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Pf-9 vs. MP9c for Concealed Carry

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by speaksoftly, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. speaksoftly

    speaksoftly Well-Known Member

    Hey guys. It's been a bit since I last posted but I'm thinking about an additional pistol and needed some help. I have a Ruger LCP and a Smith and Wesson M&P 40c. I like both pistols but here's my dilemma. There are times when I could go a bit larger than the LCP for carry but not as large as the M&P compact. I have been looking at the PF-9 and it's definitely in my price range. However, I can't seem to find a size comparison with this pistol and the M&P. Does anyone have both that they could take side by side pictures of? Thank you for any help!


    P.S. I'd love to hear about any other experience with the PF-9.
  2. distra

    distra Well-Known Member

    Here you go.



  3. speaksoftly

    speaksoftly Well-Known Member

    Fantastic! That's exactly what I was looking for. Other than the thinness, they seem about the same. However, as I carry in the small of my back most often, that extra thinness will come in handy once the weather warms up. Only wish they made them in a .40 caliber.
  4. distra

    distra Well-Known Member

    My wife and I both have PF9s and they great little guns. I've had mine a year or so and no problems. I take it out to the range every month to shoot a couples mags through it. It is not a range gun for sure, but for CCW it's a great pistol. The only reason I say it's not a range gun is because it is fairly thin and can make your hand sore after 50rds or so. My M&P9c is more comfortable to shoot, but as you can see it significantly thicker. I pocket carry my PF9 as well as IWB carry. I just wish I could a 10 or 12rd extended magazine to increase rounds available other than that it's a great gun. I would/did buy the PF9 over the Taurus Slim 9.
  5. Strahley

    Strahley Well-Known Member

    PF-9 is a lot lighter, too
  6. speaksoftly

    speaksoftly Well-Known Member

    Agreed on the lightness being a factor. I never thought that I'd curse my 25 year old gym loving body and affection for trendy jeans and fitted t-shirts until I got my CHL! That Smith and Wesson will pull my pants down for sure haha and there's NO WAY I can carry my Beretta 96 concealed.
  7. Jbabbler

    Jbabbler Well-Known Member

    You will be amazed at the difference the thickness (or lack thereof) plays in your daily carry. The clip for the PF9 allows some interesting carry possibilities as well. If you wear boots in the winter a simple thin Kydex holster can be made that covers the trigger and you can attach the gun to the inside of a boot or hang on your belt. I made one for my P3AT and am making another one for my P11.

  8. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

    I just acquired a PF9. So far it has functioned well. It is a tricky gun to shoot. The trigger takes some practice. At first the recoil was uncomfortable, but now that I have 100 rounds through it, it doesn't seem that bad. It is minute of paint bucket at 15 yards accurate. Good enough.

    I think the PF9 is a great gun that does exactly what it was intended for. It is not a gun that is meant to be used for plinking. I don't think it is intended to have thousands of rounds pounded through it at the range. The M&P will probably be more of a shooter and would prove more durable. The difference in thickness is pretty substantial though.

    For a carry piece, it is hard to beat the PF9 especially when you consider the price.
  9. Tacbandit

    Tacbandit Well-Known Member

    While I don't consider the PF9 a pocket pistol for jeans, I am curious about how the gun carries on the waist with just a clip... considering on of these as well... thoughts...???
  10. wnycollector

    wnycollector Well-Known Member

    I recently picked up a PF-9. For years I carried a J frame .38 in the warmer weather, but I can see this little jewel seeing LOTS of pocket and belt time. I have put 200 rounds (130 cast RN and FMJ and a 4 different JHP's) through it thus far with zero problems that I didn't cause (two accidental mag releases and one time my thumb brushed the slide during recoil). Once I put another 200 or so rounds through it I plan on starting to carry it.

