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Pillar bedding a CZ 452 Lux

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by huntingnt, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. huntingnt

    huntingnt Well-Known Member

    Has any one tried to pillar bed a Lux? Should I just bed the whole thing to the barrel lug, or just contact points?
  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    I've never heard of a CZ rifle that didn't already shoot so good everyone was afraid to touch the stock with bedding compound! :what:

  3. huntingnt

    huntingnt Well-Known Member

    Just plain bedded it, no pillars

    I want to use the gun to shoot silhouette matches this winter. It was shooting about .75 in at 50 yards with a few different types of ammo, but I put a Brooks trigger kit in, bedded it, and found a place locally that sells Wolf MT.
    Got a Brownells Acraglas Gel Kit and here's the rest of the story.
    Stripped the trigger group out and sanded the barrel channel with 120 grit over a socket. Sealed the barrel channel and any places that weren't getting bedded with polyurethane to seal it.
    Then I covered the edges if the stock with blue painters tape and trimmed it with an exacto knife. I put electrical tape around the barrel in front and behind the front sight, and in front of the action where it meets the barrel.
    I applied two coats of release compound to any area that would come in contact with the gel.
    I put the gel into the barrel lug, rear lug, and action / barrel junction areas with a cut off q-tip. I put the barrel and action in the stock, cleaned out the barrel lug hole, coated the front screw with a lot of release compound and tightened everything up.
    I proceeded to go through a whole lot of q-tips in the clean up process, but got it looking good, stripped the tape off and let it set up for 10 hours. Things were pretty stiff getting them out, but I went through and cleaned up any excess around the magazine and trigger channels with a small round file and put everything back together. It looks like a champ, feels good with the trigger kit and we'll have to see how it shoots next week when my new scope comes in. I'll post a range report in the Rifles forum when I am finished.
    Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a grammer flunkee.

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  4. Alton

    Alton Member

    Huntingnt, nice photo of your CZ being work on.
    Let us know how it all work out? Im one of the guy RCmodel was talking about. I have a 452 Amer .22Lr with a scope that I love to shoot,Its the most fun gun I have to shoot.I was thinking about bedding and pilers after going to RimfireCentral.com { CZ forum } and reading some of they threads.They have some realy good guy there and some that are a little out there.
    I have only shoot my 452 indoors 25 yards.But at 25 yards I can put 10 round in side of a dime.BUT the 452 could shoot better grupes, that is the best I can do. Im not going to do any work on my it can all ready out shoot me :what:
    I do keep it realy clean and lubed and I shoot it alot 3000 rounds in 3 mouths.
    I would like to see some photo when your done.

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