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please help

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by neubig, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. neubig

    neubig New Member

    I have just purchased an enfield #4 mk1 and would like to make some identifications of it.Where do I start and how??
  2. 4fingermick

    4fingermick Well-Known Member

    Congratulations, you have a fine military rifle. Poetry in motion the NO4s have often been described as, they are a fine looking and good performing rifle.

    Have a look around the arm. On the left hand side of the receiver there will be marks which indicate the maker, etc. American made ones made ones have US Property stamped on the upper edge of the LHS of the receiver. The yankee rifles are usually very well made and nicely finished, but have crappy looking magazines (they work ok though).

    Marks are also on the action band at the tang (rear of action, going down to trigger) and also other metal parts, including the forend bands, etc.

    Some have mixed numbers and are refinished with a black paint, these have usually been rebuilt (they are marked FTR -Factory Through Rebuild or something that means). These are generally not so popular with collectors, because the parts are often mismatched, but they have been assembled to work, not satisfy a collector. They generally are good buys, because you can often argue the price down and they are often in better shape than originals.

    Some of these have the original marks machined off or scratched through.

    Get a magnifying glass and go around the rifle slowly and write down any markings and copy any stamps, etc (including scratched out and faint marks that have been stamped over, etc). Also look at the wood, there are often marks there, especially on the butt.

    When you have done this, repost and we will help identify it.

    Visit the 303 page, it will help you a lot.


    They also have publications for sale.

  3. neubig

    neubig New Member


    Ok...dont have much time but the one stamp that is clear is c19 in a small circle.serial # begins with jl....all #s match.

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