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Portuguese 7.5 Ammo & Loose Projectiles

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by azthistletoe, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. azthistletoe

    azthistletoe Well-Known Member

    I've got two rifles that fire 7.5 French. One is an MAS 36/51, the other is a MAS 49. My gun shop carried (until I bought it all) new production Portuguese 7.5. This stuff shoots fine in my bolt 36/51, but each cartridge gets a little bit bloated near the rim after I shoot it. When I bought my '49, I cleaned it up well and took out the firing pin. I then cycled a few rounds through it manually to make sure it functioned properly. Everything went well. However, when I was putting my ammo back two rounds lost their projectiles - they just fell out. Further, my '49 only cycles the first five or so rounds when I use this stuff.

    So, do you think the ammo is the cause of my rifle not cycling properly? Anyone had similair problems?
  2. nemesis

    nemesis Well-Known Member

    My first response to bulging cases is to suspect the headspacing in your bolt rifle. I can't see why bullets would be pulled unless the OAL is too long for your 49/56's chamber and they are jamming in the lands and being pulled from the cases when you eject the round. I would definitely check the headspace in both rifles and the OAL of the ammo before I shot any more. On second thought, I'm not sure that I would shoot any more of that ammo anyhow.

    Just my opinion.
  3. Crownvicman

    Crownvicman Well-Known Member

    This same thing has happened to me with portuguese 7.5 swiss ammo in my k-31. It think it may be poor quality control on the ammo.

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