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Price Check on Revolver

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by TomFromTheShade, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. TomFromTheShade

    TomFromTheShade Active Member

    I just wanted to know what the value is on a 1978 Colt Python revolver. It is blue finished with an 8" barrel NIB condition. It still has the tag on the trigger guard, the paper over the hammer and cylander, and the original box and paperwork from Colt. It even has the letter from the CEO of Colt thanking you for the purchase, back when companies cared about their customers LOL. If anyone knows what the value of this would be please let me know. Thanks.
  2. redneckrepairs

    redneckrepairs Well-Known Member

    100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
    $875 $775 $675 $600 $500 $395 $350
    The standard Python was manufactured 1955-1996, and 1997-recent production is through the Colt Custom Shop by special order only (see Python Elite listing).
    During 2001-2002, Colt shipped some Pythons production to dealers with prices in $1,100 - $1,200 retail range. These guns had a slightly different (rougher) line checkering pattern on the cylinder release and hammer parts.
    There were also a few Pythons mfg. in .256 Win. Mag. (circa 1961), .38 Spl. (Python Target), .41 Mag., and .44 Spl. cals. While the .22 LR and the .22 WMR (.22 Mag.) were advertised in earlier factory catalogs, they were never mass-produced - only a few prototypes exist. At least one known example of a .22 cal. Python was found at an auction, but it had only a special factory barrel sleeve for photographic purposes, and was not a shootable gun. The amount of premium on these cals. depends on how serious (and deep-pocketed) the Python collector is.
    is what blue book says about a base python, hope that helps you .
  3. TomFromTheShade

    TomFromTheShade Active Member

    Well it is in 100% condition. I looked on some of the auction websites and I see that they are going for around $1200 like mine. I kind of got in a pinch cash wise this month and I am trying to sell it. If anyone has any advice for me I would be more than willing to hear it lol.

    GUNKWAZY Well-Known Member

    Screw the Blue Book.
    Go to the Colt forum and ask all the questions you need.
    You won't find a Python in any other caliber than .357 magnum, or 8 inch barrels also came in .38 special only as target guns.
    If you find another caliber, don't bother with it unless it's stolen from Colt itself.
    As far as your gun goes. An 8 inch tubed & Blued version with box, hang tag and original paperwork should be an EASY $1000 at this time (if the gun itself is MINT).
    I would think you could see it go as high as $1200-$1500 if she's got a Schmokin' Blue job on her.
    If you can nab it for less than a "G" you're doing great.
    The only other thing to keep in mind with the 8 inch barrel, is they are not as popular and not that sought after as the other sizes. At least to me it seams that way.
    Just my 2 cents, but then again, I'm GUNKWAZY

    Jeff (GUNKWAZY)

    Ooops, my bad, I thought you were buying it, Not selling it.
  5. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    Under the right conditions, this revolver could bring $1200-1500. The problem is, the right conditions are never present when you need money bad enough to sell a gun. A buyer can smell your need.

    Most dealers will offer between $600 and $800 if they are feeling generous. A private buyer will have problems breaking the thousand dollar barrier unless they are a collector type. Collector types are hard to come by when cash is needed. The condition of your revolver is such that it would take a collector to pay the extra amount it's condition warrants.

    In the end, any object is only worth what it will garner on the open market when the owner needs to liquidate it into cash. That is a hard lesson for many sellers. I would certainly ask at least $1200, but understand that you may need to lower the price if the market does not respond quickly enough.

    Honestly, if I owned this revolver and needed cash, I would stash it away and sell something else. Maybe the wife has some silverware or something. I bet she would never miss it! I'd consider a second job. Pythons are not going down in price anytime soon, and it sounds like you have a good one!

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