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Postal Service - First Line Of Defense?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Phydeaux642, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Phydeaux642

    Phydeaux642 Well-Known Member

    I get stuff in the mail on a regular basis such as NRA mailings, American Rifleman, gun auction notifications, etc. Recently I ordered a hickory cane on the interweb and it was mailed in a Priority Mail box that was 40"+ in length.

    I get home from work a couple of evenings ago and bring the box (which had been placed out of sight of the street) inside only to notice that the tape had been cut and the box had been pried apart so that someone could see the contents.

    My first thought was that someone at the post office pays attention to what I get in the mail and decided to see if maybe I was getting a long gun in the mail. There wasn't anyway for anyone to know that there was a box on the porch if they were just passing by. Besides, I have never had any trouble with people going through my mail.

    My question is do you think that the Post Office pays attention to what we get in the mail? Or, do I just have a nosy mailman? Or, do I need to clean my tinfoil hat?

    I do live in Missouri after all, and last year law enforcement was given a report by the Missouri Department of Public Safety which explained that the next group of terrorists that needed to be watched out for are those that buy guns, those that voted for Ron Paul, those that are Libertarians...well, you get the picture.
  2. dc.fireman

    dc.fireman Well-Known Member

    Dang. Now that's scary.
  3. oldbear

    oldbear Well-Known Member

    At one time the post office was required to notify the receiving party of they (P.O.) opened ANY mail for inspection. I don't know if this is still policy;call the local post master and ask?
  4. OpenSights

    OpenSights Member

    Oh boy, not cool. When I had my CVA delivered (UPS) the guy said "New gun?" "Yep!" he's a gun guy too. USPS, we have a different one every day it seems like. And on some weekends they aren't even wearing uniforms. Anytime they deliver something they either leave it by the side door or behind the screen door, never any tampering though.

    Being pried open is a problem. I'd be making a phone call. No telling who peeked, but it doesn't hurt making the PO aware of the problem.
  5. Buck Snort

    Buck Snort Well-Known Member

    The postal service is a front for the CPUSA and you can bet yer bippy they were check'n to see if you had recieved a gun!!
  6. JR47

    JR47 Well-Known Member

    Call the Postmaster, not his secretary, and discuss the problem. The package may have been spit-out by the sorting machinery, and damaged.

    Tampering with the Mail is one of the only absolute firing offenses in the Postal Service, with no chance of recovering.

    We had a 22 year veteran using food coupons from a chain of restaurants. The Manager became suspicious when the guy kept showing up, and called. The man was using coupons sent through the mail, bulk rate, and were to have been discarded, as they were addressed to vacant units.

    He was arrested, fired, lost his retirement and benefits, and is unable to work for a business doing anything under contract to the government. All to save less than $20.00, total.

    The people without uniforms could be "casual" employees, hired for an 89 day temp appointment, or even new employees under their 90 day probation.
  7. 41magsnub

    41magsnub Well-Known Member

    What I bet is more likely is it was misdelivered and the other party just opened it.. wondering what the heck.. a cane? I didn't order a cane??? Then read the label and dropped it off on your porch.
  8. Oro

    Oro Well-Known Member

    No, it came open in transit and they re-sealed it.

    I find this happens with longer solid objects - something about the size of the machinery or turns on the belts, me thinks. I've seen this a few times with a few items, and all fit the same general dimensions - over 2' in length and narrow. A cane fits the profile perfectly. I've seen this a few times.
  9. Phydeaux642

    Phydeaux642 Well-Known Member

    Very possible.

    Well, there was no resealing. Some of the tape looked like there was a clean cut with a knife.
  10. LaserSpot

    LaserSpot Well-Known Member

    He said the tape had been cut, he didn't say it was resealed. I doubt it's related to the NRA mailings; they probably just do random inspections, looking for good stuff to steal.

    A couple weeks ago, I shipped a laptop via UPS. The box arrived empty, nothing inside but cardboard and bubble wrap. The joke was on them when they try to turn it on; I was shipping an old, broken laptop in the box from a brand new one. I wonder if their tracking system includes re-weighing boxes? It would be interesting to know when they get lighter.

    If you ship a firearm (or anything valuable), I would be sure to record the s/n, take a picture, and insure it well. I would be tempted to use a well-sealed inner box so it's harder to peek in. If the boxes are generic, they may give up before discovering what's inside.
  11. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    Agreed. However, this has happened to a couple of letters sent to me in the past, and they were resealed with a label affixed to them notifying me of this. They looked as if they had been run through an old-time wringer washing machine. If someone in the post office (or somewhere further up the distribution chain) did tamper with it, it needs to be investigated, and your complaint will be taken seriously.
  12. jonmerritt

    jonmerritt Member.

    The us postal policy (federal government) reserves the authority to inspect ANY package that they deem questionable. And they do not have to notify you that they opened it to look inside to see if they could arrest you as a suspect in anything they can come up with. It is in the interest of public safety!
  13. JR47

    JR47 Well-Known Member

    Generally, however, they will stamp "opened in transit", or "found open in the mails" on anything that isn't going to be prosecutable.
  14. berettaprofessor

    berettaprofessor Well-Known Member

    As someone used to say; There, fixed it for ya!
  15. The Bushmaster

    The Bushmaster Well-Known Member

    Most often if the U.S. Mail inspects the contents of a package they place a sticker on the package stating so and retape the package. I would be looking for a nosy mail man hoping for something big in the package...
  16. TNT in Round Rock

    TNT in Round Rock Well-Known Member

    I'll admit I'd feel very uncomfortable just knowing someone opened it - regardless of who it was
  17. KarenTOC

    KarenTOC Well-Known Member

    I like the neighbor idea, though I'd think a neighbor might include an "oops" note with it.

    I think it's unlikely it was a postal inspection. More likely someone was "shopping" and it should definitely be reported.
  18. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    Only tangentially related to guns. We can't say or do much for you. Call your local post office and report it.
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