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polymer choices

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by tango3065, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. tango3065

    tango3065 New Member

    Glock, s&w M&P, or XD which would you choose for a BOB gun that will only get shot about 2-3 hundred rounds a year? I like the glock but the m&p and the XD are cheaper on the wallet, but do you think the m&P will last as long or be as durable as the glock?
  2. Edmond

    Edmond Active Member

    I think the XD's are very nice guns. If you're only shooting a few hundred a year, just get the one that's easiest on the wallet, IMO.
  3. Snowdog

    Snowdog New Member

    I don't mean to cause you any distractions, but it might be worth saying.
    If light on the wallet is what you're looking for, you may want to also look at Steyr's M series as well. I bought a NIB Steyr M40 from CDNN a few months ago for $299. It appears built stronger than a Glock and it's no less accurate than my G19. I don't recall if it has polygonal rifling, but I'm fairly certain my M40 has a supported chamber and a 12+1 capacity.

    A great pistol for the money that might still be found at some of the internet auction sites and gunshows.
  4. 10-Ring

    10-Ring New Member

    I would go w/ Glock - if budget conscience, I'd go pre-owned :D
  5. doubleg

    doubleg New Member

    Glock 35

    I know I love 1911's but this is one of the only polymer pistols that really impressed me. The slightly longer slide adds accuracy and lowers recoil a little. Seen one earlier today sell for 400 used with not a trace of wear on the finish.;)

  6. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    I suggest tak'in a longer look at Springfields XD line; especially since you
    get the GEAR package (belt holster, mag loader, and double mag pouch
    'bout $70 worth of accesssory's) for the initial cost of the gun~!:cool: ;) :D
  7. Babalouie

    Babalouie New Member

    Of the XD and the M&P I sold the XD and kept the M&P. Love it, can't wait to get a 40. compact.
  8. tango3065

    tango3065 New Member

    ALA tell me about the XD, reliability, durability, longevity, also has the slide finish/rust issues been took care of? This guns purpose is gonna be a forever BOB/shtf gun and whatever I get I will be ordering at least 10 high caps and spare recoil springs and other parts the same day I get it.

    BTW I can get a xd9 for round 100 bucks cheaper than the g19 but the thing I like most about the glock is the ability to change trigger springs out to achive a lighter or stronger pull (8 Lbs is what I want it at for a while), and the plentiful parts and mags for cheap. Also the M&P is now out of the picture probably, because it hasn't been around long enough for a proven track record even though I am sure it is a great weapon.
  9. M&P9C

    M&P9C New Member

    M&P or Glock...XD levers and safety still rust regardless if they melonite the slides now.
  10. JDGray

    JDGray Active Member

    Ok, whats a BOB gun?:D
  11. tango3065

    tango3065 New Member

    BOB = Bug Out Bag, also can mean SHTF bag, or can also be used as a general out and about in the wilderness bag.

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