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Problem with FFL Transfer

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Hunterdad, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hunterdad

    Hunterdad Well-Known Member

    Here's a strange one for you. There is a new gun shop that opened up about 2.5mi from my house. I've been in there a few times and even had them swap out a handguard for me just last week.

    Anyways, I've been craving for a new 1911 and decided to go with a RIA Tactical from Buds. Last week when I was in the gun shop, i asked them of they were able to do handgun transfers even though they hadn't received their New York handgun dealers license yet and they said yes and quoted me a price of $45 for the transfer. I called them on Monday and asked again just to make sure of the price and they said again they could do it. I called the yesterday morning and told them I planned on making the purchase from Buds and asked what I needed to do to make sure everything went smoothly. He said to just call them after I ordered it to give them my personal info so they knew who to call when it came in.

    So I placed my order yesterday at around noon and didn't get around to calling the FFL til around 3:30 to let them know. I was then told by the same guy who told me 2 out of the 3 times that asked about transfers that they can't do it since their NYS handgun dealer license hasn't come in yet. He said he would call me back in an hour and let me know what he could do. So, at 6:30 I called them back since I never heard back and was told he put the call through to the person who was in charge to find out if he could do the transfer legally and fed me some other lines of BS, that pissed me off even more. I called Buds to see if they could change the FFL, but the gun was already with the shipping department and was passed the point of doing anything about it. (That's crazy how fast they got that our....kuddos to Buds!!!)

    I wake up this morning and had an email from Buds with a tracking number, so this gun is on it's way. I'm going to assume that the FFL won't be able to accept it because of their lack of licensing and common sense.

    Sorry, just needed to vent. It chaps my hide knowing people run a business like this.

    Last edited: May 2, 2012
  2. Bubba613

    Bubba613 member

    Go and see them in person. Ask when their NY license is coming. Pin then down to something very specific. If that doesn't happen ask them to transfer the gun to another NY FFL.
    Handgun license to sell pistols. Sheesh. What a crock.
  3. Hunterdad

    Hunterdad Well-Known Member

    He said that he "could" have it in a week. At this point, I don't trust a word that comes out of this guys mouth. I was hoping he could just send it to a different FFL and have them do the transfer. But, I'm afraid that he won't even be able to do that and have to send it back to Buds and my headache will continue.
  4. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    I'm curious what happens to the gun if he can't legally receive it? Seems to me they would have made sure before shipping it it was going to a licensed FFL.
  5. Hunterdad

    Hunterdad Well-Known Member

    I guess that's the big mystery.

    The FFLis licensed to transfer long guns, just not handguns.
  6. rajb123

    rajb123 member

    Since your local gun shop does not have an FFL, it cannot receive a gun from Buds and transfer it to an FFL in NY; right? I believe it must go back to Buds and then Buds can re-ship it to a licenced FFL.
  7. dprice3844444

    dprice3844444 member

    why is buds shipping it to an unlicensed outfit in the first place?
  8. Bubba613

    Bubba613 member

    No my impression is they have an FFL, so a dealer can ship to them. But they don't have a special New York "pistol permit" that allows them to sell handguns to the public.
    Such permits make the public much safer, dontchaknow.
  9. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

    Why would Buds have a handgun shipped to a business that is not licensed to accept and transfer it?

    Blah. Post #7 got there before mine did.
  10. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    Maybe without that special license to sell handguns to the public they can still sell them to police officers, government, etc. ? Or maybe for all Buds knows the FFL wants it for demonstration, pistol safety course training purposes.

    Just throwing out ideas as to different options.

    And actually CoRoMo - post #4 got to it before ya :)
  11. atomchaser

    atomchaser Well-Known Member

    I'd call Bud's and see if they can reroute the shipment back to themselves, if not, ask the
    no_handguns_allowed_dealer to refuse delivery. I'd find a different dealer.
  12. MtnCreek

    MtnCreek Well-Known Member

    I would have them transfer it (w/o fee) to another FFL so it could be transferred to you. If they're getting their state license in a week (and you believe them), you may just wait, but I would ask them to waive the transfer fee.
  13. malpaismike

    malpaismike Active Member

    Hello the camp! We, obviously, feel your pain; kinda like the vicarious knowledge the toilet seat fell on the other guy's willie. That said, an FFL, when issued, does not differentiate between firearm 'flavors'. I'm sure reason will have no effect on NY gummint types, but one could hope. Buen suerte. mm
  14. LubeckTech

    LubeckTech Well-Known Member

    Looks like you could do 3 things;

    1. Have them transfer to a dealer that can transfer to you - preffered and fastest.

    2. Have them refuse shippment - expensive unless they agree to pay for having Bud's ship it to another dealer don't hold your breath for that. It is possible that if the people at Bud's get the gun back from the dealer Bud's may not ship another gun to them so they should consider paying Bud's to reship it. At $45.00 a transfer it would behoove them to stay in good graces with Bud's as they are a main player in internet sales today. That transfer fee is too high unless it is the going rate in your area.

    3. Wait until they get their papers - probably not a good idea for many reasons mainly that they may never get the permit and disappear with your RIA. Stupid move on their part but they don't sound like the fastest bullets in the magazine at this point.
  15. MtnCreek

    MtnCreek Well-Known Member

    ^ Waiting on the English translation…
  16. spazzymcgee

    spazzymcgee Well-Known Member

    I remember back when I was in the market for a CZ-82, a local gun shop here in Delaware said that they have a bunch in a storage locker, and to call in three days. When I called, the guy said that they had a batch coming in on a truck, and to call them tomorrow. I "called them tomorrow" for about a week and a half until I decided they were just giving me the run around and that it wasn't worth my time.
  17. SSN Vet

    SSN Vet Well-Known Member

    You guys pay $45 for a transfer :eek:

    I call my favorite kitchen table FFL and pick it up on my way home from work for $10.

    Thanks for reminding me of the benefits of living in a rural and free state.
  18. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-Known Member

    It sounds like the NY FFL has applied for his handgun license but it hasn't been processed and sent back to him yet. You are both waiting on a government bureaucrat to handle the paperwork, and I expect he's as frustrated as you. I also have no idea how long that takes to process, and being new to the game he probably doesn't either.

    What the FFL should have done was to inform you that he didn't have the permit so you could either do the transfer elsewhere, or wait until he was legal.
  19. drsfmd

    drsfmd Well-Known Member

    Without the NY license, I'm not sure he *CAN* legally transfer it to another dealer-- I think the only thing he can do is refuse the shipment when it comes in.

    Why on earth would any shop open their doors before they have all of their permits in place? I'd bet money that they won't be around long.
  20. crracer_712

    crracer_712 Well-Known Member

    How could it have been a gun shop without an FFL?

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