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Pennsylvania THR Gathering!!! Sunday, March 28th!!

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by SodaPop, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. SodaPop

    SodaPop member

    The annual "Cheap Shoot and Show 'em" will be held on Sunday, March 28th 10am-5pm at www.waterandwings.com which is just off of the Quakertown exit on 476. Its about 40minutes North of Philadelphia and 15minutes South of Allentown.

    Cost is $10 for non-members.

    Why is this a Cheap shoot? Because you're all required to bring your 22LR rifle or pistol and shoot all day without burning a hole in your pocket. :)

    The range:

    50yd pistol range
    100-500yd rifle range
    Sporting Clays course
    Five stand

    Food and drinks are available in the lounge. Its good for breakfast and lunch but we usually ALL go out for dinner afterwards.

    More info in a few hours.....................
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2004
  2. RepublicanMan

    RepublicanMan member

    Dammit, the only 22LR I own is a 50 year old revolver....I'll bring my other .22(3) instead, mmmmmmk? ;)
  3. AnklePocket

    AnklePocket Guest

    Nice. Thanks. Looks likely that I'll be making it. Is it OK that I'm kinda right winged?
  4. SodaPop

    SodaPop member

    All are welcome.

    You know that....:)
  5. SodaPop

    SodaPop member

    Here's a group shot of SOME of us at the first "Cheap shoot and show 'em"

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  6. 9mmMike

    9mmMike Well-Known Member

    28th is looking good for me and Mrs. 9mmMike as well. However, since you insist on these Holy-day shoots, we will be up after noon.
    See ya in church!
  7. SodaPop

    SodaPop member

    Jesus will also be attending, like you, he'll be up after Church.

    He's the R.O. at W&W.

    Please behave.:D
  8. Dot_mdb

    Dot_mdb Well-Known Member

    I'll try to make it. I hope to have a new small .22 semi auto by that time.

  9. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Hey ..... looks good ... very much hope to make that. I shall need some info later to be able to mapquest.. mind you, I haven't gone to that link yet.

    So .. are we talkin .22 ONLY? .. or primarily .22?. Not a prob either way ... three rifle and 2 handguns in .22 will make for much enjoyment.

    Can also tho bring ''other things'':evil:

    That pic from last one ... hard to see folks ... gotta do better than that next time!;)
  10. SodaPop

    SodaPop member

    Its also a "show 'em" shoot so you can bring whatever you want. I'll have a table or two set up.

    We'll need a photography, Chris, so now you MUST come.

    My evil black rifles will also be there (to torture Pefessr).

    Possible an ACOG on my DSA FAL, too.
  11. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Aha .. OK got the drift! Looks like it'll be camera time as well .. shooting in more ways than one.!
    Well, that'll do for me, but what is everyone else gonna use!! ?? :p :D :D
  12. SodaPop

    SodaPop member

    You can show off.

    These shoots turn into gun shows anyway.

    I've made most of my gun purchases after trying stuff that THR/TFL members bring.
  13. David Park

    David Park Well-Known Member

    I'll be there, with some .22s and my new .223 toy. I just hope the RAS II is here by then.

    Soda, are you getting an ACOG? Which one?
  14. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams Moderator Emeritus

    DSA and an ACOG......hmmm I just might have to show up..... I have my Ruger Slabside and an old sears 22, Pete has a Savage MkII rifle and might bring the Single six in 22 mag... Of course I will bring a few 357's and 38's
  15. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Hey David!!! How's it goin? :) Hope I'll see you there.

    I at last got me my lil Papoose ... in fact gave the puppy some excercise today .... fun rifle. Put a red dot on it. You must bring yours .. we'll have a ''duel''! :D

    So - what's this .223 eh? Bushy?
  16. SodaPop

    SodaPop member

    What did you get?

    I am going to bid on a 308 ACOG tomorrow.

    $500 for a used one.

    If I can sell my Sightron scope I'll be getting this ACOG for about $300-$350.

    You gotta check out my Marlin, I got it used for $200 but it needs a little work. I'd like to compare it to yours and figure out if things need to be done.
  17. David Park

    David Park Well-Known Member

    Yep, one of these. I was trying to keep it lightweight, but I have a RAS II free-floated handguard on order, and I'll probably get an Aimpoint Comp M2.
    Cool, I still haven't fixed the scope on mine, but I have some different rings to try out. I'll have to sight it in up there. I'll probably end up just pulling the scope off.

    I haven't been shooting all winter! :(
  18. clubsoda22

    clubsoda22 member

    sounds good to me, but i have a question. Is this place gonna give me crap about my age? Seems that a lot of places insurance isn't to friendly when it comes to 19yo pistol shooters. For some reason, being blatantly legal isn't good enough.

    If it's all good i'll come up with my ruger mk2 government, hk usp .40 tactical, Taurus PT92 AFS and bersa thunder. Maybe a new toy if i find something nice at the Valley forge show in 2 weeks.
  19. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    I'll try to get up there to meet all you PA THRers. However, the 28th is just under a week and a half from Pesach (Passover) so I am going to be insanely busy that week or two so I can't promise anything. Mark me down as a definate "Maybe". That is assuming Marylanders are ok there and it isn't PA exclusive:neener:
  20. Pappy John

    Pappy John Well-Known Member

    I guess this means that I'll have to make a trip to Shyda's to pick up some more .30 car. That's the only centerfire I'll bring along that I don't roll my own ammo for.

    I'll bring my hot-rodded 10/22 and a Stevens Favorite for the rimfire fun.

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