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Pre "EH" Glock 19?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by Nowhere Man, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Nowhere Man

    Nowhere Man Well-Known Member

    I've got an "AC" Glock 19 that decided to go FA at the range today. Switching out the trigger bar with a Gen 4 G17 trigger bar appears to have solved the problem.

    I go online and there are two trigger bars available for the G19. A pre "EH" and post "EH".

    What's the difference?

  2. hentown

    hentown Well-Known Member

    The "pre-EH" shoots f.a. :evil:
  3. Nowhere Man

    Nowhere Man Well-Known Member

    Not anymore.
  4. hentown

    hentown Well-Known Member

    There was a recall on some of the early G17s and G19s, involving trigger bars, firing pins, etc. F.A. was the problem.
  5. rodregier

    rodregier Well-Known Member


    Silver trigger bar is the most vsible hallmark of an upgraded Glock, non-upgrade trigger bar will be black.

    My guess is that if you contacted Glock Inc. they would arrange for the upgrade for no depot charges. Shipping is another matter.

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