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Pizza for Israelis!

Discussion in 'Legal' started by MicroBalrog, Jul 12, 2003.

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  1. MicroBalrog

    MicroBalrog member

  2. matis

    matis Well-Known Member


    By this posting you have cost me money!

    I clicked on the pics of the IDF soldiers, with their M16s slung from their shoulders, with APCs and tanks emblazoned with Jewish Stars behind them -- eating pizza and smiling out at us.

    I am old enough to remember my mother weeping over the photos of her parents and brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts and cousins -- all murdered by the Nazis -- with the (almost always) willing and even eager complicity of the peoples they had conquered.

    These are the very same countries that today call Israel Fascist for defending herself and hold her up to standards they themselves never have and never will adhere to. They haven't really changed. And their guilt and shame is wearing off, now.

    And I remember the joy that swept the world, Jewish and gentile alike, at the incredible victories, on all fronts, of the Israelis, surrounded, outmanned and outgunned by the Arab armies of 3 countries, armed to the teeth by the Soviets -- who thought that surely this time they would drive Israel into the sea. Well it was all over in six days.

    Now the world wants the Israellis to "give back" the territories won in a war the Jews begged to avoid and finally took at great cost in Jewish blood.

    So I got out my credit card and I sent pizza to the brave young men (and women) who defend Israel (and Jews everywhere) against a people who revere Hitler and aim to complete his mission.

    Make no mistake, MicroBalrog. Ultimately, we are alone.

    The world likes to tsk, tsk over cremated Jews. But they are not so comfortable with Jews who built a Jewel of a country surrounded by a swamp of dictaterships. Jews who possess a mighty military, at least the equal of the Americans -- Jews like that make the world uneasy and they condemn us.

    So to those who understand and support us -- THANK YOU.

    As for the rest -- to hell with you.

    We may be alone, but if we maintain our pride and our identity, we cannot fail.

    And now MicroBalrog, I read that you are going into the army.

    May you do your duty well, and be safe. And the same to all who defend Israel.

    The holocaust and then Israel's glorious history played out before you and the rest of today's IDF soldiers were born.

    But there are still many of us who remember.

    I append below something that may be of interest:


    This is why I LOVE being JEWISH
    > It's only TV and the media
    > That make people think
    > That the end of the world is coming.
    > Only 60 years ago,
    > They were leading Jews to their death
    > Like sheep to the slaughter!
    > No Country, No Army. 55 years ago!!
    > Seven Arab countries declared war
    > On the small Jewish State,
    > Only a few hours old!!
    > We were then 650,000 Jews!
    > Against the rest of the Arab world!
    > No IDF [Israel Defense Force].
    > No mighty Air Force,
    > Just tough people
    > With nowhere to go.
    > Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt,
    > Libya, Saudi Arabia, attacked all at once.
    > The country the UN "gave us"
    > Was 65% desert.
    > The country started from scratch!
    > 35 years ago!! We fought
    > The three strongest armies in the Middle East,
    > And wiped them out in six days.
    > We fought against
    > Different coalitions of Arab countries,
    > With modern armies,
    > And masses of Soviet Russian weapons,
    > And we still won!!!
    > We have today
    > A country,
    > An army,
    > A strong Air Force,
    > A Hi-Tech Economy, exporting millions.
    > Intel - Microsoft - IBM develop their stuff here.
    > Our doctors win world prizes for medical developments.
    > We made the desert flourish,
    > Selling oranges and vegetables to the world.
    > Israel has sent its own satellite into Space!!
    > Three satellites all together!!.
    > We sit proudly,
    > With the US, with 250 million people,
    > With Russia, with 200 million people,
    > With China, with 1.1 billion people,
    > With the Europeans -- France, England, Germany, with
    > 350 million people,
    > The only countries in the world
    > To shoot something into space!!
    > Israel is today in the world nuclear power family
    > With the US, Russia, China, India, France, and England.
    > [We don't admit it, but every one knows...]
    > To think that only 60 years ago,
    > We were led,
    > Shameful,
    > With no hope,
    > To our death!
    > We crawled out of the burning ashes of Europe,
    > We won our wars here with less than nothing
    > We built an "empire" out of nothing.
    > Who the hell is Mr. Arafat
    > To make me Scared?
    > To make me be Terrified?
    > You make me laugh!
    > Passover was celebrated;
    > Let's not forget what the story is all about.
    > We overcame Pharaoh,
    > We overcame the Greeks,
    > We overcame the Romans,
    > We overcame the Inquisition in Spain,
    > We overcame the Pogroms in Russia,
    > We overcame Hitler,
    > We overcame the Germans,
    > We overcame the Holocaust,
    > We overcame the armies of the seven Arab countries,
    > We overcame Saddam.
    > Take it easy, folks,
    > We will overcome
    > The present enemies too.
    > No matter
    > Which part of human history you try!
    > Think of it,
    > For us,
    > The Jewish people,
    > Our situation has never been better!!!
    > So,
    > Let's Lift our Heads High,
    > Let's Remember:
    > Any nation or culture
    > That tried to mess around with us
    > Was destroyed -- while we kept going!!!
    > Egypt?
    > Anyone know where their empire disappeared to?
    > Greeks?
    > Alexander of Macedonia?
    > The Romans?
    > Does anyone today speak Latin?
    > The Third Reich?
    > Anyone heard any news about it lately?
    > And look at us,
    > The Nation from the Bible,
    > >From Slavery in Egypt,
    > We are still here,
    > Speaking the same language!!
    > Right here, right now.
    > The Arabs don't know it yet,
    > But, they will learn that there is one God.
    > As long as we keep our identity,
    > We are eternal.
    > So, sorry for not worrying,

