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Piers Morgan..."Your little book" aka the Constitution of the United States

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by GiorgioG, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. GiorgioG

    GiorgioG Well-Known Member

  2. M-Cameron

    M-Cameron member

    .......wow......piers honestly believes the govt cares about him and could never turn tyrannical.......just what dream world does he live in?
  3. kwguy

    kwguy Well-Known Member

    Piers lives in his own dream world. He is just too used to being a "subject". The phrase "may your chains rest lightly upon you" was absolutely MADE for him. Breitbart called him for what he was, and all Piers had left was his stupid "how dare you" line. I thought it was good.
  4. holdencm9

    holdencm9 Well-Known Member

    Very proficiently spoken. He makes a good point about Piers being "philosophically consistent" and although I do not necessarily agree with everything he said, he was very good and at least he understands the real POINT of the second amendment.

    I also love how he calls out Piers on being a bully... Well done!
  5. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    Nice to see Piers finally getting some of his own medicine. Shapiro did an excellent job of putting him in his place while coming off as astute and reasonable. We need more like him.
  6. beatledog7

    beatledog7 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to have to disagree, but Ben did not do such a good job here. For starters, he fell into letting Piers call AR-15s, the kind we can buy, "assault weapons," and even used the term himself. Thanks, Ben.

    Ben did accurately state the real purpose of 2A, but he came across as the nutty one, IMHO. Piers Morgan is a pro at this, and anyone sitting down with him or others like him to talk about gun control has to be able to articulate that the antis' plans to install gun control measures will not prevent a single mass shooting. I realize that Ben was there because of the recent release of his book and that its topic was supposed to be the basis for the discussion.

    But let's be realistic here. Anyone going up against a well-rehearsed and well-schooled anti such as PM needs to point out the true underlying causes of these recent mass shootings. In most cases, mass shooters grew up over medicated for supposed behavioral conditions (aka lack of parental discipline) and are now permanently unable to discern right from wrong because of those medications. They gain access to guns either by illegal acts or by slipping through the system even though they are known to have mental conditions which should disqualify them from gun ownership. They select mythical gun-free zones to carry out their illegal acts, and they typically give up as soon as they are confronted by someone with a gun.

    Therefore, the best way to prevent such attacks is first to ensure that the environment in which these mass shooters feel free to act is modified. In short, we must clearly and rationally articulate that make-believe gun-free zones are the thing that facilitate and even encourage most mass shootings, and that the legality or availability of any particular kind of gun are irrelevant.

    Next, we must re-examine the entire idea that whenever we see a behavioral challenge in a child we must create a medical diagnosis that absolves parents of any responsibility to parent that child beyond making sure that he or she takes that pill. Further, we must close the gaps in mental health reporting and modify the way we view mental illness--in short, we must reconsider the politically correct but mistaken notion that institutionalization is nearly always a bad thing.

    Then, we must point out that the need for AR-15s and 30-round mags lies imbedded in the original and current purpose of 2A -- to ensure that the people of this nation maintain the ability to stand up to tyranny in the same way that the revolutionists did in 1776. Then, of course, we must point out that "need" has no bearing on 2A rights, and if it did then by extension it would also have a bearing on 1A rights; therefore, PM must now justify why he needs to have his show.

    Ben failed to point out most of this; he stumbled badly in his articulation of 2A's purpose, allowing himself to look like a conspiracy theory whacko instead of pointing out rationally how such tyranny is already happening. Just because he's on the side of 2A doesn't mean we have to say he was awesome. He wasn't.
  7. Halal Pork

    Halal Pork Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure why anyone cares what Piers Morgan has to say. He's gotten ratings for CNN and that's his job. I don't think he's any sort of intellectual or great mind or what have you. I'd put him on par with Simon Cowell or that angry chef on the Food Network. True, the right to keep and bear arms is something Brits I've spoken with often bring up as being a bizarre and absurd bit of American culture. Hey, different countries and different cultures. I've pointed out to some particularly pushy Brits (not making a blanket generalization, but I've run into quite a few) that Catholics in Northern Ireland might have disagreed historically with prohibitions against possession of firearms. I spend a lot of times overseas and this pub conversation is my second least favorite. ("George Bush is an idiot Nazi" takes first place though.) In conclusion, I don't really care what Piers Morgan thinks and no one should get bent out of shape over what he says on the idiot box.
  8. Inazone

