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Post from the FiringLine.com about Wilson Combat

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by cerberus, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. cerberus

    cerberus member

    This from the FiringLine Forum.



    Wilson Combat/Scattergun Technologies VERY BAD Customer Service!!!!
    I will try to make this short and to the point.I'm not posting this to force a resolution.I have given them two opportunties to correct the problem,in which all I met with was reluctance and rudeness.To make a long story short I sent my Brand new Remington 870HD to Wilson Combat for their Remington Steal Package with Trak lock sights and armor tuff finish.Not including the shipping charges this was incredibly expensive at a cost of about $450.00.In the advertisement for this package they fail to mention that they utilize the brand new "take-off" parts from the express guns they purchase from Remington and build their combat shotguns.Well the Remington Steal Package rebuild is a seperate issue to my main complaint here.So I won't write a lengthy statment on that subject,although they screwed me on that issue in addition to the following.The biggest problem is they refused to warranty a defective finish.My father and I went to the range 1-2 weeks after getting by gun back from Wilson.After we cleaned our guns.I was using a brand of gun scrubber and some gun solvent(Eezox) There was a small pool of liquid at the end of the barrel and magazine extension that I wiped dry with a cotton rag.To my suprise the finish started coming off.Similar to how paint would react to paint remover,just to give you a mental picture.When I looked at the mag tube,it was bare metal,there was no parkerizing under the Gun Kote finish that is part of the process.This Armor-Tuff finish was anything but "tuff" This is the same finish they advertize as being able to withstand 24hour submersion in gasoline hydrochloric acid and other strong chemicals.For those that do not know Armor-Tuff is comprised of parkerizing the parts and then spraying them with what in reality is Gun Kote and then curing the finish with heat.Well,I don't know what happend to mine,not properly prepped?bad batch of Gun Kote? No parkerizing?Apparantly!Somone forgot a step or two?Frankly what went wrong is their problem to figure out.Well,I e-mail them and ask them to pick-up the gun via courier on their dime and refinish my gun just in parkerizing alone and refund the difference in the finish costs between parkerized and "armor tuff" price,about a $125.00 difference.At this point the finish does not impress me,I do not need any further or future incoviences,so my request is more than fair.To redo the finish it has to be reparkerized anyhow.Well after having my gun for several days.Here is the in what my opinion is a rude response I got from Wilson Combat.I just love the part when they accuse me of using something "abrasive" on the finish.Why don't you just call me a liar after I explained in detail the circumstances surrounding the finish problem!

    Dear Ralph,
    We have looked over your gun, and we will be shipping it back to you today. Per my supervisor "It looks like he took an abrasive to it, which is not covered under warranty." We have done you a service and payment will not be reimbursed. I know you felt the job should have been done with Wilson parts, it says clearly in the catalog "Remington Steal" We are not going to parkerize the gun either, this is not cost effective for our company. I will apologize for you being the 1 out of 100% that is not happy with our work, and suggest that you find a company you will be happy with.


    PS. If you have any further inquires please refer them to johnm@wilsomcombat.com

    I called the so called "Supervisor" who was worthless after speaking with him for 20 minutes,he offered no resolution and only demanded that I e-mail him all the e-mail correspondance.The e-mails we exchanged have no bearing on the issue.He said,we have never had this happen before.He also stated it was not a simple matter,that the gun sights would be destroyed in refinishing the gun.So apparantly I was suppose to give them 450.00 for this work to be done,have the finish come off with regular gun cleaning chemicals.Then go out and have somone else fix their mistake at my cost of refinishing and eating the cost of the new Trak-lock sights expense because they find themselves in the unique position of never having to warranty their finish before.A simple apology and offer to fix the problem would have been acceptable.Now since they have decided to steal money from me and not abide by their own warranty and customer service creed,I have disputed the credit card charge,and will be posting my experiences on all the boards and report them to the BBB as time permits.They really blew it,and added insult upon injury.I recommend anyone contemplating doing business with this company consider utilizing your money with a company that doesn't make false claims about the products,and the refuses to make good on their warranty.
  2. orangeninja

    orangeninja Well-Known Member

    That is interesting. I don't know about how professional a response that email was...shrugging blame on the supervisor. Hmmm...maybe someone has more to say.
  3. Their guns are overpriced so why wouldn't you think that their service and customer service wouldn't be the same.