    > Not crying,
    > Not being scared.
    > Things are O.K. here.
    > They surely can be better,
    > But still:
    > Don't fall for the media junk,
    > They won't tell you
    > That there are festivals going on,
    > That people keep on living,
    > That people are going out,
    > That people are seeing friends.
    > Yes, our morale is low,
    > So what?
    > It's only because we weep for our dead
    > While they enjoy the blood.
    > This is the same reason why,
    > We will win, after all.
    > Forward this e- mail to the whole Jewish community,
    > And to people throughout the world.
    > They are part of our strength.
    > It might help some of them to keep their heads up high.
    > Tell them that there is nothing to worry about.
    > Tell them to think BIG, and
    > To see the whole picture.
    > "See You Next Year in Jerusalem."

  3. Sir Galahad

    Sir Galahad member

    Isn't it funny how the rest of the world (mostly Europe) sees fit to demand "peace" at the cost to Israels security? You can bet any other country would not have exercised the restraint Israel has. I read a fiction book one time that had a GREAT line by one character, an Israeli colonel: "The next time someone starts making soap out of us, were taking the rest of the world into the bathtub with us." I support Israel 100%.
  4. MicroBalrog

    MicroBalrog member

    Make no mistake, Matis, we're not. I've got the link to this site not from an Israeli, not from a Jew, but from a Republican American site. Ultimately, even though Israel is not as free as the USA, it's a forpost of freedom in the Middle East.

    That is why the Arab leaders hate Jews and Israel.

    Because Israel is an example that freedom works.

    Because every Arab man knows of Israel's prosperity and freedom

    Because every Arab woman and young girl knows that women in Israel do not have sulphuric acid thrust in their faces if they refuse to wear veils.

    These leaders know that, and they will do all they can to destroy freedom. That is why America supports Israel. That is why Israeli Arabs volunteer to the IDF. That is why, if ever Syria attacks us again, we'll get out our American 5.56 ammunition, Russian RPG-7's and MLRS's, Austrian Glocks, and kick their tyrannical butts - again. Because freedom lives.
  5. rrader

    rrader member


    Didn't Moshe Dyan admit that the Israeli army shelled the Golan Heights for years without provocation trying to goad the Syrians into attacking, in order that the superior Israeli Army could then seize the heights, as they finally did.

    I haven't gotten the impression over the past 40 years that the Israelis have begged to avoid much conflict with the Arabs.

    Israel is certainly an important ally, today more so than ever, but there's lots of blame to go all around there, IMO. The settlements are a good example of something that is not helping the peace process along.
  6. MicroBalrog

    MicroBalrog member

    Would be strange, but you might be right. Note of course, that the Syrians were using the Golan Heights to shell Israeli farms. That might be the reason to the shelling - if in did you're right. Can you provide a quote?
  7. rrader

    rrader member

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.

