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Poll: Fighting Back in Schools

Discussion in 'Legal' started by ColtShooter, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. ColtShooter

    ColtShooter Well-Known Member


    BURLESON, Texas (AP) -- Youngsters in a suburban Fort Worth, Texas, school district are being taught not to sit there like good boys and girls with their hands folded if a gunman invades the classroom, but to rush him and hit him with everything they've got -- books, pencils, legs and arms.

    Note the 'Quick Vote Poll' on the lower left side ...
  2. xd9fan

    xd9fan Well-Known Member

    all comes down to the basics....Is your life worth protecting?
    Would you do what it might take to save it?

    One part of me thinks its stupid giving this responsibilty to the children. Cant we adults reach an agreement to do whatever it takes to make the kids safe. Cant the adults solve this? Lets get CCW holders walking through our schools, picking up their kids, everyday. Not just teachers alone but every law abidding american. lets go here......

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