    Inazone Well-Known Member

    While I don't agree with Ben Shapiro on a few points, he did the best job I've seen so far of going toe-to-toe with Morgan. As much as I would have liked to see Shapiro avoid using "assault rifle" or "assault weapon" at all, he did a commendable job of getting his point across despite Morgan's every effort to interrupt, distract and derail him. If fewer "guests" allowed themselves to fall prey to such tactics, how much of a program would Piers Morgan have left to host?
  9. kwguy

    kwguy Well-Known Member

    True. He wasn't perfect, but not bad. The "assault weapon" thing irks me, as well as when they say, in a mewley, whiney voice that "you don't need an assault rifle for deer hunting". I just wish someone would point out that it is ALSO an excellent hunting platform, if for no other reason than to point out their ignorance.

    I think it just bothers people that PM is a bully, and is allowed to be one with a major news (cough) network.
  10. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    Something I want to see more commentators do is not dodge the "Why does anyone need a 30 round magazine?" question. I wan't more of them to state that if there is a legitimate defensive use for rifles, it is disingenuous to put an arbitrary limit on the number of shots that will be needed.
  11. Double Vision

    Double Vision Well-Known Member

    Mr. Shapiro represented himself and the 2nd Amendment very well.

    As far as Morgan, eh, better to say nothing.
  12. fxstchewy

    fxstchewy Well-Known Member

    I like that he was giving "musket" morgan a dose of his on medicine, one thing i really don't understand about "musket" is...is he even a american citizen? he has said that he has children and is concerned about their safety because of our right to own semi-autos, so why did he pick up from the merry uk and come over here? if i lived somewhere else that was so "safe" and i was really concerned with that i probably would not move here :confused:
    I have No need or respect for people that move somewhere and start tell people how to live.
    The way "musket" rails on about "killing machines" may cause some nut job to loose it on him and he may be face to face with his greatest fear. probably quite a few people take exception to a brit coming to america and telling us how to live.
  13. Overall, Ben Shapiro did alright bringing up some good points, but there's problems with many things he said, that leads to be believe he's not really on my side. He seems to think we're not currently in a tyranny, and thinks that AR's are assault rifles. He also seems to think that anyone that's taken psychotropic drugs (even 10 years ago, for example) or convicted of a misdemeanor should not own firearms.
  14. HarcyPervin

    HarcyPervin Well-Known Member

    Shapiro did a great job of keeping his cool, even though he almost lost it a couple times. I also think he did a great job of explaining the true intent of the second amendment without coming off as a tin-hat crazy. Piers' over the top bullying style of debating seemed not to get under his skin, as I know it would have mine.
  15. Midnight Oil

    Midnight Oil Well-Known Member

    mainly because he was wrapped up in that whole UK phone hacking scandal.
  16. r1derbike

    r1derbike Well-Known Member

    Piers Morgan? Oh! That incredibly stupid man! Spewing false "facts". The man who the U.K. doesn't want back. The man who staged false photos and accused UK soldiers of atrocities. The man who lost his job in the UK for it.

    The misguided fool who is doing everything in his power (including lies, he is good at that) to trample and destroy the U.S. Constitution, and has delusions of grandeur about rewriting the bible.

    The Piers Morgan who believes that our government will never turn tyrannical? Heck, his own did, that's why we're here and he is on our soil!

    That Piers Morgan. What a role model?
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2013
  17. sidheshooter

    sidheshooter Well-Known Member

    Nice post beatledog. I haven't watched the video yet, so no comment one way or another on that, but I like the way you've summarized the main arguments we all should be prepared to make.
  18. Calibre44

    Calibre44 Well-Known Member

    We DO NOT want him back ... !!:)
  19. heavydluxe

    heavydluxe Well-Known Member

    I bet you're a ton of fun at parties.
  20. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 Well-Known Member

    Stop listening to him and maybe he will go away

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