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Predator movie weapons

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Greg Koziol, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Greg Koziol

    Greg Koziol member

    Any fans of predator and predator vs. alien here? I find the action in the alien vs. predator entertaining and the cool gadgets the predator uses to hunt very interesting. Anyway I saw the seen in alien vs. predator requiem he uses a "shuriken" Which is like a giant throwing star that is retractable. Wonder if something like this could actually be made and work in real life, would be a good self defense/home defense weapon! LOL Obviously would need to be a little smaller though. But i like the multi blade retractable idea. Supposedly the predator pushes a button and all the blades pop out.

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  2. Demitrios

    Demitrios Well-Known Member

    To Hell with it, I'll entertain this notion. Number one you'd need a base large enough to hold the retractable blades; number two you'd need a reliable method of deploying and retracting them; number three you'd need a way to have them lock and unlock them in place otherwise the blades would retract upon impact; number four the blades would have to be made out of a metal that is both light and very strong; number five you'd need something weighty, say the base, to give this weapon momentum; number six you'd need this weapoin to be balanced properly; number seven you'd need a skilled craftsman who's not only an absolute genius but also has the time to dedicate to making a weapon like this; number eight you'd need a LOT of money; number nine the craftsman would need a LOT of time; number ten you and/or the craftsman would probably want to patent this which equals more time and money; number eleven live in a state where something like this would be legal. . . . i.e. POSSIBLY Utah or Alaska if you actually intend to use this for home defense; number twelve you'd need a damn good arm and a lot of practice to be able to use this practically; number thirteen never bring this up on TheHighRoad again simply because while I'm trying to be realistic and technical, as many other members are, you're bound to have a cynic with virtually no filter on his mouth who will jump at the chance to tear you AND this idea down in order to prove his own knowledgeable prowess.

    By the way, BAD-ass blade, I love those movies minus Alien vs. Predator: Requiem.
  3. heron

    heron Well-Known Member

    The first question I have is, how would you deploy that thing without cutting yourself? I suppose that if the center hub were big enough, you could use that as a handle, and you could slash with it, but throwing it? Not something I'd like to try; I like my fingers where they're at . . .

    It really is a cool-looking handful of nastiness, but face it -- it's a fantasy movie prop, and I can't imagine it being usable in real life. Kinda like that sharp-edged metal boomerang from "The Road Warrior." 'Rangs are a lot of fun, btw, and can knock you silly.

    Demitrios, you failed to add that if this thing were thrown at something, its mechanism would likely break the first time it hit anything harder than a pillow.

    I really don't think it would be that hard to design with recent CAD software; it'd just be a wall decoration. Building it strong enough for actual use would make it too heavy to throw, I think, unless you made it all out of titanium . . .
  4. Greg Koziol

    Greg Koziol member

    I have a hell of an arm, i'm a powerlifter almost 300 pounds... but i agree with all the points you raised. I think It can be done though if someone really wanted too, its just that a manufacturer would never actually sell one since its so nasty haha and they'd get sued and face legal charges. But a homemade version... that would be a cool project for a homemade version.
  5. Greg Koziol

    Greg Koziol member

    Well the blades are all on one side of it, if you look at the picture the blades are on one side so the predator can throw it without injury. This would be good to have in bear country, if big ol' grizzly charges you and you have nothing else to defend yourself with, throw that succker at em haha. I don't know i mean if you designed the retracting mechanism from steel i don't see how they would break, the question is once its open how would it lock in place and stay locked, and how would you unlock and fold back in without cutting your hands
  6. Greg Koziol

    Greg Koziol member

    I liked the requiem movie, it showed all the cool gadgets of the predator, i thought it was the best one
  7. Greg Koziol

    Greg Koziol member

    i'm not saying something identical to this, but the idea of a throwing weapon that is slightly larger than a throwing star so it can nuetralize a threat with just one throw, and the idea of retracting blades.. i think is a cool idea
  8. Greg Koziol

    Greg Koziol member

    To make a weapon like this the blade would need to be tucked away in a series of sleeves that would telescope outwards when deployed and telescope inwards when retracted into a smaller rotating arm portion at the lower 3rd length of the blade which would then rotate inward and tuck into the circular disc
  9. Rail Driver

    Rail Driver Well-Known Member

    If nothing else, the original pic looks like one hell of a close quarters weapon in a fixed blade setup :what:
  10. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Without the symmetry it won't throw in any reliable manner and with the missing blades it isn't grippable.
  11. Greg Koziol