    The part that I love about it is that it can fit into a front pocket AND its large enough so that you can actually get your hand on it to shoot! As far as recoil, its very very similar to my S&W 638 airweight. With range ammo its not bad. I can shoot 100 rounds/trip. With SD ammo its like shooting +P ammo out of my airweight...not pleasant but tolerable.
  11. distra

    distra Well-Known Member

    I don't use the clip for IWB, I carry it in Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster. The clip would be nice for a quick tuck into the pants, but I tend to pocket carry in this case just personal preference.
  12. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    The difference in thickness is striking. OTOH, it will make the M&P more comfortable to actually shoot.
  13. soonerboomer

    soonerboomer Well-Known Member

    No doubt the PF-9 is dramatically smaller, thinner, and lighter. Having owned both, I can say the PF-9 is much easier to conceal. Its pretty shoot-able too. I was surprised at how controllable and accurate it was, especially with the factory grip extensions. However, the Kel-Tec does seem prone to suffer more from reliability/failure issues. While I did not have any problems with my Kel-Tec, I just did not have great confidence in it. Oh how I wish I did! Its absolutely tops in so many categories.
    You might look at the Glock 26 or the Kahr CW9. Both have a better reputations than the PF-9, and they're smaller than the M&P9c.
  14. Jbabbler

    Jbabbler Well-Known Member

    Just curious as to why you didn't trust your PF9 if it performed flawlessly for you? I have a P11 that I carried for over 10 years and put 10,000+ rounds down the pipe in that time. When I decided to retire it from carry I tried a CW9 and had to send it back to the factory 3 times in 3 trips to the range. I also tried a Glock 33 (same size as 26) and it was just too thick for me to carry IWB or OWB in light clothes. In the end I went back with a P11 and now carry my 2009 P11 every day again. I still have a Glock 23 for winter carry but the P11 is with me most of the time.
  15. skoro

    skoro Well-Known Member

    I own both.

    The PF-9 is much better suited for concealed carry as it's considerably smaller and lighter. Accordingly, I carry the PF-9 much more than I carry the M&P9c. That said, the M&P9c is much more enjoyable to shoot and much easier to shoot accurately. It also has 12+1 capacity. Makes a much better gun for the range or plinking.

    Depending on your situation, one may be better suited for you than the other. It all rides on how you intend to use it.
  16. phrogpilot

    phrogpilot Well-Known Member

    I've had a PF-9 for a year; zero problems. In the end, smaller and thinner and lighter will get carried, thicker, larger and heavier stays in the drawer. No mateer what you say, these are the natural laws of CCW. Get the Pf-9 and if you need a plinker, get a Hi-Power or something fun to shoot at the range.
  17. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    I to have pf-9 and have around 500rounds through it with NO problems and i carry it most of the time. I do also carry a ultra lite CA revolver too but the kel-tech is my main gun and is pocket carry all the time. With a pocket holster it is hard to see and does fill the pocket but you don't have to worry about it moveing around in your pocket. Treat a kel-tech just like you should ANY gun and clean oil and look the gun over before shooting.
  18. midiwall

    midiwall Well-Known Member

    I carry mine on just the clip, in jeans, usually at about 2:30 or so. 2 o'clock is too far forward, 3 o'clock doesn't bend well. I've had zero problems... It's comfortable, bends with me, sits well, etc. Trigger wise, the pull on the PF-9 is long, and there's really little to snag it anyway.

    I've used the clip for SOB carry as well, and while it works, I found that I get pretty sweaty when the gun's back there.

    For those talking about comfort, a couple of ideas...
    • Hogue Handall Jr (install it upside down)
    • Rear pad from KTAddons
    • Kahr mag extension (it's longer than Kel-Tec's)
    The combo makes for a much more enjoyable shooting experience.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2010
  19. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Well-Known Member

    I have had the PF9 fora couple of months and have placed about 500 rounds through it without a problem. The gun shoots much better with teh finger extension. You get a full grip on the pistol and teh recoil is much more manageable. I am wearing one now in my boot at work and is very comfortable. This was my CCW during summer under a regualr T-shirt. During the winter, i carry the Taurus PT 145. The weight and thickness is dramatically different. The PF9 is much more comfortable to carry.
  20. speaksoftly

    speaksoftly Well-Known Member

    My PF-9's on the way! I cant' wait. Just what I needed...another gun! Haha

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