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Philly goes against PA legislature with anti-gun laws.

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Thefabulousfink, May 4, 2007.

  1. Thefabulousfink

    Thefabulousfink New Member

    Just saw this on Yahoo news:

  2. obxned

    obxned New Member

    I was born there. Philly was a turd circling the drain 40 years ago. They have wallowed in bad and corrupt government for years. This is just one more nail in their coffin. No decent, honest person can live there and feel safe. Do they really think this idiocy will prevent those in the crack business from being well armed?
  3. Mannix

    Mannix New Member

  4. Thefabulousfink

    Thefabulousfink New Member

    Sorry for the repost. I did a search, but I guess I missed it, Mods please close.
  5. nemoaz

    nemoaz member

    Ok. Federal law is the supreme law of the land. And state law supercedes city law. Let me guess how this one will be resolved.
  6. Jim K

    Jim K Active Member

    I have to love this kind of nonsense. The city sues the state, which will sue the feds, which will sue the UN, which will sue Iran, which will sue Israel, which will sue Germany, which will sue the moon, which will sue the stars, and on and on. And lawyers will take over the universe. SUE HEIL!

    Of course, a cynic might say that if the politicians and the police in Philadelphia were not totally corrupt, they could solve their own problems by actually arresting some bad guys. But that might be dangerous, not to mention that the pols and cops might actually have to live on their salaries, something that is unknown in most cities.


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