    I seem to recall 2 instances; 1967 and 1972, when the USA was at the brink of a nuclear exchange with the Soviets over Israel. Thanks for remembering, you're welcome.

    Oh, and about that $3.5 Billion/ year subsidy the Israeli's have recieved from the US Taxpayers every year for decades, thanks for remembering, you're welcome.

    Standing alone? Since when? (if only).
  8. matis

    matis Well-Known Member

    MicroBalrog said:
    Make no mistake, MicroBalrog. Ultimately, we are alone

    Make no mistake, Matis, we're not.


    I did not say we are alone -- I said we are ULTIMATELY alone. And we are.

    Of course there are others who support us.

    I live in the USA and there has NEVER IN HISTORY been a country as decent and fair to its Jews.

    We have risen high in many countries throughout history. We were "court Jews" in Spain -- Jews consorted with royalty and were entrusted with matters of state. But then came the Spanish inquisition, didn't it? And in 1492, when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, the Jews were expelled, en masse, from Spain.

    In all the countries where Jews were allowed to rise, it was the few wealthy Jews who enjoyed this privilege. Most of the Jews were still oppressed.

    And ultimately we were persecuted, pogrommed, expelled and then there was the holocaust.

    Jews were expelled from more than 80 Euopean countries, some more than once.

    As I leanred in commoditiies class, MicroBalrog, NEVER BUCK A TREND. This trend is thousands of years old.

    Of course Jews in Canada (where I was born) and in many Western countries are today free (but threatened with rising anti-Semitism). But America set the example and Jews are truly freer here than anywhere else in the diaspora.

    And we have repaid her in kind. Much of American achievment in ALL spheres was accomplished by her Jews.

    Einstein, who lived the last part of his life in Princeton, NJ, made much of modern technology, and nuclear and astrophysics and space travel possible.

    Two Doctors who competed bitterly with each other, cured polio: Dr. Salk and Dr Sabin. Both American Jews.

    The cosmetics industry was invented by Helena Rubenstien, a 4' 10" Jewish woman, who moved to America and eventually built a 100 million dollar company. Of course Max Factor, Estee Lauder (Josephine Esther Lauter, nee Mentzer) and most of the other giants of the cosmetics business were Jews, as well.

    Even her songs: Americans sing, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...." in December and, "... wear her Easter Bonnet, with all the flowers upon it.... (Easter Parade)..." in March. And we stand to sing "God Bless America".

    All were written by a little Jewish guy born in Poland (as was my father), called Irving Berlin.

    One can go on and on, the list is endless.

    And there are 40-50 million American Evangelical Christians who understand what is going on in the middle-east and support Israel better than many of the Jews here do.

    But everyone has their own agenda, MicroBalrog.

    Most of the aforementioned Christians truly respect and support Jews and Israel. But there is a contingent among them that really sees the Jews and Israel as fitting into their "end-days" scenario and their ultimate agenda is NOT to suport the Jews as Jews. They see us as instrurmental (from the same root as "instrurment", right? -- as contrasted with human or person) in achieving their theological aims.

    The US gives money and military aid to Israel, but don't you think she has her own self-nterested reasons for doing so? And when you stop to think of it -- shouldn't she?

    The other countries sell Israel military hardware to make money. Or in Germany's case, there may still be a small amount as reparations (but I think that may have ended?)

    Germany has refused to sell parts needed for Israel's military equipmen (tank parts IIRC)t because she sides with the Palestinians. Many Euorpean naitons are now boycotting Israel's exports and refusing to sell her needed goods.

    Universities all over Europe are spnsoring "hate-Israel" symposiums and demonstrations and this has now come to the USA.

    They are pressing for divestiture of investment in and boycotting of trade with Israel right here in the US, MicroBalrog.

    The Arabs main reason for hating the Israelis is NOT that Israel is a beacon of freedom. That is only a small part of it.

    They hate the Israelis because the Koran teaches them that Muslims are superior to infidels. Infidels are to be converted or killed. Or at best, if they are dhimmis, they must be subordinated to Muslims.

