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"Proper" revolver holster--where?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by ralphmroz, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. ralphmroz

    ralphmroz New Member

    I'm share an opinion on concealment revolver holsters--particularly holsters for short-barreled revolvers--with a few other folks, but not, it seems, with much of the industry. I feel that the gun should sit low (in an outside the waistband holster) such that the top (back) of the cylinder is about at the level of the bottom of the belt, and further that the cant should be minimal.

    I'm going blind trying to find a model like this; does anyone know who makes such a "proper" revolver holster? (Just picked up a 2-inch Mod 10, and plan to make a project out of it.)

  2. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    You may have to have it custom made. The S&W model 10 has a relatively large frame and handle, when it's combined with a 2" barrel. If you put it in an outside/waistband holster where the belt loop drops the top of the cylinder even with the bottom of the belt, the handle will tend to tip away from the body, which is counterproductive if you are trying to conceal the gun. An inside/waistband rig would work a bit better, but with the cylinder so low it might be difficult to grab the handle. It is for this reason I don't think you'll find what you're looking for as a stock item. But without question someone could make it. Perhaps something along the lines of a Jordan river (belt) holster, but without the usual cant.
  3. rbmcmjr

    rbmcmjr Well-Known Member

    That design doesn't sound very concealable.

    My personal favorite for OWB carry of short barreled revolvers is the PMK from Milt Sparks.

  4. Vern Humphrey

    Vern Humphrey Well-Known Member

    Make you own -- you can get leather and thread from Tandy. Make your mockup out of newspaper or cardboard. Cut your leather with tin ships. Use contact cement to glue the holster together, then mark and drill the stitch holes. Double stitch -- that is, when you come to the end of the seam, turn the holster over and work back to the other end -- leaving no gaps.

    Wet the holster with alcohol, insert the gun (inside a baggy) and smooth it with a toothbrush handle. Let dry and finish with Sno Seal.
  5. pingpingping

    pingpingping Well-Known Member

    I don't know about "proper," but I'm always pimping Simply Rugged for revolver holsters.

  6. docmagnum357

    docmagnum357 Well-Known Member

    Simply Rugged

    Bob Leahy is a fine gentleman to do business with. If he doesn't have a standard holster that is to your liking, he might be pursuaded to make something custom. I will always try Rob first from now on.

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