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PMC 44 Mag 240 grainers SWC with Gas Check?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by coldshot03/04, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. coldshot03/04

    coldshot03/04 member

    I went to the range today to do a little paper shooting with my Taurus M44 44 mag. I shot Winchester SilverTips 210gr (most accurate), UMC and an old box of PMC 44mag 240gr. SWC with Gas Check. ( Hits a little high)These bad boys (PMC) had a more noticeable recoil and alot of smoke. Any info on this ammo? Black Powder? And what is a gas check?
  2. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    A gas check is a copper cup that a lead bullet is seated into. The purpose of the cup is to prevent hot gasses from the powder from melting or vaporizing a layer of lead on the back of the bullet, which will lead your barrel. Gas checks come in handy when you are pushing hot lead loads.
  3. coldshot03/04

    coldshot03/04 member

    Dr. Rob, Thanks for the info. These things are HOT!! PMC 240grainers.They hit a lttle high compared to the Silver Tips.

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  4. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Dr.Rob is right of course but .. to add a small caveat ...... I do reckon (using quite a lot of different gas check home cast bullets) that the check does also ''scour'' the bore to a degree ... IMO reducing leading after a session ...... compared with plain base bullets driven hard.

    ''Black Powder''?? ....... no way!!! These would be loaded with a slowish burning powder (similar to one of the fastest ''rifle'' powders'' ...... Alliant 2400, Hogdons H110 .... Vit N-110 etc ..... ). With that weight bullet and a generous powder charge it is well possible that they are simply much nearer true 44 mag loads .... the others were probably ''sub'' ...... I notice quite a lot of factory mag cartridges these days fall well short of expected potential .... probably a safety net to cope with older/weaker guns.
  5. coldshot03/04

    coldshot03/04 member

    Taurus M44 44mag Winchester Silver Tips 210 grs. 25 yds .

    ps Thanks for the info P95

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  6. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    I think you might find that the 240 grain bullets hit higher than the 210 grain bullets because they are heavier. This would also give you more recoil.

    They might smoke more because of the lube used on cast bullets.
  7. coldshot03/04

    coldshot03/04 member

    444, Thanks for the info. WHEW!!! I definitely could tell the difference in the PMC 240grs:D ;) I cant wait until I get that first Hog this year.:D
  8. Johnny Guest

    Johnny Guest Moderator Emeritus

    The PMC 240s - - -

    - -- would definitely be better hawg medicine, coldshot. Besides being noticibly hotter, the full weight (at least before the advent of HEAVY factory loads) and solid bullet will penetrate into various entry points of the tough animal than the lighter weight and more lightly constructed Silvertips. The Win ST is generally thought to be good ammo for deer, but the hogs have a far thicker skin, frequently a good layer of fat, and a lot of muscle to traverse before the bullet gets to the vitals. The ST is also a superior self defense round, simply because it doesn't penetrate so far and is easier to control for follow up shots.

    Agreed as to the MUCH warmer aspect of the PMC 240s, though I've never chronographed any of them. As 444 stated, the point of impact is higher due to heavier weight. In a given caliber, the lighter, usually faster, bullet, will exit the barrel before recoil brings the muzzle up as far as with a heavier bullet. This was most evident at the advent of the lightweight, jacketed HP .38 Special and .357 mag loads. Revolvers sighted in for the old 158 gr. ammo most ALWAYS hit low with the 90 to 110 gr. stuff.

    Best of luck on your hog hunt.

  9. coldshot03/04

    coldshot03/04 member

    Johnny, Thanks for the info. I like this gun.:D

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