    Jews and Christians are dhimmis (non-Moslem monotheists) and are hated for that reason. The Muslim attitude toward dhimmis is that Islam dominates and is not dominated.

    The the Muslim hatred of Israel is driven by their fury that these dhimmis built a country in their midst, vastly superior to theirs in most ways and worst of all -- with a mighty military that regularly beats the daylights out of them, when they attack.

    Jews were tolerated in Muslin lands so long as they accepted this inferior status. Jews had to step off the sidewalk to allow even the humblest Muslim to pass. And they did so -- because they were beaten and killed if they didn't

    Jews must always pass on the Muslim's left because that was the side of the devil. Jews could not ride camels or horses because that would put their heads higher than the heads of any passing Muslims.

    And there was much more of this including the usual kind of persecution suffered by Jews in Christian Europe -- wearing of "Jew" badges, paying special Jew taxes and so on and on.

    Freedom is only a small part of it, MicroBalrog. The Muslims hate the Jews and the Israelis, not because they are free, but because they are Jews -- because they exist!

    That is why giving up Israel's blood-won land for duplicitous Arab promises of peace is suicidal.

    The mid-east conflict is not driven by the "Palestinians" anyway, but by the other Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

    The "Palestinians" were kept in miserable refugee camps for 55 years to build their smoldering resentment and hatred of the Jews. They are merely the tip of the Arabs spear to destroy Israel. They don't want peace, they don't want the "territories" back. They want ALL OF ISRAEL -- with their dogs lapping up Jewish blood in the streets.

    Can you read Arabic? They've been saying so all along.

    The middle-east conflict is not about the Palestinians and Israel "sharing" the land. Therefore no peace is possible by allowing the Arabs to focus the struggle on this aspect.

    There is no way to cure a disease by treating only its syptoms.

    If you trust others to come to the aid of Israel when the chips are down, MicroBalrog, then get rid of your guns (if you're allowed to hive any) and depend only on dialing 911.

    ULTIMATELY, MicroBalrog, you and the other Israelis and the Jews everywhere are quite alone.

    Good Shabbos to you.

  9. MicroBalrog

    MicroBalrog member

    You do not understand, do you? The Arab leaders are using the Anti-Semitic rethoric to incite hatred against us. They are not Anti-Semitic, they are anti-Israeli. And Arabs aren't an Anti-Semitic nation. I know that, because most Israeli Arabs support Israel and love Israel.

    Go through Arab Jaffa. You will see Israeli flags and IDF insignia on the roofs.

    I spoke, myself, to an Arab from Eastern Jerusalem, who liked Sharon and hated Arafat. I know an Arab girl who cried because she couldn't understand why the Leftists and Statists all over the world hate Israel so much. Those Arabs are more Israeli, to me, than many of the Jews I meet in Tel-Aviv.
  10. matis

    matis Well-Known Member

    rrader said:
    I seem to recall 2 instances; 1967 and 1972, when the USA was at the brink of a nuclear exchange with the Soviets over Israel. Thanks for remembering, you're welcome.

    Oh, and about that $3.5 Billion/ year subsidy the Israeli's have recieved from the US Taxpayers every year for decades, thanks for remembering, you're welcome.

    I DO remember, rrader and you're quite welcome back.

    I acknowledged, and with gratitude, what America has meant to the Jews.

    But everyone has their own agenda, don't they?

    America supported Israel in these conflicts, not just out of friendship, but for reasons of "real politik" concerning our chess game (or should I say dominoes) with the Soviet Union. They supported the Arabs. We supported Israel. The Cold-War was fought through proxies, wasn't it?

    The same for the US subsidies to Israel. And the US gives subsidies to Egypt and other Arab countries, too, doesn't she?

    Personally, I would like to see these subsidies phased out.

    These subsidies "buy" Israeli politicians and even many Isrealis themselves, and therefore act to prevent Israel from doing what she ultimately must do to save herself. If Israel doesn't wean herself of these subsidiies, they may be her eventual undoing.

    My posts were are not meant to denigrate American support for Israel. But it is vital to understand that ONLY Israel can do what is necessary for her survival, unconstrained by the interests of other countries. That applies to every country. If you cannot understand that, there is no point in our having a discussion.

