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Pietta 1858 Remingtons from Cabela's

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by denster, May 19, 2006.

  1. denster

    denster Well-Known Member

    A couple of weeks ago I picked up a pair of the Pietta 1858 Remingtons from Cabela's. The ones with the color case hardened frames.

    I was impressed in the store with how well fit, timed and finished they were compared to other makers I've owned. I never buy a Pietta unless I can inspect it first due some problems I've had, in the past, with their Colt replicas. Their quality can be spotty. I couldn't find anything to fault with the Remmies except for a slightly heavy and long trigger pull which is easy to correct.

    After I got them home and took them apart I was pleased to find that all of the chambers miked within .001 of each other. I was also pleased to find that there was very little polishing to do, just a touch here and there and a pin insert below the full cock notch to shorten that long trigger pull.

    The real Yahoo! was at the range though. With a 25gr volume equivalent of 777 and a Lee 200gr conical both shot right to the point of aim at 25yds. Not high not low not right not left but right in the center. Now that is unusual.

    Am I happy with this purchase? You bet your life I am. Two great looking (OK maybe not historically correct with the case colors) great shooting guns without a lot of tinkering to get them there.:) :) :)
  2. Smokin_Gun

    Smokin_Gun Well-Known Member

    It's great ta hear postings like yours ... congradulations on the new Rems. Have always liked Piettas. The trigger pull is pretty much a trademark. Seems you put the perfect combo of powder and bullet you put in them first time. Or it's all because of the checkered grips. Happy shootin'!
  3. edggy

    edggy Well-Known Member

    denster, did you get the one's with a flag on the handles. I think one was
    a 1851 and the other was a 1858. If not which one did you get if you don't
    mind me asking. And do like the 777 powder.
  4. denster

    denster Well-Known Member


    I got the ones with the checkered grips and color case hardened frames. $229 each and a bargain for the quality.

    I really like 777 now that I've learned it's idiocycrasies. First time I tried it it fouled the gun worse than black powder. The barrel looked like a moonscape after one cylinder. Problem was I was trying to compress it like black powder and it doesn't burn well like that. The Hogdons site says no more than .01 compression. When I did that the results were great. Very little fouling and the cylinder pin doesn't begin to bind till after three cylinders. Then just wipe with a damp cloth and go on shootin. Cleanup is real easy too.
  5. edggy

    edggy Well-Known Member

    Thank You, I think Iam going to buy one at that price. Another thing have
    you tried the pellets for pistols.
  6. denster

    denster Well-Known Member


    I've not tried the pellets. I just don't see the justification for the high price for really no added convenience or preformance. I can dump a charge from my flask as quick as I can drop a pellet in the cylinder and at about half or less the cost. Just one man's opinion.

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