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Pics of a mini cannon firing

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by TurtlePhish, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, went over to my friend's house and fired off a little cannon I picked up a while ago. Took some pics and video, video didn't come out so good. Here's the pics! It's .30 caliber, takes a few grains of Pyrodex and fires pretty much anything that fits in the barrel- we shot some #8 mini-"canister" shells and a couple heavily patched roofing nails into an AriZona can- sadly, I was too busy lighting the cannon to take video. I did get covered in iced tea.




  2. jbkebert

    jbkebert Well-Known Member

    That is sweeeet. I thought my mosin threw fireballs.
  3. JEB

    JEB Well-Known Member

    how does that thing not fly 10ft backwards! is it secured to the table somehow?
  4. Mauser lover

    Mauser lover Well-Known Member

    I thought you said "cannon" not "flame thrower" :D

    I WANT ONE!!!
  5. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish Well-Known Member

    That was just a blank, with a heavy projectile it recoils pretty seriously. Like 3 inches or so. :D

    Whoops, looks like I need to brush up on my weapons terminology... :p

    You have a carbine? I think they might actually be comparable in flash!
  6. JEB

    JEB Well-Known Member

    that is seriously awesome! what do you use for a fuse?
  7. ThorinNNY

    ThorinNNY Well-Known Member

    Did i take a mini-Rip-Van-Winkle nap and wake up on or after the 5th of July? :uhoh:T-phish, that thing is awesome! I want one, no make it a dozen! :D: Thanks for the pix.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2012
  8. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish Well-Known Member

    Really cheap green Visco-type stuff. I think it was a little under $30 shipped for 600 pieces of 3" long, 1/16" diameter stuff. I cut it in half because I don't need a fuse that long for it, it works great.
  9. The-Reaver

    The-Reaver Well-Known Member

    Awe man, that makes me want to break out my .45 deck gun.

    Looks very similar to that except is more of a cannon and not a mortar. Without shot it does the same just burning the powder, but if you drop in a round ball or (my personal favorite ) birdshot. The thing tumbles. BACK BLAST AREA CLEAR! lol, good times. Thanks for the good memories.
  10. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish Well-Known Member

    I put 10 or 12 pellets of #8 on top of the wadding, it was scary! Stuff spread like shotguns in Hollywood. After that, we just used .22 short cases as canisters to hold the shot and it kept tighter groups.
  11. smalls

    smalls Well-Known Member

    I love these things. I've got to get myself one.
  12. Lunie

    Lunie Well-Known Member

    It's obvious that some of you fine folks haven't had the chance to spend time with Holy Black Powder, or its Unholy Substitutes. :evil:

    Here is a teaser video I found with some night-firing of revolvers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVG4Go9IJOU&feature=related

    COME TO THE DARK SIDE... :cool:

    (If balls of fiery embers and clouds of white sulfurous smoke appeal to you, and you get a hankerin' to venture into the realm of the Soot Lords, check out the "Blackpowder Shooting" Section, and the "Black Powder Essentials" Thread. http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=238769 )

    It's the only form of smoking I promote!
  13. spyder1911

    spyder1911 Well-Known Member

    Where did you order that from, if you don't mind sharing?
  14. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish Well-Known Member


    It was a while ago, but they should still have it.

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