    However, the history of the Jews is unique in many ways.

    And not the least is the persistence of the oldest hatred in the world: Jew-hatred.

    And this is not really because we were scapegoats, or strangers, or because of envy over wealth, etc. etc. All of these are involved but are NOT the driving force of anti-semitism.

    Anti-semitism is hatred of Jews for being Jews. Should you be curious about this, there are a number of good books on the subject. One of the best I have found is: WHY THE JEWS? by Prager and Telushkin. The authors don't just state their opinions. They make their case supported by citations from history, of which they display an excellent understanding.

    So all countires are in this sense alone.

    And the Jews are quadruply so.

    Relying on others for your survival is stupid, irresponsible and ultimately fatal.

    rrader, please see my 2nd reply to MicroBalrog regarding your other points.

  11. matis

    matis Well-Known Member

    MicroBalrog said:
    You do not understand, do you? The Arab leaders are using the Anti-Semitic rethoric to incite hatred against us. They are not Anti-Semitic, they are anti-Israeli. And Arabs aren't an Anti-Semitic nation.


    Perhaps I don't understand. And perhaps you don't.

    But if you think that the Arab Leaders and the Arabs outside of Israel are not anti-Semitic, then I can only urge you not to skip taking your medication.

    Many of the Arabs inside Israel hate her and are being arrested and charged and convicted for their help to the Palestinian murderers. The Arab MKs (members of Parliament -- Israel's parliament!) hate Israel, support her enemies and say so openly.

    Of course there many Arabs in Israel who are for Israel. Why shouldn't they be? They could never have the quality of life and the freedoms they enjoy in any Arab country.

    But I think you are missing the forest for the trees.

    In order to understand what is unfolding in your part of the world, you must understand it's history and the history of it's players.

    You are ignoring what I wrote you before and I don't want to repeat it. Please re-read my previous post.

  12. LawDog

    LawDog Moderator Emeritus cum Laude

    When I read the title of this thread, the first thing that came to mind was: I wonder how many Israelis I need to get that pizza? :D

    Wierd non-sequiters aside, let's keep this one courteous, civil and on The High Road, okay folks?

  13. seeker_two

    seeker_two Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a great idea, but I have a concern...

    On the website, it shows a pepperoni pizza. Can the IDF have a pork sausage product on their pizzas?

    At least it's not Pork Chops for the IDF ...:what:
  14. DonQatU

    DonQatU member

    Donating for IDF Pizza!

    No, I think not! Not while our US troops in Iraq are eating MRE's.

    Maybe the Israelis can donate some cash to send US troops some of those Pizzas!

    After all, defense spending by each Israeli should be considerably less since the US has taken care of Iraq. I think that should more than pay for a few pizzas!


    PS - Isn't there also an ice-cream for IDF program? Seriously!
  15. HBK

    HBK member

    If you go to the site, you will see that "We are also sending Pizza to American soldiers serving in the Gulf region in cooperation with GIpizza.com." They aren't leaving our GIs out of their program.
  16. DonQatU

    DonQatU member

    Pizza in Iraq?

    Gulf Region???!!

    In what countries DO YOU DELIVER, ......HBK?!!!!

  17. HBK

    HBK member

    I don't deliver. I stay in the US. I have no affiliation with the site, but I imagine that whoever manages the site delivers. Look at a map and find "Gulf Region" then find the countries that are there. That is where they deliver.

    Oh yeah, don't bust my balls for quoting the site. You know damn well I didn't mean to insinuate that I was running around the middle east riding a donkey wearing a turban delivering pizzas!
  18. DonQatU

    DonQatU member


    Yeah, RIGHT.... HBK! IRAQ?!!! I hope you were bilked out of some money, if you believed this scam! If you're a "Shill" for this scam, I hope you choke on that pizza money!

  19. HBK

    HBK member

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I wasn't bilked out of any money, nor do I choke on it. I don't have enough money to send a GI a pizza because of my selfish need to buy ammunition for myself. I do send phone cards to troops that I KNOW so that they can communicate with their family members. They probably like that more than pizza anyway.
  20. DonQatU

    DonQatU member

    GI in hurt.com

    HBK, I hope you sent those phone cards to people you know!

    This pizza stuff is a hoax!

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