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Powder choice

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by General Tso, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. General Tso

    General Tso member

    OK, I'm very new to reloading. I'm going to reload 10mm and 44 mag. I will use lead and jacketed bullets. I only want to use one powder. I think I have narrowed it down to Blue Dot, 2400, or Unique. Any recommendations or anything to be extra careful of?
  2. UltimateReloader

    UltimateReloader Well-Known Member

    For 44 magnum, W296/H-110 works well, but you have to be careful not to back the charge too far back from max. You want to stay in the 90+% range of max.

    Personally, I like W231/HP-38 for light "44 special in 44 magnum brass" loads. For any small volume loads in large volume cases, you'll want to visually inspect powder level before placing the bullet, or use a powder check system.

    What press and powder measure are you using?

  3. twice barrel

    twice barrel Well-Known Member

    Go here - http://data.hodgdon.com/main_menu.asp

    Click the "agree" button and poke around the load options for your cartridges and bullet weights for three major brands of powders. You may discover its doable or not but atleast you'll see for yourself.


  4. loadedround

    loadedround Well-Known Member

    I have been using Blue Dot for more than several years as my go to powder in the 10mm round with 180 gr hard cast bullets.and have also been using Blue Dot in my 44's for a medium-heavy load with hard cast 240 gr bullets. BTW, My bullets are by "Laser Cast" and I do not experience any leading with Blue Dot and these bullets.
  5. Quoheleth

    Quoheleth Well-Known Member

    IIRC, Blue Dot has had some issues fairly recently. I'm not bad mouthing it, but search a little and you'll find that with some loads it is no longer recommended. I don't reload 10mm, but I believe it is no longer recommended for the .41 Magnum.

    Unique and 2400 are great choices, IMHO. I use both in my .357 and .41 loads.

  6. General Tso

    General Tso member

    How much blue dot with 240 gr. lead swc?
  7. warnerwh

    warnerwh Well-Known Member

    Your reloading manual should have a list of loads. If you don't have a reloading manual you definitely need one. It should be read at least twice and many here will say 3 times.

    You can also get Blue Dot loads off of the Alliant website.
  8. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    I can't for the life of me understand why there are so many reloaders who want to use only 1 powder for 2 different calibers when they really need different powders to produce good ammo. You really don't save any money using 1 powder and I'm sure you are intelligent enough to know the different between 2 powders on your bench. It's your choice and you have a right to do as you wish but I'm really curious as to why you want to use only 1 powder?

    Of the 3 powders you mentioned Blue Dot will probably be the best choice for your 10mm ammo but 2400 will work best for the 44 Magnum, especially with lead bullets.

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