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pepper spray more than likely saved a woman's life last night

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by NorestRDS, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. NorestRDS

    NorestRDS member

    it was about 11pm and im waiting for my wife to get home , im releasing about 48oz of a lovely abbey dubbel i consumed earlier. i start hearing arguing from a couple across the street . i turn off the bathroom light and settle in for the show in the middle of my alleyway. well it quickly turned very ugly , the male started pummeling the female into the ground .

    the female stupidly kept getting back up and begging the male to stay only to repeat the pummeling , this happened about 3 times im aware of , i said in my head " i gotta stop this" i grabbed my TLR 1 light and the one pounder of fox labs stream . i sneak out back and get about 3 feet from them behind a fence.

    she is now sitting in the drivers seat of the car belonging to male trying to prevent him from leaving because "i love you , dont leave" . he leans in and starts punching her in the car . I raise up shined the light on both of them and ordered them both out of the car , the male gets out steps back and just just trys to deal with now a 3rd person , i had to verbally coach the female out of the car , eventually informing her i was going to blast her with OC for her own good if she doesnt leave the car.

    Just then he leaps into the car and starts punching her again , i opened the door pulled the female out and trained the can on the male , pulled his keys out of the door that were still dangling , gave him his keys and told him
    "leave now" he was trying to leave and the female is trying to bust out the window . i put her into a choke hold and pulled her and myself away from the car as he took off.

    the neighbor called the cops and i had her sitting on the hood of a car just trying to calm her down , her face was $%#@ed up. she was barley supporting the night gown she was in . i found out through trying to calm her down that the male was high on crack and drunk and she was drunk. the cop came and was totally cool . didnt care i was brandishing 1lb can of OC in just my boxers and socks.

    all in all moral of the story 220 white females should not wear skimpy night gowns if the crack thin black male husband is smoking crack , put on some pants and learn when to cut your losses .

    im waiting for a retaliation but i have a feeling neither even remember i was there.
  2. 8830

    8830 Well-Known Member

    You did ok. You didn't get hurt and stopped an assault. Being the ex-cop that I am I wish you would have hosed him down.:evil: Nothing like some liquid fire to adjust someones attitude.
  3. PotatoJudge

    PotatoJudge Well-Known Member

    Getting involved in domestic disputes is an uncertain business and can turn bad quick. Generally a bad idea, but you kept her from getting beat more so you must have done the right thing. Sad that people let themselves get that way, both the guy and the girl.

    Good call taking the Fox and not a gun.
  4. NathanJK

    NathanJK Member

    It sounds like ou did as well as you possibly could and I'm glad whenever I see people trying to help others out! I broke up a domestic disturbance about a month back...it was just yelling, nothing nearly as serious your incident. In retrospect I realize now she was probably as crazy as he was, sometimes its impossible to truly help people. Hopefully that lady sobered up and realized just how messed up her life was and that she doesn't need that guy. The reality is that she probably would have covered his bail if necessary.
  5. Huckle2

    Huckle2 Well-Known Member

    +1 NRDS. It's time good people stand up and get involved rather than just watch. How many threads have we read of people getting attacked while others just watch? Domestic situations are the worst. Too bad she won't remember enough to say thank you.
    I second the good call on taking the Fox and not the "Colt" (or whatever you HD weapon might be.)
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008
  6. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member


    Are you a LEO?
  7. Matt_W

    Matt_W Well-Known Member

    Well done! Good to hear about people looking out for their neighbours.

    The only thing I might suggest for the future would be to call the police before leaving the house rather than relying on someone else to call them, they might not.

    From a British perspective I note that you didn't even bother to write the police's response to your actions. If it had been here you would have felt obliged to tell us what the police said either from a sense of relief that they didnt arrest you at the time or outrage that they arrested you and took your DNA because you took the time out to try and help the woman.
  8. NorestRDS

    NorestRDS member

    nope , no affiliation . i usually dont stick my nose in anyones buisness . Actually i planned on just sitting in my bathroom window drinking beers listening to the argument of two junkies. I even let it slide when he hit her the first time . i just realized she was to dumb to just let him go .
  9. NorestRDS

    NorestRDS member

    with the phone thing , i actually broke my cell phone the night before and had none , i live in row homes and the neighbors told me they called the cops when i went outside .

    but i knew she may have been killed before the cops got there. then of course the cops missed the street for a total wait time of 10 minutes.

    it makes me so mad that i know atleast 15-20 other people saw this or heard this and did nothing at all .

    it makes me so nervous for my wife that no one would help her if she was being beaten or kidnapped or raped, people are such cowards nowadays.
  10. Browning

    Browning Well-Known Member

    I'm glad everything worked out for you and that you didn't get charged with assault or attacked by either party, but personally I stay out of domestic arguments, especially ones that involve people like you described above. She knew what she was getting into when she married a crack smoker, if she wanted to she could always walk out the door on her own.

    It's a lose-lose situation for the 3rd party trying to break up the fight and the victim is never grateful for what you did for them. The very best that you can hope for is that you won't get assaulted or murdered by one or both of the parties and/or charged with assault or murder yourself if you're forced to defend yourself and that they'll leave you alone after the incident's over with. Those options don't give me a whole lot of reason to become involved. I'll call EMS and the Police for them, but other than that they're both on their own.

    Now if a woman is being assaulted by a stranger that's different, then I might become involved.

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