PaulBk Well-Known Member

    100% local, whenever possible. I only go out of area to buy things my local dealers can't or won't order. I like having shops nearby and willingly spend extra to keep them in business.


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