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Pepper spray in cold weather?

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Vermonter, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Vermonter

    Vermonter Well-Known Member

    Anybody know how low the temperature can be for a can of pepper spray to still function?
  2. Pax Jordana

    Pax Jordana Well-Known Member

    It's aerosol. You're gonna see a much stronger spray in 95 degree sun than in 32 degrees at night.

    The technical answer, then, is *no* function at absolute zero, as there's no molecular motion :)

    As to how effective in warm versus cold weather? That's for somebody else to answer.

    Carry it in a pocket, an inside pocket if you can get to it quickly. Don't leave it in the car.
  3. craig_o

    craig_o Well-Known Member

    I carry a knife or two and some Fox spray. I'd rather use the Fox, but I'm prepared.
  4. alwilliam

    alwilliam Well-Known Member

    These devices are not affected by heat or cold.



    Kimber lifeact (aka "Jet Protector", "Dogshock" and "Guardian angel")


    10 feet from target...both rounds fired fast from a pocket draw, as if I really had to use it.

    Device makes no noise but a very quiet sping noise.


    Inside the device.


    Deeper inside the device.

    From L to R

    Tube for OC capsule and piston

    rws blank cartridge and chamber

    trigger and fireing pin assy & clip.


    Device works very well as far as function.

    Device is designed & made very well

    Aims semi-good and it really spits the OC out well.

    Interesting device ... IMO, as it uses a "captive piston concept".Same general design as the russian cyanide gas guns and others like AAI QSPR tunnel rat rounds,Russian PSS pistol,etc....

    OC blend is HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got a bit in the eyes as always seems to happen when playing with OC items.

    IMO..A fair device for use on dogs that chase me on my bike.:D

    As far as use on humans well it is still OC and it does have to be aimed ....so IMO Not a real good choice for use on people.

    Also,I thought it could maybe be mistaken for a type of firearm and get ya shot.

    As far as a great gadget for a collection :thumbup::thumbup:
  5. mgregg85

    mgregg85 Well-Known Member

    I wish we could get that kimber lifeact here in michigan.
  6. ray_ray

    ray_ray Well-Known Member

    where i live the oc works great, and here its allways cold. and that kimber lifeact is a joke no better then the stuning ring, two shots and your out, then what :uhoh: nothing i would pay for!
  7. alwilliam

    alwilliam Well-Known Member

    Nothing is as poor a OC device than the stunning ring....:D

    Kimber does work well and really spits out the oc out good...but it is 2 shots and you could miss.:what:
  8. ray_ray

    ray_ray Well-Known Member

    yes thats my point, and its one uggly sob to, the videos on youtube are fun to i think he miss with his 2 shoot. on that papper dummy that dosent even move.

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