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Please recommend nylon IWB holster for 1911/BHP/Beretta92FS

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by outerlimit, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. outerlimit

    outerlimit Well-Known Member

    I would like a nylon holster for carrying one or all of the firearms listed in the title. A 5" 1911, a BHP or a Beretta 92F. I was interested in an Orca, but they don't seem to be available anymore. I would like the holster to have a belt loop or loops rather than a metal clip. And some type of guard to protect your side from the gun.

    Please don't recommend leather, Milt Sparks, Alessi, kydex, Del Fatti, VM2's, ect., I'm aware of those things, and that spending a few more dollars is best and yadda yadda.. I'm looking for the specific type of rig descibed above.

  2. spwenger

    spwenger Well-Known Member


    ...someone makes a nylon IWB holster with a reinforced "mouth," to prevent the opening of the holster from collapsing when the gun is drawn, I could not recommend one. I demand two things from a holster:

    1. That it allow a full firing grip while the handgun is in the holster.

    2. That it allow one-handed reholstering without needing to take your eyes off the threat area.

    I have had people argue the latter with me but, if you have drawn your gun in response to a threat in public, it's best not to have it in your hand when police respond. Yes, good guys have been shot because responding cops could not see the halos above their heads - it happened recently to a Phoenix homeowner when cops responded to a call for a home invasion.

    I suspect that nylon is attractive to you because it is not molded and would fit several similar guns. Perhaps a Kydex holster that is not tightly molded to the small details of the guns would also allow use with different but similar pistols. Kydex holsters are usually less expensive than leather ones and stay open when the gun is drawn.

    (If you're interested in more of my ideas on this topic, my own website includes a page on Holster Selection.)
  3. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    I looked at Bianchi, Don Hume, DeSantis, Safariland and Galco's sites and could find no nylon IWBs with this combination (or even one) of these features.

    I will resist the temptation to editorialize. ;)
  4. CajunBass

    CajunBass Well-Known Member

    I used to know more than everybody I was asking for advice too.
  5. outerlimit

    outerlimit Well-Known Member

    So what happened? ;)

    Just asking to keep the advice limited to what I am looking for..
    I searched for nylon holsters and I see the same posts and same thing in every thread.

    Let's keep this thread clean if at all possible. :)

    Yea, I did quite the search on a few sites. Nothing really stands out. Thanks for helping. I will continue the search. :)

    That is something I considered, but mostly I am just looking for something cheap that I don't have to worry about and doesn't squeak or retain moisture like my leather.
  6. sevin8nin

    sevin8nin Well-Known Member

    Are the crummy uncle mike's IWBs out?
  7. outerlimit

    outerlimit Well-Known Member

    yea, they have a plastic clip and poor material.
  8. Treo

    Treo member

    I would recommend , in this order:
    Milt Sparks,
    Del Fatti,
  9. outerlimit

    outerlimit Well-Known Member

    If it helps, pretend that I'm allergic to both leather and kydex. :cool:
  10. jojosdad

    jojosdad Well-Known Member

    If your only objection to leather is moisture retention, look into cordovan leather.
    I have a Kramer IWB one that I use for EDC of my Kimber Compact. I live in the northern Sacramento Valley, and we often have temperatures in the triple digits for weeks at a time. I have never had a problem with sweating through this holster. It is about 1/2 the thickness of a cowhide holster, and is very comfortable.
    I believe that the pistols you mentioned in the title are all close enough in size that they might work, especially as your belt (you are getting a relatively high quality one I hope) will help with retention.
    IIRC that there is a thread on holster interchangeability on THR, but I don't have the time to find it.
  11. cedjunior

    cedjunior Well-Known Member

    What about leather makes you allergic to it? Just the fact that its cow hide? Or the dyes? If you're just allergic to cow hide, horse hide leather will do, its usually just a few bucks more, and it is a great moisture barrier.

    You're probably not going to find the features you want in a nylon holster without buying one and modding it yourself.
  12. Defense Minister

    Defense Minister Well-Known Member

    +1 here for me.

    I tried and tried to find a nylon rig that would work for me and finally gave up. I've went to Crossbreed Holsters for my carry weapons and will never go back. They are by far the most comfortable IWB holster I have used and the price is reasonable for what you get. Also, their customer service and guarantee is unbeatable. Good Luck
  13. Realbigo

    Realbigo Well-Known Member

    i once took a bag master IWB (very similar to the UnkiMikes) and made my own belt loop when I needed a IWB for work carry in a hurry. that might suit your needs
  14. J. Jay

    J. Jay Active Member

    The only way you are going to reholster an IWB holster one-handed is if it retains its shape empty. This is good also so your pants wont fall down when gun is drawn. If you want nylon touching your skin then look for one with a kydex insert. You should be able to afford one holster for each weapon.....Nothing wrong with buying a kydex holster and glueing your choice of comfy material where it touches you.
  15. Deanimator

    Deanimator Well-Known Member

    I also insist on IWBs that can be holstered one handed, but for an entirely different reason.

    I'm not worried about after a shooting. I'm worried about holstering the gun when I get dressed in the morning.

    I've had my Ohio CHL for almost two months now. I didn't have any appropriate summer holsters for my Glock 19 (I NEVER wear untucked shirts and any extra cover garment would either be uncomfortably hot or look wildly out of character on me) so on the way home from picking up my license, I bought a Bianchi clip-on IWB from a place with a good selection of holsters. It wasn't my first choice, but they were out of the better holster which I wanted. I also didn't want to spend TOO much money before knowing for sure that the gun would be comfortable IWB. Turns out that IWB works with every gun I've carried so far. The problem wasn't IWB; it was THAT holster. It closes up when the gun's out of it. Getting it INTO the holster while it's being worn is a BEAR. It's also EXCEPTIONALLY hard to get on and off of your belt, even with your pants OFF. After a few times of this I was seriously concerned that:

    1. while fighting to get the gun in the holster, I might accidentally pull the trigger.

    2. the flexible portion of the holster that's next to the bottom of the trigger guard might get into the trigger guard and accidentally pull the trigger.

    I had already bought a Don Hume IWB for my 3" S&W Model 65 and was pleased enough with that that I ordered a similar holster for my Glock 19, and eventually bought one for my M1911s and Browning High Power.

    My reasons for one hand holstering aren't tactical, but strictly safety based.
  16. Hot brass

    Hot brass Well-Known Member


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