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"President Urged to Regulate Blunt Objects"

Discussion in 'Legal' started by cuchulainn, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. cuchulainn

    cuchulainn Well-Known Member

    from http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/view_press_release.php?rID=6600

  2. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Bahahahhaha! Thats funny.

    Dont pick up a rock in your yard if you aint trained. :what:
  3. Pawcatch

    Pawcatch Well-Known Member

    OK,It seems that they're trying to be funny,but this sort of thing doesn't help our cause.Being that hardly anything is actually on their auction
  4. grimjaw

    grimjaw Well-Known Member

    The end of civilization is nigh.

    This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen this month. The homeless guy leading another homeless guy by a rope downtown a few weeks ago made more sense.

    I'm going to need a stiff drink to forget I ever saw this.

  5. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge Well-Known Member

    Please tell me that was a satire piece.

    Please tell me that was a satire piece.
  6. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    Just had an alleged murder here with a piece of cinder block. :uhoh:

    Maybe the Brits have stolen a march on us? :D
  7. Pawcatch

    Pawcatch Well-Known Member

    Yup,it was and a poor one at that.
  8. Henry Bowman

    Henry Bowman Senior Member

    El T - Do you happen to represent said alleged cinderblocker?
  9. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    Henry, no, I just read the papers. :D
  10. GT

    GT Well-Known Member

    Lighten up Paw.

    It's kind of funny and makes a point.

    I don't have a "cause" that is going to be damaged by that.


    PS. What's odd on THR is that one person will post something funny. Six people don't get it and one guy is pissed off that they dared to make fun of something important.
    You can't win.
  11. Henry Bowman

    Henry Bowman Senior Member

    The three rules of thermodynamics:

    1. You can't win.
    2. You can't break even.
    3. You can't get out of the game.
  12. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    GT, there's no crying in baseball and there's no humor on the Errornet! :D
  13. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Not to fear: England relies on Lucas electrics, so it hasn't a chance.
  14. longeyes

    longeyes member

    The problem is ALL objects, blunt and sharp. Ban 'em all.

    Then insist on universal amputation. Problem solved.
  15. cuchulainn

    cuchulainn Well-Known Member

    Come back you cowards! I'll bite your ***** off!
  16. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge Well-Known Member

    Satire is best enjoyed on the sidelines where they can't see you laughing.

    I thought the knife ban article was satire until I saw it was from BBC. Now I'm not sure what's satire and what's a genuine movement.

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