    Can't have sympathy for you here, you bought it, you deal with it.

    A good Kimber or Springfield would have served you better, with better customer service.

    You don't always get what you pay for.

  4. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Well-Known Member

    Manwithoutahome wins the award for today's most irrelevant comment.

    Kimber and Springfield don't make shotguns.

    I guess he just commented without reading the post.
  5. WT

    WT Well-Known Member

    I read the various threads. I will reserve my opinion. I hear only one side of the story here.

    That said, I have had successful dealings with Wilson.
  6. Lone_Gunman,

    You are right. Every time that I read about Wilson Combat I think of the 1911's and forget about the shotguns.

    Hey, take it easy on me okay :).

    But, they are still overpriced and for what you pay for I think that you get the raw end of the deal.

  7. Is it just me, or do 90% of all complaints you see on gun boards come from those that are near illiterate; where you can barely even UNDERSTAND their complaint?
  8. theCZ

    theCZ Well-Known Member

    If you are really serious about having the issue resolved, contact the CEO or company owner directly. I went to HP's world hq "visitor center" and was treated rudely by the receptionists, so I sent an email to Carly Fiora's secretary explaining what happened, I was contacted shortly thereafter and experienced a hearty apology.

    I also had a bad experience with Dell Computers and Airborne Express so I snooped around and found Michael Dell's email and sent him a nicely worded complaint letter.

    Most important thing is to be proffessional, and write the letter as if the person made a mistake and was not intentionally being rude.
  9. TarpleyG

    TarpleyG Well-Known Member

    Wilson Combat products and customer service have steadily been circling the drain for a few years now. I guess they have officially gone down the drain at this point. Not a single person that I shoot with on a regular basis will buy anything from them except the occasional mag or other part (McCormick's mags for me please). No one has a shotgun, AR, or 1911 from them that I am aware of.

  10. sendec

    sendec member

    Boy, I'd like to see how this concludes. When Scattergun was on it's own I had nothing but positive experiences with them. I have an 870 that is in line to go for a rebuild......

    I really dont know the value of posts like these. We are only seeing one side and a very small portion of another. I'm not inclined to lend too much credence without full disclosure, so to speak.
  11. cerberus

    cerberus member

    The value of my post

    Is to give people a chance to obtain information that others have posted on the Net. I have no way of knowing if the post is factual but also no way of knowing if it's not factual. I do feel people have the right to view and make up thier own minds about just what the real facts about Wilson Combats shotgun service policies really are. :) :rolleyes:
  12. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Well-Known Member

    Et Spiritus Sancti,

    what part of the problem did you not understand?
  13. The point was that people write out these rambling non formatted whines that are hard to follow. When you can't even be professional enough to throw it into Word, I don't tend to believe the person over the company.
  14. faustulus

    faustulus Well-Known Member

    so you prefer style over substance?
    I would like to hear what wilson says about it, but nothing in his story rings untrue (doesn't mean he isn't lying, but I am not going to assume that). I have heard other problems with Wilson and the attitude the company takes. In any case he was just telling people his experince and letting others decide for themselves. That is what that part of TFL is for.
  15. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    Wasn''t this also posted here in its own thread?
  16. ScottsGT

    ScottsGT Well-Known Member

    I've read a similar complaint about one of their 1911's. I'll never use them. Well, mainly because their just too expensive in my opinion.
    Sorry about all your problems, hope things work out for the best.
  17. Harold Mayo

    Harold Mayo Well-Known Member

    Sounds like they just didn't bake the finish on the guy's shotgun. The finish holds up to solvents if it is baked. If it isn't, it will come off as described.
  18. Muzzleflash

    Muzzleflash member

    Yeah. I read the post about the botched 1911- the pics he posted showed an ATROCIOUS job.
  19. I prefer a complaint that can actually be read. Companies have to be professional, customers don't. But if a customer is unsatisfied and writes out a complaint backwoods hillbilly style, instead of taking more than 2 minutes to put out a thoughtful comment; I tend to not care either way what they say.
  20. 2nd Amendment

    2nd Amendment member


    Not everyone writes well. Considering some of what I have come across from products of the public school system this fellow is actually not too bad. :) Regardless, if Wilson screwed up the shotgun that badly, and I've heard similar tales which make me tend to believe it, their lousy service is much more important than any poor writing skills of the customer.

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