    Greg Koziol member

    i think I could probably get it to spin, you just have to not throw it like a girl. I admire the predators weapons, they are pretty cool. HIs arm blades are sick too. You could probably make something like his arm blades, I would take 2 fixed blade knives and install them onto some type of forearm brace some how... cushion the inside. That would be good for close combat if you ever get jumped by some ms-13 or bloods hehehe. I'm nuts.
  12. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Well-Known Member

    It reminds me of the glaive from Krull, which would be a lot easier to make BTW. In fact I'm sure someone already has.
  13. Dimis

    Dimis Well-Known Member

    greg id like to point out just a few things

    first a professionaly made replica of either movie prop would need to be properly licenced in order to be made in the first place as the props are under copyright of the original film makers/prop makers

    secondly the lawyers would have a field day with any self defense usage of a throwing blade fashioned after a movie monster named "predator" and also hunts men

    third im sure you are a large gentleman with a "heck" of an arm but simple always wins in a fight guns beat knives knives beat fists and the mind beats all thats why succesful martial arts programs like krav maga will prevail over the flashiest fighting style on the planet simplicity means its going to work more often than not and a simple shuriken (throwing star) would beat out the predators concepts any day

    i wholeheartedly agree that the predators glaves are very cool blades but impractical as useing a large mouth bass in a real self defense situation

    as for wild life most guys feel undergunned with things like a 44magnum in big bear country so absolutly no thrown weapon will slow down a bear all itll do is tick it off and make you its focus

    there are larger sized throwing stars available on the market i believe cold steel made some the size of small frisbees at one point but they are awkward and hard to control

    and as youd stated that your a power lifter and probably a large person who in there right mind would go messin around with you unless they wanted to get pounded into the dirt anyway lol

    not to be insulting but im assuming your kind of young given your awe of these style of weapons but take it from a guy who used to drool over these types of things the simpler tools have prevailed in real world situations and they hold less legal complications than any fantasy styled toy

    hope i helped at least a little

    (P.S. I was the guy who wanted to make some form of wolverine retractable claws at one point in my life so no hard feelings ok mate)
  14. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    You can't out-attitude simple physics. You can throw it and get it to spin, but because it is asymmetric and unbalanced with the center of mass far to the side of the tines it won't throw with any accuracy or controllability. It will "slice" in one direction getting progressively worse as it moves through the air and wing over and spin into the ground.

    It's a cool looking movie prop, but cool doesn't overrule rotational mechanics.
  15. heron

    heron Well-Known Member

    I saw some photos on the web of a guy who actually did that . . . it was pretty amazing just to see that he got it all to fit under a shirt sleeve without being too noticeable. To top it off, he had the whole kit -- costume, hair, and even his facial structure was the same -- he could have been a stand-in.
  16. Greg Koziol

    Greg Koziol member

    i hear you man, just a discussion. its called innovation, thats what increases our quality of life, thats what invented the car, the airplane, the automatic rifle etc. We're always innovating and trying to make things better for ourselves. I don't think you'd beable to make something of the same size as the prop, but i think you can take the idea of the retractable blades, and also make it larger than typical throwing star.
  17. Greg Koziol

    Greg Koziol member

    bump what do people think out there, not exact clone but retractable blades and larger than typical throwing star, think there's a way to make something like that, i think there is.
  18. Dimis

    Dimis Well-Known Member

    sure it could be made in theory anything can be made but the functionality of a device like this is whats in question not its physical production moreso the reasoning behind it so i guess its more a question of why make it in the first place

    innovation is synonomous with novelty by the way it doesnt always mean better just different from the original

    as for the idea of predators glaive being a useful weapon im sure it could be but the practicality of it is a bit far fetched an idea

    imagine for a moment how much hassle people get for carrying 3-4 inch folding knives on a daily basis
    now imagine a glaive on your hip think its noticable?

    also people get uncomfortable carrying guns for long periods of time and there are decades of holster design to make it less of a chore
    now the glaive is impractical new and possably inefective and no easy or concealable way to carry it

    just for discussion sake and only my very humble opinion for my defensive needs ill stick to my ccw with a .38 and buck 110 hunting folder and at home my shotgun

    ill feel alot safer than a fantasy piece living with realitys lessons learned

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