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Pre-arranged fight ends in shooting.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Rally_Vincent, May 1, 2008.

  1. Rally_Vincent

    Rally_Vincent Member



    If you want to watch the video, bear in mind that it's not safe for the workplace.

    "The Mac-10, which resembles the automatic Uzi, is a semi-automatic machine pistol that fires .45-caliber projectiles."

    Hoo. Lawdie. The story is funny. The article is funny. The situation is funny. And the comments at the end of the article are the funniest.*


    [*my funny may differ from your funny.]
  2. Hoppy590

    Hoppy590 Well-Known Member

    thats pretty accurate. actually applaudable for a news story
  3. Rachen

    Rachen member

    I was going to say pretty much the same thing too. At least they are neutral in their views and not making the poor Uzi look like a party clown from Hell.
  4. mekender

    mekender Well-Known Member

    a class X felony??? so there are at least 21 different classes of felonies there??? wow...

    so much for felonies being high crimes...
  5. CypherNinja

    CypherNinja Well-Known Member

    My only complaint is the word "machine." Other than that, not bad for a news article from Chicago of all places.

    I'm too young to have witnessed it first hand, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that's true.

    As far as the news article in general, the movie "Friday" comes to mind. ;)
  6. jgo296

    jgo296 member

    was that kimbo slice?
  7. soccergod04

    soccergod04 Well-Known Member

    I like how it was specified that is was a "black MAC-10".
  8. Beagle-zebub

    Beagle-zebub Well-Known Member

    No no, it's class X because it's an X-treme felony--the Mountain Dew of high crimes, if you will.
  9. bogie

    bogie Well-Known Member


    Heh, heh...
  10. Soybomb

    Soybomb Well-Known Member

  11. What state is this?

    No, I think it's silly to say that an Ingram looks like an Uzi. An Ingram looks like an Ingram. Which is different from an Uzi. That's like saying, a 1911 colt style pistol, which resembles a Luger pistol.
  12. highorder

    highorder Well-Known Member

    And in the same situation here, you'd be just as right.
  13. cowssurf

    cowssurf Well-Known Member

    Mountain Dew of high crimes...

    That is hilarious, Beagle-zebub.
  14. Picard

    Picard Well-Known Member

    I am not surprised. Looking at all the idiots just standing around, and the dufus taping it for evidence, this was inevitable. Gangster wannabe's gonna be going to prison.
  15. jakeswensonmt

    jakeswensonmt Well-Known Member

    This is the part that amazes me, the fact that the school administration now believes that it has jurisdiction over the entire area. I'd say their authority ends at the playground fence.

    Perhaps next time the thugs can arrange a duel instead of a fistfight. I'm all for it.
  16. Len S

    Len S Well-Known Member

    Anyone notice that the kid that wound up with the Mac-10 had what appeared to be a ankle monitor on his right ankle. It could be something else but it was a dark square held on with a strap.

  17. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    That's the beauty of gun control, LIEberal style - the gun ended up being controlled by a felon on parole with a movement tracking ankle device.
  18. primlantah

    primlantah Well-Known Member

    And they will be paroled faster than an undergraduate degree and be real gangsters.
  19. #shooter

    #shooter Well-Known Member

    I just love the names

    Momo, Little Havoc, and Little Chicago. :what:

    I wonder if they do this with all shootings.

    Jimmy "the snake" Cortez was pulled over by Officer Richard "too shy" Baker for driving while intoxicated...
  20. IllHunter

    IllHunter Well-Known Member


    It says in the article
    His mere holding it is a class X felony. using it another, each shot. This of course is Illinois, not Chicago but symptomatic of the gang influence emmanating from the city and from prison and I'llbet someone in the crowd had no green card. The influx of immigrants, mostly from Mexico has helped spread the violence as cultures clash and the economy dips. It's gonna be a long hot dangerous summer.

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