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Phoenix arms .22 pistol

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by 351 WINCHESTER, Jun 17, 2007.


    351 WINCHESTER Well-Known Member

    My friend and myself read an article in Gun Tests magazine last week.

    They tested the phoenix .22, and beretta and a high standard.

    They liked the cheap phoenix so I told him we should each get one. He ordered them friday and should be in tomorrow. I know they are, for the most part made of some zinc alloy, but according to their article they work just fine and they retail for $140.

    Anyone had any experience with this pistol?
  2. tostada

    tostada Well-Known Member

    I've seen plenty good reviews for them, and a couple really bad ones. I think the only negatives were actually on THR when I was searching for info on the Phoenix.

    The real problem with a small .22 auto is finding a use for it. It's not really the most reasonable weapon for concealed carry; even if you thought it was powerful enough, you'd probably want the reliability of a revolver when it comes to rimfire ammo.

    So most people would rather have something like an indestructable Ruger .22 for a target pistol which is still cheap, or something like a Smith 317 for a nice little .22 trail gun.

    I think that's why you don't really see much info on things like the Phoenix, but when you do hear something it's usually that it's a fun little plinking gun that's a pretty good value. It's better than a Walther P22, and cheaper.
  3. skud_dusty

    skud_dusty Well-Known Member

    I put almost 1k rounds through the Phoenix .22 I had. It shot okay, but the rear adjustable sight was loose and wouldn't stay put. I never had any problems with the recoil spring (I read online they are supposed to be replaced every 500 rounds)

    Out of the box I had some problems with reliable feeding. It would jam at least once per mad. Took a dremel to the feed ramp, and cycled the action a good 100 times. After that it seemed to be a pretty reliable little shooter.

    I bought it because I like small guns, they are just funner to try and shoot for me. I sold it to fund the purchase of an AR, but I could see myself getting another someday.
  4. Setzer77

    Setzer77 Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine has one. It's not the greatest thing in the world, and it jams every so often. He really seems to like it though, and he's a much better shot with it than I am. For that much money, I'd suppose it's worth it, besides, it's a .22, it'll pay for itself in the first box of ammo.
  5. ab4ka

    ab4ka Active Member

    Phoenix Arms HP22

    I had one of these and it actually shot quite well, but it had a problem with the trigger not resetting now and then. I eventually just sold it, as I wouldn't carry it concealed, and I wanted something larger for plinking. I had the long and short barrels for it, and it actually shot better with the short barrel. I kind of wish I still had it, just because I liked it, but then again, I haven't sold a gun yet that I didn't wish I had back :p
  6. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    Phoenix Arms pistols do have issues.
    Of all the things listed here I will also say they have one of the most confusing safety systems I have ever seen on a pistol.
    Because of this quirk alone I will not recommend the pistol for defense use.
  7. iwilc2

    iwilc2 Well-Known Member

    hey guys, new here to the forum, just wanted to give you my input on the phoenix 22, bought one in 95, shot it for about a year, not to often, the frame cracked, took it back to my firearms dealer, they sent it back and i received a new 22 [guarenteed for life] no problems since.

    PAPACHUCK Well-Known Member

    I got one. With minor ramp and slide rail polishing, it has been totally reliable and FUN!!! I am quite impressed with it for $115.00.

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