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Pps 43 sbr

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by alex4922, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. alex4922

    alex4922 Well-Known Member

    Well, it was going to be an sbr. The PPS 43 pistol produced in Radom Poland looked to be one tough piece. Internet talk had given the "C" model passing marks. Supposedly the problems in the previous models had been worked out. I beg to differ.

    My pistol recieved last week showed the following flaws: Mags don't fit without lots of fitting, small and soft hammer peens quickly, lower reciever falls open during firing, weak firing pin broke in less than 100 rounds.

    On the plus side the piece is pretty well machined, good park job, point shoots incredibly well, and is heavy enough to soak up any recoil (you could easily drive nails with it). Finally it looks very authentic and with the proper paperwork and a couple of weld cuts would be a fine SBR.


    FWIW Alex
  2. alex4922

    alex4922 Well-Known Member

    Update from IO (formerly interordnance) I talked with one of their reps today and the firing pin is still a frequent cause of failure. They will gladly send me out a replacement for $29.99. I inquired why they would charge for a frequent breakage part and this on a pistol new from the distributor. I was told that "the owner of the company says so". I then inquired about the hammer that is peening badly after only around 100 rnds and was told (all together now) $29.99!!

    The rep did tell me that if I would ship the gun in that they would repair it..
    "if you pay shipping both ways".

    Boy, don't you love how some companies treat their customers. I hope that Centerfire Systems who distributes for IO, has more juice, my ffl has a call in to them.

    I may sound cheap..but you know sometimes its just the principle of the thing

    Last edited: Apr 4, 2011
  3. phoglund

    phoglund Well-Known Member

    Please keep updating as you find out more. I've considered purchasing from both of these companies and it's good to know how good the customer support is.

  4. alex4922

    alex4922 Well-Known Member

    Heard from my local ffl this pm. He says that Centerfire Systems will stand behind the sale and will grant store credit when the piece is returned. I will definately look towards a company like this when making a future purchase.

  5. phoglund

    phoglund Well-Known Member

    Very good to know! Thanks for the update.

  6. macadore

    macadore Well-Known Member

    I would love to have one of these, but I keep hearing horror stories. I noticed they're down to $400 at Bud's.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2011
  7. brettboat

    brettboat Member

    ATF is going to ban these real quick. lol

    I've used alot of them. The buffer in it likes to turn itself upside down while being fired and once that happens you'll be fiddleing with it for a while. It's best to weld the recoil rod to the buffer so this cannot happen. Also I recently had to fix an ejector on one. It came from the factory with a notch in the side of it. Because of this notch it would not always strike the round upon return leading to a FTE. Did a light spot weld on it, ground it down. Worked fine.

    They also do not like alot of oil. Lightly oil only guys... These guns run dirty, the design lets alot of dirt in and if your trigger group is filled with oil dirt and grime will stick to it jamming the works up.
  8. 6x6pinz

    6x6pinz Well-Known Member

    How in the world were you able to get in touch with IO. I have been calling and emailing them since Feb 28th. I still have received no reply. Everyday it at different times I call and email. All I need is a new firing pin. The one that came with my new PPS43C does not make contact with the primers. I got tired of waiting so I took the bolt apart and the firing pin would not even fit through the bolt face. A little time on the lathe and now it fits but has extremely light strikes. Seems one of the firing pin parts is just a tad short. Might have to take out the tig welder and add a bit of metal to the firing pin if I can't get in touch with IO for a replacement.

    This is the first and last IO product I will be purchasing that is for sure.
  9. Babarsac

    Babarsac Well-Known Member

    Are the ones from Military Gun Supply from the same manufacturer?
  10. alex4922

    alex4922 Well-Known Member

    Call the IO order line and then tell them what you want. The fellow I talked to was sympathetic to my situation but the boss told him he would have to charge for the new fp.

  11. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    As far as I know all the ones I've seen from MGS are made by Wiselyte Arms, Boyd TX. If you want to SBR one of these you need to start with the carbine, as the pistols I've seen have the stocks welded up to what appears impractical to undo. I was thinking along these lines until I saw a couple at some gun shows.

    I've got one of their PPSh 41 and its been a lot of fun. No issues with it except I can only get the drum it came with to work the others I bought I haven't yet figured out the trick to getting them to feed 100%. All the stick mags have worked.

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