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Problems with compact Jericho 941 polymer frame

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Sand Rat, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Sand Rat

    Sand Rat Member

    I've been running into a couple of issues that are a little disconcerting for me and wanted to see if this was a problem that other owners of this gun are having.

    First, it's picky about ammo. I've had 100% success with Blazer practice rounds, but it doesn't want to feed the Magtech stuff. I carry Corbon Powerball and they feed fine, but decided to try some other SD ammo and got some Winchester Supreme Elite +P and it wouldn't feed either. It also had some problems with some reloaded stuff I picked up for cheap, but my reloads (of all types of brass) feed great, possibly because they're re-sized well.

    The other issue is a pin that seems to keep working its way out of the gun. The pin itself is what the trigger hinges on. I noticed it one other time and just tapped it back in, but this weekend I put about 100 rounds through it and when cleaning, noticed it had worked its way out again, this time even further.

    These are two issues that really concern me ... picky about ammo and a trigger pin that works its way out. Any advice or help?
  2. Sand Rat

    Sand Rat Member

    BUMP :confused: anyone?
  3. lordblix

    lordblix New Member

    I have no problem with ammo in my baby eagle. Which is essentially the same gun. Mine is steel though not polymer. I have ran CCI Blazers, Remingtons, and Magtechs through my gun as well as some crappy reloads I made all fed perfectly.

    You could possibly send your gun into the manufacturer or importer and see if they can't put in a new trigger pin for you and check the specs on the barrel chamber. You may try pulling the barrel out and seeing if the bullets slide into the chamber.

    If you are wanting to fix the trigger pin your self Brownells or Midway USA sell roll pin kits. With assorted sizes of roll pins and Brownells sells roll pin punches.

    I have never experienced either of these problems. Hope the information I provided helps.

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