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Price Check and Advice on S&W 5944

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by FLShooter, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. FLShooter

    FLShooter Member

    I've "Googled" as well as searched the archives here on this particular model but haven't found much other than what holsters fit it. I believe it to be a DAO 9mm double stack version of the 5906. I would be grateful for any insights, words of advice and price suggestions regarding a used, but well cared for, version of this gun which I have seen for sale in such a condition for $310. As I am in the market for a high-quality DAO 9mm, I was looking for a 3953 but might defer to the 5944 if other Forum members have good things to say about it. It would be for HD mostly, not as a CCW.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Chris17404

    Chris17404 Well-Known Member

    My first handgun was a S&W 5946 (9mm, DAO, 4.25" barrel, all stainless). It fits my hand perfectly, has a short and smooth trigger pull, and been 100% reliable. I bought it used from CDNN for $279 (police trade-in). It was advertized as "excellent to like new" and that's the exact condition it was in. I highly recommend them.

  3. FLShooter

    FLShooter Member


    Thanks for your reply. The 5944 seems to be the blued version of your 5946. It is on consignment @ $310, and the price isn't negotiable. I would much rather have a 3953 as I think my daughter would enjoy shooting that particular model, too. Perhaps I'll take her with me to check out this 5944 more closely later this week.

    Any further comments from other Forum members are welcome regarding this gun.
  4. pwrtool45

    pwrtool45 Well-Known Member

    To the best of my knowledge you're correct. That's the blue (carbon) steel version of the relatively common 5946 (service-sized, stainless-steel DAO 15-round 9mm). $310 is a pretty good price. There's a 5943 (same as above, except for the aluminum frame) at a local shop that's marked $299 and I've thought about picking it up.

    You simply can't beat the amount of gun you get for the money in a used 3rd gen S&W auto. I'm sure isp2605 will be along shortly. ;)

    I had a 645 (2nd gen full-size .45) several years ago. I don't think you could actually induce a malfunction with that pistol. Wouldn't be too surprised if you were to load it with the crappiest ammo you could find, lay it on a table and whack the trigger with a stick and it still functioned fine. Limp wristing? Pshaw. If you could pull the trigger, you'd either get a "bang" or a slide-lock, depending on how many rounds were in the magazine.
  5. FLShooter

    FLShooter Member


    Thanks for your comment. I'm definitely going to give the 5944 a closer look later this week. It sure does seem like a lot of gun for the $$$.

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