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Price Check

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by KIMBER45TLE, Jul 4, 2006.


    KIMBER45TLE Well-Known Member

    Weatherby VanGuard in 300 Wthby Mag, synthetic stock less than a year old, ten rounds fired through it, with a Nikon ProStaff 3X9 scope. Everything on it is "like new." Other than a 10/22 and a black powder rifle I haven't even thought of owning a rifle since '74. The guy is asking $450. Good Price or not? On gunbroker I've seen simular rifles going for 399 and up. I'm shopping for a rifle that will bring down elk sized game as I will be moving to Colorado Springs within the next six months.
  2. hoghunting

    hoghunting Well-Known Member

    That doesn't sound like a bad price. But if you have been away from centerfire rifles since '74, you might want to rethink the caliber. The 300 Wthby will be great for elk, but are you sure you can take the recoil? In a lighter rifle like the Vanguard, recoil will be significant. If this is a friend, ask if you can shoot it. If you can take the recoil, it should be a good set-up.

    KIMBER45TLE Well-Known Member


    I haven't owned a center fire rifle since '74, but I've shot a lot of them all the time. And I WILL agree with you, this rifle kicks like a mule as I've already shot it a few times. My next step if I were to purchase the rifle is to send it of to some place like Schillen and having them put a muzzle break on it.

    BARRETT Active Member

    300 tops for complete package:scrutiny:
  5. gunslinger15

    gunslinger15 Well-Known Member

    $450 is a good price to buy that riffle at but since your going to send it in to have a muzzle break put on you might want to hunt around and see if you can find one already the way you want it for that price. Overall thats a great gun and you cant go rong. Maybe instead of a muzzle break limbsaver has several new pads out that will eliminate the recoil by a substantial amount.
  6. hoghunting

    hoghunting Well-Known Member

    I agree with Gunslinger, since you have already shot it and like the rifle, I would install a very good recoil pad. Recoil is not a problem in the field when you are hunting. Recoil can beat you to death on the bench though. If you use a good recoil pad and a Past Magnum shield - a shoulder pad that is worn over your shirt or jacket - recoil will be tolerable at the bench. The problem with the muzzle brake is the noise. They are very loud and the 300 Wthby will be extremely loud. You will need to wear ear plugs when hunting. Check www.limbsaver.com as I believe they make a fitted pad for the Vanguard.
  7. Dale Taylor

    Dale Taylor Well-Known Member

    2nd good recoil pad. My 338 WM mauser with Douglas barrel is most accurate rifle I own out of 5. Has good recoil pad and is often shot from bench. Prefer it to 6.5x55 which also has pad. daleltaylor@att.net

    KIMBER45TLE Well-Known Member


    I am well aware of the difference in hunting and shooting from a bench. I sight rifles in for hunters that say they don't have the time to do so this activity starting next month into September. The belted magnums are the worst as they can whack your shoulder about like Barry Bonds hitting you with a bat. In the areas where I currently hunt, it's mostly thick brush and it's only white tail, but the move to Colorado and elk hunting means heavier artillary other than my current 629. I've also considered one of the new Smith's .460 pistols, but am unsure of Colorado's laws considering handguns when it comes to hunting. I hate toting a rifle, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I figure the 300 would give me the long range advantage needed to hunt antelope, and the required knock down to hunt heavier game like elk, even at substantial distances. I also have a buddie in Eagle River, Alaska, with a standing invitation to come hunt moose, carribou etc.

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