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Permission to hunt blank form

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Plank Road Farm, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Plank Road Farm

    Plank Road Farm Well-Known Member

    Not sure where to ask this question, so move it if need be.

    Does anyone have an example of a simple "permission to hunt" form?

    I want to have it already printed out for the landowner to sign.

    I don't want it to sound to much like a lawyer wrote it.

    Just enough information so the game warden will be satisfied.


    DRYHUMOR Well-Known Member

    I've always just written them out, both parties sign. I have been asked to sign a liability release before also, again handwritten and signed.

    Simple is the easiest way.
  3. testosterone

    testosterone Well-Known Member

  4. Plank Road Farm

    Plank Road Farm Well-Known Member

    Wonder if NC has anything similar?

    Looks like I'm going to have to come up with something with similar info.

    Do I have to get permission to use a centerfire rifle?

    Or, does it make any difference?

    Another thing, would you request an indefinite time period or just one calendar year or seasonal hunting with valid hunting license?
  5. jbkebert

    jbkebert Well-Known Member


    This is a copy of the cards we hand out at hunter ed classes. They are printed on card stock and perferated. Land owners seem to like the fact that each party keeps part of the form. Hope it helps
  6. sonier

    sonier Well-Known Member

    id love this as a sticky, if not im gona go ahead and save this. out here in colorado we need permission to hunt on land. verbal isnt too much tolerated, so they taught in hunters ED to get written permission.

    thankyou thouse cards are a life send

  7. jbkebert

    jbkebert Well-Known Member

    At first I will usually ask for a season for deer. I ask for a day for pheasant and quail ect. The at the end of the day stop by and thank the landowner graciously for letting you hunt. Offer them some meat if they want. I will hand over a backstrap in a heart beat if it gets me invited back. I have one farmer who owns roughly 800 acres that I hunt. I stop by his house several times a year. I walk fences and make repairs or at least tell him about them. A handful of tomatoes from the garden, a jar of homemade salsa, a dozen farm eggs. Little things make a huge diffrence.
  8. Fryerpower

    Fryerpower Well-Known Member

  9. jim in Anchorage

    jim in Anchorage Well-Known Member

    Man am I glad I live in Alaska.
  10. millertyme

    millertyme Well-Known Member

    Arizona has its perks, too. Of all the land in AZ (aside from the reservations), only about 12% is privately owned, including all the land that makes up municipalities. Now if only we had some kind of game that we could freely hunt.
  11. rondog

    rondog Well-Known Member

    Huh, never heard of written permission before, but it's been many years since I've hunted, and it was usually on relatives' land. Looks like an outstanding idea though. CYA cards!
  12. Fryerpower

    Fryerpower Well-Known Member

    It is an optional land owner protection in Tennessee. The land owner has to put up a bunch of signs on his/her property to gain the extra protection. In return, it makes it much easier on the wildlife police to figure out if someone should really be hunting there. If the land is posted, then anyone hunting must have the signed card. If they don't have the card then anyone caught hunting without one is breaking the law.

    It simplifies identifying the bad guys. It also provides a formal CYA for people doing what they should be...getting permission to hunt.

  13. Big44mag

    Big44mag Well-Known Member

  14. T.R.

    T.R. Well-Known Member


    I drafted this doc. You may make as many copies as you wish without copyright concerns.

  15. matrem

    matrem Well-Known Member

    "Although I have permission to hunt this property,the landowner is, in no way responsible for my actions."

    Signed.. hunter
    Signed.. landowner
  16. SR_

    SR_ Well-Known Member

    The rules vary by county (and perhaps even city) in NC. In the county I hunt in the written authorization must indicate that we have permission to use a centerfired rifle. Local rules are summarized in the booklet the wildlife commission prints out.
  17. Pugsbrew

    Pugsbrew Active Member

    These are good things to be required. You would not believe the trash and destruction some hunters leave behind. In OH you have to have a written consent form from the landowner. Even if it is family, and you are not immediate family, you need written permission.
  18. sig232

    sig232 Member

  19. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you, sig.
  20. Grayrock

    Grayrock Well-Known Member

    I got this from a friend upon whose lease I hunted once. I guess he wants me to sign it in case he ever invites me back.

    Hunter/Guest Name: (Print)________________________________
    Hunting License Number:________________________________
    In consideration of my right to enter and/or use for the real property and improvements (“Premises”) of John Doe, Joe Blow and The Shadow and Heirs or successors, property for hunting, shooting, social, observation, or recreational activities, including travel to and from any activities, (hereinafter “Activities”), do herby release, acquit, hold harmless, indemnify, and agree to defend John Doe, Joe Blow and The Shadow (owners) and their Heirs and successors or assigns (collectively, “Indemnities”) from and against any and all suits, actions, losses, damages, claims, or liability of any character, type or description, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all expenses of litigation, court costs, attorney’s fees, and cost of investigations for injury or death to any person, or injury to any property, received or sustained by any person, persons, or property, arising out of, either directly or indirectly, the above-referenced Activities, which may ever occur to me, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors or assigns, or to any guest or family member of mine(“Liabilities”). My obligation hereunder apply to all Liabilities, even if such Liabilities arise from or are attributed to the concurrent negligence of any Indemnity. The only Liabilities with respect to which this agreement does not apply is with respect to Liabilities resulting from the willful misconduct of an Indemnity. I further agree to promptly advice (sic) Owner in writing of any action, administrative or legal proceeding or investigation as to which this Agreement may apply, and agree, at my expense, to assume on behalf of Owner (and the Indemnities) and conduct with due diligence and good faith the defense thereof with counsel satisfactory to Owner, provided, however, that Owner shall have the right, at its option, to be represented therein by advisory counsel of its own selection and at its own expense.
    I specifically understand and agree that neither property owner or owner heirs or Indemnities warrant or guarantee my safety on Premises or in route to or from where the Activities will be undertaken, and I accept the Premises “as is” and without any warranties, expressed or implied.
    I warrant that I have read this HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, and fully understand all terms and provisions.
    As used this release, terms “my person” and “myself” include minors and guests in care while in my care on the premises.

    Signed and effective this ________day of__ ___________, 2013.

    Hunter/Guest Signature________________________________________

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