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Price for used RCBS Grandmaster shotshell presses

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by NBJamie99, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. NBJamie99

    NBJamie99 New Member


    A friend of mine has a set of RCBS grandmaster shotshell reloading presses, one in 12ga. and one in 20ga. They were his fathers who recently passed and he has no use for them. He has offered them to me, but I have no idea what fair resale is on something like that. They are 100% functioning and look very well maintained. I would imagine only a about 5k rounds or less through both. I would appreciate any thoughts as I would hate to give him an unfair value.

  2. Idano

    Idano Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you really want to get into shot shell reloading? Don't get me wrong I really use to enjoy it but with the price of components unless your shooting in competition where certain velocities are required most likely you can buy shells for as cheap or cheaper then you can reload them, at least that has been my experience. I have been buying most of my shot shells at Wally world by the case when go on sale; 8 shot quail loads for $3.50-$4.25 a box and steel for shot for $5.00 - $7.50 a box. I sold my MEC 700 w/auto primer, two bags of wads and two apple boxes of Winchester AA hulls for $75 five years ago. If you want to do it for the sake of the hobby go for it, but if you want to do it to save money figure out what your return on the investment will be and then base your offer on that number.

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