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Purchased a Tactical II a few weekends ago, now I have a few questions

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Wangstang, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. Wangstang

    Wangstang New Member

    I am going to give you short story of how I got the gun, and the questions are towards the end for those of you who might have the answer but don't care to read the extra stuff.

    Let me give you a little list of events here: (As I am kind of proud of how things turned out)

    1) Four weekends ago a Dr from Duke Unv. buys a Tactical Custom II Kimber. It sits in a box for a week.

    2) Three weekends ago, I show up at the gun shop to order a Kimber BP Ten II. Dr. comes in with Tactical Custom II saying he can't get the spring stop installed. I ask him how he liked the gun and so on. He said he had no failures and enjoyed shooting it for the first time that morning, but he couldn't get the spring back in. Gun shop owner shows him how to do it, and he goes on his way.

    3) On weds. of the following week DR. shows up and wants to buy a magnum, and doesn't have a need for the Kimber or room in his safe so he trades it in on the new pistol. At this point the only time this gun has been shot is that Saturday I ran into him.

    4) Two weekends ago I showed up to pick up my Kimber BP Ten II. It has not arrived despite being ordered already. They say it should be here by Tuesday (two days into my shooting time for BLET). I am also there to pick up about $1600 worth of ammo for myself and others in my BLET class. About half the ammo had not come in either. The pistol should have been there as the tracking info showed it had been shipped on Wed. 2 day air. The person who placed the ammo order for me was mistaken about how soon the ammo would be delivered. So, one wasn't their fault and one was. In some of the best display of customer service I have ever experienced, they gathered up ammo for me that wasn't what they were going to sell me, reduced the price and sold me better ammo at the same price. Then I asked if they had anything in the case that I could buy and just let the keep the BP Ten II when it came in. They said take a look. I had ordered the BP Ten II for $575. The shot only one day Tactical Custom II might as well be brand new pistol was sitting in the case and I asked who had traded it in, it was that DR. So, push came to shove and they dropped the price from $850 to $700 and I was on my marry way with a new pistol and all my ammo.

    Questions start here

    Now, this is the new Tact. II as it has the night sights and external extractor along with the front and rear serration on the slide and checking on frame.

    With all that said, the gun only came with one magazine when I purchased it. I think Kimber ships with two, so I think the original buy still has the magazine. Either way, I ended up buying a Chip McCormick Magazine to go with it. I failed to check the magazine before I left the store, and when I shot the pistol that afternoon, I found that since it doesn't have a magazine pad it is a pain in the ??? to seat when the slide is forward.

    I also noticed that after looking at the Kimber magazine and the Chip magazine, they appear to be identical minus the pad. So tonight I looked on the Chip Mc. site only to find the pad appears to be the exact same one that Kimber uses. Which leads to my first question:

    Question 1
    Does Kimber source Chip. Mc. for magazines?

    The second question I have is inspired by the recommendation to clean ever 150rds. that is in the generic Kimber 1911 manual.

    Question 2
    Is this correct, or can I go to the range for my Basic Law Enforcement Training course and shoot 400-500 rds before cleaning?

    That question leads to my third question. I purchased an Otis cleaning kit when I bought the gun, a silicone impregnated cloth, and some "hopes"(?can't recall name for sure, but orange bottle with a number 9 on it I think) gun oil.

    Question 3
    What cleaning and oil products do you guys use with success?

    As I mentioned, this pistol came with the Kimber night sights.

    Question 4
    Any special cleaning or handling needed for the night sights?

    My final question:

    Question 5
    Are there any tips about using a Kimber, or even more specifically, a Kimber Tactical Custom II, that you can recommend? And for that matter, this is my first 1911 so anything that you can recommend that I look out for, I am listening.

  2. mgjohn

    mgjohn New Member

    1. Just got one in for a customer and it only had one mag with it form the wholesaler.

    2. Cleaning every 150 rounds is part of a proper break in.

    3. GI bore cleaner, WD 40 and Dry Lube

    4. Nope

    5. AFAIK -- Just like any other 1911.
  3. Wangstang

    Wangstang New Member

    Thanks for the reasponse, the information is appreciated.

    I understood that it needs extra cleaning durring break in, but the manual seems to imply that every 150 rds. you should be tearing the gun down and cleaning it. So, I was just unsure as to if I should stick to every 150 now that about 500 rds have been run through it, or go up to 200-250 rds. while at the range, and of course clean once I get back from the range and once every month if the gun just sits.

    Anyone else?

  4. Chupacabra

    Chupacabra New Member

    Congrats on the purchase! I think you are really going to like it.

    My Kimber Custom II only came with one magazine too so I don't think you got shafted. Look into getting a few Wilson Combat magazines (the 47Ds are good) or some McCormick power mags. I haven't had any problems with either brand.

    For cleaning, I use either MPro7 or BreakFree CLP and both work great. I haven't used Hoppes but I've heard it is a standard gun cleaning solution...probably can't go wrong with it.

    You should have no trouble shooting 500+ rounds through it. I usually put 100 or 150 through my Kimber every couple of weeks and feel it would still perform with another 300 without problems.

    Hopefully that'll answer a few of your questions.


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