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Pricing for used/LNIB Glock 27

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by bcp280z, May 28, 2011.

  1. bcp280z

    bcp280z New Member


    I bought this 2 months ago, just cause I've never tried a Glock before, works fine and I no longer discriminate against Glocks for their bulky handles or overdone popularity, got a G23 a few days after.

    But i'm just as accurate with it as my J frame and the 438's much easier to carry so I'm trying to get rid of it. I've only put 40rds through it, bought a Pierce +2(only adds 1 though) grip extension just for comfort with the full hand grip.
    So it's Like new, was in almost unsused condition when I got it, no visible wear/functioned flawlessly. Has orig box, lock, papers, one 9rd, one 10rd w/extension.

    I paid $480 for it, is there anything wrong with selling it for $470?

    Gunbroker lists them from $400-520 with assorted conditions/accessories, New they're around $505 or so right?

    Never done a FTF sale only purchases, so just asking if yall think it's a fair deal.
  2. jon86

    jon86 Member

    I think that's a very fair asking price. If it doesn't sell as quickly as you like, drop it down to $450 or so. Good luck.
  3. Aiko492

    Aiko492 New Member

    Is it a Gen 3? $450-475 is a fair range.
  4. Ledgehammer

    Ledgehammer New Member

    I don't see why someone would pay 470 for a used one when $20 more gets you a NIB. Stranger things have happened i guss though. You can always lower your price if it doesn't move. I recently sold a G19 for 400 slightly used.

    As a gun buyer I rather pay extra 20 for new. If I buy used it needs to be significantly lower than the new price. Just me though ymmv

    Once you add shipping and transfer fee the guy could have bought new from lgs and saved money.
  5. GLOOB

    GLOOB New Member

    Well, in some states FTF sales are common and quite easy. So you save tax. In my state ~$50.00 worth. So that's ~$70.00 cheaper.

    For a gun like a Glock or a Ruger handgun, what you see is more often than not what you get. Used or new, it probably has the same chance of having problems. If the orignial buyer had an issue, Glock would have taken care of it. If you have an issue, Glock will still take care of it for minimal cost. If it looks new, might as well be new.

    If you bought it used, and put 40 rounds through it and didn't damage the finish, then it's in the same condition as when you bought it + the Pierce extension. You shouldn't feel bad asking for w/e the market will bear, even if it's more than you originally paid. In this case, I think a like new G27 usually goes for 475 in my area. 470 sounds fair, to me.
    Last edited: May 28, 2011

    BADUNAME37 New Member

    I would much rather pay even $100 more for a new one that I know came straight from the factory than one that has had one or more owners!

    That is just me, I don't buy things used as I look at it that people are trying to get rid of stuff they don't like for one reason or another. :uhoh:

    I just don't like the thought that I may be buying "someone-elses problem."
  7. bcp280z

    bcp280z New Member

    Last edited: May 28, 2011
  8. bcp280z

    bcp280z New Member

    Hey I know yall may be tired of the which gun to buy threads or my silly questions but, if yall would click the link I posted for my ad, some guy's offering a '68 Single six, was just wondering if you thought it would be good, I sent him a message asking about tightness and rifling, I've never had that "old" of a firearm, do you think it would function fine? don't revolvers wear out over time vs autos? or do you think from such a weak caliber it should still be like new. I just want a safe fun woods gun.

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